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    Cat tree xxl : which solid cat tree to choose for a big cat

    Your apartment is a living space designed primarily for you, as a human being. Your apartment or house is designed to meet your needs.

    But for your big cat to be able to blossom there as well, it needs special arrangements. For example, by installing a cat tree xxl.

    In order to feel comfortable in your home, your big cat needs to sleep a lot, but also to exercise. Hunting, playing and controlling his living space are basic needs for him.

    To help your feline blossom, you must therefore take special care to enrich its environment. It is necessary to encourage him to spend time to avoid that he gets bored, and that he ends up doing some mischief like attacking your sofa or your furniture for example ....

    His psychological balance is at stake! The cat naturally needs to make its claws to mark its territory. You must allow him to satisfy this need, while respecting the integrity of your personal belongings.

    A cat tree adapted to the size of your pet

    A cat tree is usually equipped with sisal-covered posts for claws. Its height allows you to observe, work on agility and make your cat move.

    Its utility and multiple functions are indispensable: the cat tree xxl alone meets a large part of the natural needs of your cat. But there are many breeds of cats today with very different physical characteristics.

    You may have as a companion a large cat such as a maine coon, a Ragdoll, a Savannah or a Norwegian... And these large cats can reach up to ten kilos! So they have very specific needs, especially in terms of cat tree equipment xxl.

    Like all cats, they need to climb and perch in height. This is because they don't understand their territory only by the surface on the ground like we do. The size of your cat and its weight requires a cat tree xxl that can support the imposing size of your big cat. 

    Expand your cat's territory

    If your big cat doesn't like to go outside too much, or if your apartment is limited in surface, you can enlarge its living space vertically with an xxl cat tree.

    There are many possibilities, whether you do a little DIY or buy a giant cat tree. This way, even in a small area, you have the possibility to increase the precious territory of your moustached companion.

    Frequently asked questions about the big Cat Tree

    XXL Cat Trees for Cat

    An XXL cat tree offers a wide range of activities for your feline to climb, play, claw or lounge in. Whether you are looking for a cat tree for a large cat, or if you have several cats at home, an XXL cat tree is a good choice. Our online cat store offers a variety of XXL cat trees, so you're sure to find one that fits your home.

    What are the advantages of an Big cat tree?

    Cats that go outside naturally wear out their claws, but indoor cats need accessories to do their claws in, otherwise carpets, cushions and furniture will suffer. An XXL cat tree allows a cat to claw while preserving your furniture, because it has very practical claw towers. Moreover, the XXL cat tree is also a good place to play or rest.

    Which cat tree is suitable for two cats?

    If several cats live together, an XXL cat tree is a good solution to provide them with a common play area. With a large enough cat tree, several cats can rest, hide or sharpen their claws without disturbing each other. It is not essential that the cat tree is very high, it is more important that it has several platforms and hiding places for each cat to find its place.

    Which cat tree is right for a large cat?

    Whether you choose an XXL cat tree or a smaller variant, the most important criteria for a large cat tree is the stability of the accessory. A fairly heavy base and wall mountings help to ensure that the cat tree is stable. Hiding places, hammocks and platforms should also be adapted to the size of your felines so that they can thrive in them.

    Where to install a Big cat tree?

    The place where you place your cat tree depends first of all on the space available, because it will occupy a consequent place in your interior. However, you should also take into account the habits of your cat, because often indoor felines like to be in the company of their master. But they also appreciate quiet places to rest and observe their territory. XXL cat trees have the advantage of being high enough to provide a comfortable observation post for the cat, from which it can keep an eye on what's going on while lounging.

    How to choose a big cat tree?

    When buying an XXL cat tree, size is one of the most important criteria, if the cat tree goes up to the ceiling, you need to make sure that you have enough ceiling height to install it. If you are looking for a cat tree for a very large cat, it is also recommended to ensure that the dimensions of the platforms and niches are sufficient and that the whole cat tree is particularly stable.

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