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Cat Food Dispenser

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How does a cat food dispenser work?

A cat food dispenser is an essential accessory for delivering food to your pet while you are away.

The best cat food dispensers have a reservoir to hold the kibble and keep it out of the light.

A mechanism allows you to dispense the food at specific times of the day, thanks to a programming system for the best cat food dispensers.

Benefits & areas of application

It is sometimes difficult to juggle the well-being of your pet with your professional or personal activities, because a cat needs to eat and drink regularly to be in perfect health.

What types of cat food dispensers are there?

Programmable cat food dispenser

This type of device works either on battery or on sector. It is possible to program the hours of the day and the amount of food to deliver.

The best cat food dispenser allows you to follow, via your smartphone, the consumption of your pet in real time.

Non-programmable cat food dispenser

Non-programmable devices are the easiest to use and are among the cheapest products.

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