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    The Guide to walking with your cat.

    Cats are animals that like to sleep a lot (14-16 hours a day), but they also love to go out and exercise (when your home allows it). Outside, they are free to hunt, climb, run, in short, the perfect and total freedom!

    And... This is where it gets complicated! When you try to impose a walk and a direction to your cat, while it does not want it. These little felines are very stubborn animals, quite independent, and it is often difficult to make them obey. Much more so than their neighbors, the dogs, who will let themselves be guided by their master without question.

    A leash or a harness for cats will be a good way to get your cat used to walking and to facilitate his learning. We have a preference for harnesses, which we find more adapted to the cat's curves and morphology.

    Cat leashes or harnesses cover many needs and are indispensable accessories! Let's find out why:

    1. To walk with your cat

    Today, many pets live in city apartments and access to the outdoors or nature can be very difficult. Even more so if your cat was not properly educated as a child (abandoned cat or in a shelter...) and has no experience with the outside world.

    If you want to make him discover new things and take him for a walk with you, the harness will be very useful! You will be able to guide him step by step in this adventure, encourage him and reassure him if necessary.

    Keep in mind that walking with your fur ball is not really natural for him, and it may be a little bit tedious to learn. The advantage is that with the harness, your dog will stay safe and won't run away if a noise frightens him.

    After several short walks and a few difficult moments, your cat should start to get used to going out with you, and will seek to explore further and further. Real moments of complicity await you, and it becomes possible to take your kitten everywhere with you!

    2. For practical trips (like to the vet).

    In addition to the fun side of walking, a cat harness (or leash) can be used for short distance travel when you really need it.

    An appointment at the vet, a prolonged absence implying to leave your pet with your relatives for a few days.... In short, the reasons are numerous, and it is preferable to be well equipped if the situation occurs.

    Harnesses are also very popular in the car, as they help block your cat's movement in the vehicle and ensure both of your safety.

    A sudden event or a loud noise could very well cause your cat stress and trigger a real panic attack in the car. You might as well say that you'd rather avoid that!

    Some cat harnesses are designed to attach to the seat belt and immobilize your feline. No more risk of him escaping through the window or disturbing you while you're driving.

    3. To give him autonomy

    Let's assume that your cat has never really left your house before, but you feel that he is itching to go out! In this case, a cat harness can be a good way to give your cat more freedom.

    By attaching it to a secure location and making sure the rope is relatively long, your cat will be able to walk around (in your garden, for example) without the risk of getting loose or lost.

    If you live in the city, the principle is the same! Have you ever heard of the cat next door that keeps wandering around the neighborhood, going from balcony to balcony?

    To prevent this from happening to yours, a cat harness (or leash) will allow you to tie your feline up from home, while still allowing him to access the balcony and get some fresh air, without danger.

    4. Cat leash or cat harness, what to choose?

    Both of these accessories come in handy when you're traveling with your cat and want to make sure the trip goes smoothly. However, as we mentioned above, we have a preference for harnesses.

    The reason is simple, cats are very independent and stubborn animals, who will tend to go where they want, and make you understand this "by force".

    If you try to stop them, they may pull on the collar.

    He can therefore get stuck with a leash and possibly hurt himself if the collar is pulled hard, which is much less frequent with a harness, which is more suitable.

    5. All right, I choose a harness for my cat... but which one?

    There are basically two types of feline harnesses:

    The 8-way cat harness (also called H-harness) consists of two loops, one that is located at the level of the pet's neck, a second at the level of its belly. It is a relatively basic format.

    The vest cat harness (V-shaped) which is worn like a jacket and which will be positioned from the neck to the middle of the belly. It is THE solution that we recommend if you want to walk quietly without putting too much pressure on your cat when he makes his whims and refuses to follow you.

    Between the two models, we prefer the "vest harness" which perfectly fits your cat's morphology and adapts to its movements, more than its H-shaped neighbor.

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