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    Cat Beanies & Hats - Keeping you warm and looking feline

    Whether you prefer a knit hat, a one-size-fits-all hat or a furry hat, they all have a common goal. To keep you warm. Or at least protect your head and ears. About 30% of body temperature escapes through the skull, so it's easy to see why wearing a beanie is essential in winter.

    With the polar cold, a balaclava, beret or cap won't really do the trick. It is best to rely on hats. The hat is also very important for the well-being of your baby. The baby hat is important to fight against the cold. You can even knit the hat for baby, or order it from a good online site.

    The hat goes well with the woolen scarf in winter, order a hat with a pompom or a knitted hat if you prefer this style. You will find excellent quality hats that do the primary function of the hat: protect you from the cold.

    Beyond this function, the proposed hats are faithful to the universe of the passionate cat. Their styles are based on the shape and color of cats. These cat hats are a constant reminder of the cute, cuddly and soft side of a cat.

    Why choose to wear cat Beanies?

    Why beanies, and not other hats? Well, before wool hats became a fashion accessory, they were used to keep the ears and head warm. At home, we liked to add thick slippers, a fancy sweater and shorts. This product of the woolen ball was already very appreciated for the softness of its fake fur.

    The cap has become a real fashion accessory. Just wearing one can radically change your outfit style. Before thinking about your navy blue color, stripes, or tassels, know that you have to know how to wear the beanie. You don't wear it as a simple headband or a balaclava hat.

    The beanie can deeply affect your usual style. You have to know how to match it with your clothes.

    Knitting for babies can make a beautiful fur hat. For the color, go with sky blue. A blue men's beanie goes well with jeans, as does a panda print men's beanie which is very trendy.

    Have a Cat beanie

    If you have friends who wear them, you've probably heard this before. You have to have a beanie head. Don't worry, if you don't wear them yet, cups are not reserved for certain head shapes! But it's important to know that cups fit a given face shape, haircut, and accessories. There is a multitude of cups, as there is a multitude of faces, it will be necessary to seek.

    For a boy, a white embroidered hat is already good for an ear muffler. All you need is a t-shirt, and you're done. For a handmade woman's beanie, the accompaniment of a scarf is not to refuse. You can knit a beanie if it is a baby girl. If you are knitting to pass the time while waiting for the baby, you can knit a unisex children's beanie. Save the caps for later.

    Finding the perfect Cat hat

    There's only one way to find the perfect hat: try on a bunch. There are hats with and without cuffs, neutral and flashy. By trying on these cups, you'll know exactly which one you need. Don't forget the size of the mesh. One or more types of cups may be right for you. Don't force yourself to find only one type of hat.

    For a warm winter, babies need hats too. For them, it's easier. A beige baby hat will do. A polyester girl's beanie has the softness of plush and a beautiful multi-colored color. And it's just as cute as a stuffed animal.

    For a baby boy, a brown beanie and scarf are more protective than a hood.

    Let your bangs breathe

    Now it's time to think about your hair. Let your bangs breathe if you like to wear the cap further back. If you don't, consider just letting a few strands of hair stick out.

    The cat hats designed by Chat-Bada are made from organic cotton. The washing is simple and easy. Your baby will appreciate his hat as much as his blanket, because it is as soft as velvet.

    To highlight the bangs, there's nothing better than a purple floral design for a girl child. Two-tone embroidery is a great addition to fashion accessories.

    The headpiece is 100% organic cotton. As a unisex beanie, we have the black beanie which is a men's beanie and also for women.

    How to choose the design of its Cat Beanie?

    The beanie that fits you best is the one that fits your personality and age. Putting on a t-shirt from your wardrobe in addition to a fleece beanie and a scarf for example is for adults.

    Take into account your body type, your style and your age group. Our cat hats are suitable for children, but also for adults.

    We create hats for everyone, while keeping in mind to please with beautiful feline designs. And when it comes to women's fashion, it's hard to beat the cuteness of a cat hat.

    Some styles of cat hats that await you on Cat beanie

    To complete your sweaters, celebrate Halloween or adapt to the fall-winter weather change. We offers you a long beanie, a striped finish, light pink, a winter hat, the casual look, light grey, and more.

    For more warm moments, discover the following cat hats on the site.

    Women's cat ear hat for a touch of sensuality

    Another benefit of hats is that they can send a message. This cat ear hat gives a little feline look to the one who wears it. The red color of this variant is very sensual. It is a perfect hat for an evening with his half. It is also a good winter hat to spend Christmas.

    Knit cat hat for a unique style

    Hats that are close to the knit style are very popular. This is a good style of hat for women and for a newborn. Wear your socks or booties, and enjoy the warmth of your evening with the knit cat beanie.

    Pink Cat Ear Beanie

    The style of this beanie is so good, you'd want it as a baby beanie. Indulge yourself with this cute pink cat ear beanie. It has a unique cute design.

    Finally, don't forget that the hat that fits you best is ideal. Discover the Kawaii hats on. The finishing touches are unique on each baby girl or boy hat.

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