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    Brush for cats

    To take care of your cat's coat, it is necessary to brush and comb it regularly. Catshoponwheels offers you among its grooming accessories, brushes and combs in different brands. To complete the grooming, use also shampoos for cats as well as care in spray or wipes. Make your choice on the site.

    Combing your cat is an art that requires the greatest dexterity and care. Hence the importance of not using just any material.

    Indeed, depending on the breed, the size, the texture of the coat and the character of your cat you will comb and brush it differently.

    Tools for the hair!

    Even if cats take care of their daily hygiene, grooming is essential. Indeed, their coat must be regularly brushed to prevent them from ingesting hairballs that would block their digestive system.
    Cat brushing accessories

    Different types of items are available depending on the breed of cat and therefore the coat of the animal. For short-haired cats, you should choose a grooming brush that will help untangle knots. This one must be made with nylon or rubber bristles so as not to attack the skin. A fine-gauge comb will complete the grooming process.

    For cats with medium to long hair, a brush with nylon bristles will be preferred as well as a comb with medium spacing.

    For cats without hair, a rubber brush should be used to remove any dirt left on the skin.

    Brushes specially designed for long-haired cats, such as Persian or Angora, help preserve their beautiful coats.

    Clipping some cats, such as Maine cats, is highly recommended because the cat sheds with each season and the excessive amount of hair becomes unpleasant. The use of a clipper will help to relieve the cat's stress rather than simply brushing it.

    As a basic rule to preserve the beauty of the coat, always remember to detangle the hair of long-haired dogs before grooming.

    If the comb or the detangler will help you to get rid of the inevitable knots, the currycomb will eliminate the dead hairs (or during the period of moulting) of your animal, shampoos and care in spray which will enable you to groom your animal yourself and to make him good! Don't forget, before washing your cat, you will have to comb your pet to untangle the knots.

    To go further!

    To take care of your cat's coat, it is necessary to brush and comb it regularly. Catshoponwheels offers you brushes and combs in different brands among its grooming accessories. To complete the grooming, use also the spray or the wipes.

    You will enjoy the beautiful nylon, rubber, metal or retractable metal brushes from Muscat. Trixie offers double-sided or retractable plastic brushes to remove dead hairs while protecting your cat's skin from any aggression.

    You may need to trim your cat's claws to prevent possible problems with the animal's paws due to long claws. Indeed, these can break and can be a source of pain. Also, a claw trimmer can be very useful.

    As for his canine brother, remember that grooming can be a moment of complicity to share with your cat. However, it can't be improvised and requires the right equipment.

    Also, without ruining you, your favorite site will propose you a professional quality tooling to give you grooming talents!

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