Checklist for before leaving on vacation with your cat

Checklist for before leaving on vacation with your cat

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Checklist for before leaving on vacation with your cat

Summer is almost here and with it comes the holidays. If you have planned to leave with your family while you have a cat, the departure must obey certain practices that will guarantee you to leave serene with a happy cat. If your cat is not necessarily used to long journeys or to changing places of life. Here is a checklist to help you prepare for your departure.  

Health points


Your cat's health is just as important as yours or that of your family. In addition to the water bowls, add a food bowl with the right amount of kibble or mash.

For the following two points, do not hesitate to make a visit to the veterinarian so that everything is in order.

  • Depending on your destination, do not forget to administer the appropriate vaccines depending on where you are going.
  • In summer, a pest control is a die-hard against fleas and ticks, especially if your cat likes to rummage in the grass or in the forest, like certain breeds such as the beagle, which are adventurers in front of the eternal!

If you are planning a first aid kit for your family, you will also need to provide one for your cat, to which you will have to add his health record. For a trip abroad, remember to take your cat's passport and identification card. Do some preliminary research on the address of the vet closest to your vacation spot.

Transportation Points

The cat is an emotionally sensitive animal. When he leaves his comfort zone, he feels in danger and his behavior shows it very well. It is not as easy to move as a dog, for example. Also, subjected to a strong stress, he can become aggressive and this is felt in his physique.

  • His hairs stand on end, especially those on his tail and back
  • He sticks out his claws, ready to attack
  • He meows intermittently and hoarse

Whether you are in a car or using public transport, your cat must be prepared for this expedition. If you want him to be calm, make him feel like he's still home. To do this, put it in its crate or a transport bag , taking care beforehand to spray it with soothing pheromones.


Also plan an anti-nausea treatment and anxiolytics, for cats who do not tolerate travel very well.

Comfort points

As much as you think about taking your sunscreen, your swimsuits, your cat will have to be in the best conditions of comfort. Your crate or transport bag must be fitted with a towel to prevent a small accident, peeing in the transport crate or even the big commission during the trip. An unrolling mat or paper towel will also do the trick very well.

On the other hand, a blanket, cushion or doormat would not be too much. Also make him happy by taking his favorite toys with him so that he can play during the trip, but also during the holidays once you are there. Don't forget the litter box, the shovel and the litter box.

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