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Cat Toys, Important for his happiness

Playing with your cat is just as important for its physical and mental balance as it is for developing a real bond. At you will find a wide variety of games and toys for cats to choose from to awaken their hunting instincts, develop their skills and fully satisfy them.

Interactive toys for cats

Fishing rods for cats

Cat fishing rods are a simple way to entertain your cat. Fishing rods are interactive cat toys that will also encourage the cat's hunting instincts. Fishing poles are the perfect toy to keep your cat interacting. Wave it in front of him to start the game!

Interactive and educational toys for cats

In our "Interactive and educational toys for cats" section, you will also find interactive toys for cats that, in addition to developing the cat's cerebral capacities, provide feedback to the animal through a reward system of treats for example.

Laser for cats

There are two types of cat lasers. The first is a small laser pointer that allows you to play directly with the cat. The other type is the interactive laser, which often comes in the form of a small tower. The lights are automatically projected in the room. Cats will not stop playing in front of the laser, so it is the best solution to keep them occupied indefinitely.

Balls and mice

Cats love to play with balls and mice, they are fun, they offer exercise, they can be interactive and they may be the perfect way to give your pet a good dose of exercise.

The importance of cat toys

Cat toys are important for many reasons. They keep cats busy and maintain their hunting instincts. They also help keep cats' teeth healthy and reduce the risk of obesity.

A good way to get a cat used to its new toy is to let it sniff the toy, then let it explore on its own before tossing it across the room. Cat owners should also note that toys should not contain small pieces that can be chewed or swallowed and cause choking hazards for your cat.

Some cats prefer feathers and will spend hours chasing them, others prefer bells. In any case, it is important to offer a variety of toys so that your cat does not get bored with the same toy day after day.