Small Cat Trees


    Small cat tree : discover our small models at mini price

    A cat tree is a very fun arrangement for your cat! No more scratching your furniture or destroying your home .... Cat trees have everything you need to channel your cat, whether for resting, playing or scratching.


    However, not everyone can afford a cat tree... Lack of space, lack of budget, many reasons may prevent you from buying one.

    Many models of small cat trees

    At Catshoponwheels, we have selected many models of small cat trees of quality and budget controlled, so that all cat owners can benefit from a robust installation. With one or two places, these installations are particularly comfortable and allow your feline companion to enjoy all the amenities necessary for their comfort.

    Are you looking for a small cat tree? Then you've come to the right place, because I'm going to show you the best models when you don't have much space in your home.

    Just because you don't have a lot of room in your home doesn't mean your cat can't have its own cat tree. But maybe you have a kitten and you're looking for a cat tree that's right for her. So without further ado, here are my tips.

    How to choose a small cat tree?

    All cats love to spend time on their tree, they can spend hours sleeping on it or in it. But if your feline is small, it will not be able to fully enjoy it, that's why you must take the time to choose it properly.

    What cats love is to be on top of their tower to watch everything that's going on around them! It's their home, their observatory where they feel safe. So, in order for your kitten to be able to claw serenely, you must buy him a model that is made for him.

    Buy a small cat tree according to the size of your cat

    Your cat is small, doesn't like to jump or is sick? There are different reasons for buying a small cat tree.

    In the case of a small pet, choose a size XS or S.

    I don't have enough space

    If you do not have enough space to put an big cat tree, you will have to take the time to choose your cat tree. This means reading the product sheets and the information correctly. On each product sheet of La Ferme Des Animaux, you will find the dimensions of our trees. For a small cat, it is best to choose a model less than one meter high, or even smaller.

    But don't worry, we help you because you can use our filters according to the size: XS, S, L etc... You will save time but above all you will not make a mistake in your choice.