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Automatic Cat Food Dispenser

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What is a Automatic cat food dispenser?

The cat food dispenser allows you to automatically deliver food to your pet in your absence. This device is essential for feeding your cat if you are away for several days and no one can come and fill your pet's bowl.

A cat food dispenser also allows you to keep the food in an enclosed space for better hygiene.

This device also allows you to space out your cat's meal times during the day, so you can be sure that he won't eat his food in one sitting. Some types of cat food dispensers allow for the delivery of food to a specific cat.

The best cat food dispenser on the market today is not necessarily the most sophisticated, it is especially important to choose a cat food dispenser that is convenient for you to use every day and that is easy to clean. Reviews and tests are a great help in choosing the best cat food dispenser.

What is the ideal automatic cat food dispenser?

When buying a cat food dispenser, automatic or not, make sure the device is easy to program and clean. Sturdy construction and stable balance are also important criteria. If possible, the cat food dispenser should have a rechargeable battery or a battery-powered mode that ensures operation even in the event of a power failure. A cat food dispenser with a remote control also allows for remote programming or unlocking. Remember that a model for a large cat or several tigers being fed at the same time should have a larger capacity. The number of programmable feeds is different for each model. Consider whether the feeder should offer only the usual meals or if you sometimes leave the cat alone at night as well.

Some cat food dispensers have a computer chip reader that prevents an unauthorized cat from using the machine. This is convenient, for example, when medication needs to be administered via the food. Please check with your veterinarian beforehand, as some medications, such as antibiotics, painkillers, etc., must be given in person to ensure that the animal consumes them properly. Discover the dispensers, automatic or not, from recognized manufacturers such as Trixie or SURE FLAP in our online store.