Cat statues

Cat statues for decoration

Cat statues add whimsy and charm to any home. Available in various styles and materials, such as bronze, ceramic, and wood. Realistic and abstract designs available in a range of sizes. Can be placed in any room or used to add whimsy to a garden. Makes a great gift for cat lovers. Choose from a variety of styles to suit your taste.

Various products of decorations for cats

Various cat-themed decorations available, including statues, figurines, wall art, cushions, throw pillows, home decor items, and kitchen and dining items. Materials include bronze, ceramic, and wood. Styles range from realistic to abstract. Add whimsy and charm to your home with these decorative pieces.

Where do Cat statuettes come from?

The popularity of feline statuettes is not recent. On the contrary, people have been worshipping this animal since ancient Egypt. During this period, the cat went from being an animal to a demigod. How did this feline come to occupy such an important place in Egyptian culture?

Ancient Egypt is characterized by an agrarian society where the main concern of the population is to preserve their food supply. Yet, it was faced with pests such as snakes and rats. The Egyptians see the intervention of wild cats as a blessing. These predators became real allies to protect the food. Their domestication begins at this time.

The civilization of ancient Egypt was very religious. The population often associated animals with deities. It is in this context that the feline reaches the rank of demi-gods and becomes a religious symbol. The homes proudly display statuettes of this animal.

Why buy a cat statue as a decorative object?

When you are passionate about pets like these felines, you are tempted to incorporate this passion into your interior design. For centuries, this feline has fascinated by its endearing and solitary side. Moreover, manufacturers are multiplying their creativity by proposing statuettes that adopt several figures of the feline between humorous versions and cute ones.

Using the cat statue in your home decoration represents a message of tenderness and well-being. You can play with the particular emotions of the statuettes in each room. Note that overloading living rooms with feline statues is a bad idea. It is preferable to bet on the mythical, almost mystical side by putting one or two statues at the entrance of the house and another in the living room, for example.

As you can see, the choice of a statuette depends on the message and the decorative style. On a front porch, you should choose a more imposing model. If you have children or unruly felines, a model that breaks easily is not adequate.

How to use the cat statue in interior design?

A collection of feline statuettes can be easily integrated into a modern and design interior. In addition, it comes in several colors.

A cat statuette for an original decoration

In an industrial or Scandinavian style decoration, the statuette sublimates your interior. The feline touch brings originality to your decoration. Moreover, it brings a soothing effect.

We recommend this statuette of two cats: a mother and her child. Every detail is studied on this sculpture. You will be eager to place it on a chest of drawers or a shelf.

Statuettes made of quality material

Discover in our collection statuettes made of quality material. Most of them are made of resin. It is a material that can be of natural or synthetic origin. It is used in the manufacture of fashion accessories, decorative objects or paintings.

You will notice the quality of the material in the conception and the realization. You will find this know-how in our Egyptian feline statuette, for example. It is a model in black Egyptian style that refers to this distant time when felines were considered as deities.

The feline statuette: a magnificent reference to freedom

This statuette sends several messages about the tone of your decoration. The feline is known for its autonomy and its agility to move everywhere. Therefore, this statuette symbolizes agility of mind and body. In addition, among the ancient Egyptians, the statue serves as the guardian of the home.

A standard decorating accessory

Worried that this statuette won't fit in with your home's decorating style? Don't worry, we've reserved for you models in all styles.

To create a cozy environment in your home, why not opt for the white model with a tray. This object fulfills another role than decorative. Among other things, you can put your cup of tea on the tray.

To create a zen environment, objects related to meditation remain a safe bet. Turn to our black Buddha cat figurines. Black is not your favorite color? Opt for a more cheerful color. The meditating feline in resin is also an excellent choice. Do you prefer classy yet subtle decorative items? The stretching feline figure will find a place on your shelf. To decorate a child's room, the big mouth feline statuette is ideal. Your children will find its open mouth funny.

Make your selection now and take advantage of the abundance of offers on our site.

Tips for choosing your cat statuette

Like all decorative objects, the purchase of a statuette requires great attention. It is not enough to go to a specialized website and select the first one you see. For this purchase, you must remember at least two criteria:

The size

This element is determining to choose the location. Indeed, you must choose the cat statue according to the size of the room. Moreover, the most discreet objects always make a successful decoration.

On the other hand, if you want to install it at the entrance of the house, you can choose an imposing model. In this case, favor the sitting postures to give it a role of guardian of the house.

The material

The material defines the weight and solidity. For outdoor spaces, you can choose metal models, a fairly heavy material (copper or bronze). Indoors, it is preferable to go for resin, which gives a modern look. Moreover, it is lighter.

Note that resin allows designers to create very realistic statuettes that faithfully reproduce the expressions of the feline.

The expressive aspect of the cat

Between the different postures on the market, the choice depends on the room to decorate. In a child's room, the funny expressions or the sleeping cat statue are the most preferred. In an entrance hall, the sitting cat remains a classic.

In the living room or dining room, you can choose more modern and original postures such as the embracing felines, the stretching cat, the meditating feline.

Other cat-themed decorative accessories

You can discover our complete collection of cat decoration by clicking here
You already have a cat statue in your home and want to move on to other decorative items. In this case, we recommend the cat picture. Instead of displaying your family portraits on the wall, why not choose an artistic painting that matches your interior?

The clock with the image of this animal is also a nice alternative. This feline adds an artistic touch to a functional and ordinary object like a clock. In a child's room, you can opt for lighter decorative objects like posters or stickers.