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Cat Stickers

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Cat stickers

Stickers cat to stick everywhere in your house to give it a touch chacrément beautiful!

The Universe Cat collection of stickers with our favorite pet, original wall stickers to stick on the walls around the furniture of switches.

Cat stickers - A simple and effective decorative touch

If you're a cat fan and you love decorating, cat stickers are for you. These accessories are both ways to show your love for cats but also decorative accessories in high demand.

Indeed, the stickers are very trendy nowadays. Far from the aesthetic aspect that we stick to them all the time, they also have an unsuspected utilitarian aspect. Placed on a bathtub for example, they can allow you to make it non-slip.

So many things that we make you discover here.

How to choose cat stickers ?

Before choosing cat stickers for your decor, you should first consider the configuration of the room: if it is a large or small room, L-shaped, with sharp corners etc..

In general, keep in mind the fact that large stickers require a lot of space to be appreciated so they look better in large rooms than small ones.

In addition, you should also choose the color of your sticker well. Indeed, if you have a decoration already colored enough, it is better to choose a monochrome sticker which will be integrated much better.

On the other hand, you can choose a sticker in the general color of the decoration; this also gives a small blow of fishing to your interior. It all depends on your style.

Where to stick my cat stickers?

In general, the place where you can completely let loose is the bathroom. Here you can put your stickers in the bathtub to make it non-slip for example. You can also give your tiles a makeover by covering them with your cat stickers either completely or just in small touches.

Apart from the bathroom, you can decorate your interior walls, your headboard, your fridge doors etc. If you want to install them in your living room, the space above your large sofa is best. Most of the time, you should avoid decorating the area around your TV because the wall behind your TV should remain fairly neutral.

How to stick cat stickers?

Stickers are not meant to hide imperfections in your home. That said, before you put up your sticker, you need to make sure you're on a smooth, dry and clean surface. If this is not the case, you must clean this surface properly. Usually, there is a paper backing or protective film that needs to be removed before you gently place the sticker on the surface.