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Cat Carrier Bag for travel, cat walk

Take advantage of our exclusive selection of cat carrier and cat Bags For travel, our selection is simple and effective for the comfort of your cat.

CatShopOnWheels offers to help you in your purchase, a complete guide on the selection of the means of transport of the cat and make sure that kitty is flourishing.

Why buy a cat carrier?

If you have a cat, you've probably been in that situation where you have to take your cat to the vet or just want to take it with you on vacation. You know as well as we do, it's not always fun, and it's even worse if you don't have the right equipment!

Indeed, cats are sensitive animals that (in general) don't like to travel and prefer to stay at home where they have marked their territory and where everything is familiar to them. Short (or long) trips with your felines are therefore a source of stress, sometimes unavoidable, which should be limited as much as possible.

That's where the transport bag or backpack comes in. In it, your cat will find a temporary shelter, the time of the journey, which will allow to reduce slightly its stress.

What's more, your cat will be safe during the trip and protected from dangers (such as the road), which is essential. If you take the car, the train or even the plane, the transport bag will be a real ally and will avoid you to run after your frightened tomcat. Thus, your cat will be safe, more serene, and you too at the same time.

1. How to choose a cat carrier bag?

1. The size / weight of your cat: Because not all cats are equal (some are a little more fat than others!), it is advisable to choose a bag that is adapted to your cat's size and build so that it is not uncomfortable during transport.

You will find the dimensions directly from the retailer and we advise you to pay attention to them. However, contrary to popular belief, a backpack that is too large will not make your pet more comfortable.

Indeed, to be reassured, cats need enclosed spaces. Perhaps you've already caught your furry friend in a shopping bag that's ten times too small, or in unlikely corners of your home? You bet! So it's all about choosing the perfect carrier bag (like choosing the perfect shoe).

2. Bag ventilation/visibility: During the trip, your cat will need to find his bearings and understand what you are doing to him. In this respect, it will be preferable to opt for a bag with fine mesh allowing light to pass through and allowing your kitten to see what is going on outside. Of course, your pet will also need to breathe properly during the journey, so good ventilation is essential.

3. Safety: Your backpack/shoulder bag/other should do its primary job - keep your cat out of harm's way while you travel with him. It will therefore be advisable to invest in a solid product that is not likely to crack or be damaged at the first claw. It should also be designed to promote the comfort of your pet (soft fabric, tight mesh ...). Finally, if you take transportation (and especially the plane), you must make sure that the bag is approved and accepted by your airline.

2. What are the advantages of a cat carrier (or backpack)?

1. Increased safety / reduced risk of accidents: We've talked about this above, but the primary benefit of the travel bag is that it keeps your cat out of harm's way. This is because your pet stays with you at all times and is not likely to escape - so you can keep an eye on him easily. If you're in the car, for example, it keeps your cat from wandering off and interfering with your driving.

2. A more zen trip for everyone: Carrier bags tend to reduce your pet's stress, and yours! In its "cocoon" made of quality fabric, sometimes a comfortable down jacket, your cat can even (if it manages to) get some sleep.

If you have to take public transportation, the practicality of the bag is obvious (and even mandatory) - imagine carrying your kitten in your arms in the middle of the city...

3. Going on vacation without your cat, it has a price... Have you ever found yourself in that tricky situation where you go on a trip and, because you can't find anyone, have to leave your cat with "strangers" (cat hotels, other)? It can be distressing for you not to know how your cat behaves during your absence, if it is happy or not, in good health? In addition, the cost of cat care is relatively high. With the right equipment, you will be able to travel with your ball of hair and even save on the cost of looking after it!

3. A travel bag for cats, for which trips?

1. On the street: If you have to go to the veterinarian's office nearby, the use of an adapted bag will be preferable and will allow you to transport your pet (sick or healthy) without any trouble.

2. On the bus or subway: Did you know that cats are accepted on the bus or subway only if they travel in a backpack, classic bag or carrier? So you know what you have to do to take public transportation!

3. On the train: The restrictions are the same as for the bus (compulsory bag), but you should know that many transport company does not "accept" animals but "tolerates" them.

In case of disputes or complaints from passengers, you will have to address a train agent and will not be able to contest the dissatisfaction of the passengers. This is very rare, but important to know.

4. On the plane: If you fly, the bag is also mandatory. It seems obvious, a cat running loose would certainly cause a lot of commotion on the plane, but would not be really appreciated by the crew... If you travel, you will have to equip yourself. However, the regulations in force vary according to the airline companies, and it will be advisable to inquire about the sizes of the travel bags and the conditions to be met.