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Cat Scratching Post

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Cat Scratching Post

To protect your furniture, carpets and upholstery from your cat's claws, offer him a scratching post. offers you a vast choice of sober or original accessories that will allow your cat to satisfy his natural need to scratch and mark his territory.

Which type of scratching post for which cat

Scratching is an essential need for the happiness of your feline, because it allows him to release his stress, to mark his environment... The purchase of a scratching post is not to be neglected when a new cat arrives, this one proving to be essential to protect his furniture, and thus allowing a good harmony between you and your animal. It also serves as an outlet for cats living in apartments.

Why does my cat claw?

For cats, scratching is a fundamental need. His hunting instinct obliges him to do so, but having sharp ones is not essential for a cat living in an apartment. Clawing will however allow him, despite this imposed lifestyle, to continue to follow the natural cycle of his claws.

On the other hand, excessive scratching may be associated with a behavioral disorder; in this case, it is essential to take him to his veterinarian to try to determine the cause, and then if health problems have been ruled out, to make an appointment with a behaviorist.

Which scratching post should I choose for my cat?

To find the ideal scratching post, it is essential to try out several "prototypes" in order to find the one that suits him best. His scratching post must obviously be in addition to a cat tree (minimum height of 1.20m and ideally facing a window), which is essential for his well-being. It is necessary to be able to centralize the places of scratching of your cat, in order to move it away from points where it should not be (sofa, furniture...). There are different scratching posts, of different materials and types, with various and varied models and for all budgets: impossible not to find your happiness! It is better to have several, and to vary the materials. A vertical scratching post is essential because on the one hand it reminds the "tree trunk" aspect on which they like to climb, and on the other hand it allows them to stretch while doing their claws...

Horizontal, vertical, inclined

The cat needs different supports to scratch, but also different angles! When he claws, he deposits his pheromones, gets rid of his dead skin/claws and stretches at the same time. Do you always stretch the same way? No ? Well it's the same for him 🙂

The right place for the scratching post

Placing a scratching post in the right place is extremely important for the well-being of your feline. Preferably, a cat tree is placed in front of windows, a scratching post in living rooms. To avoid absolutely: the scratching post in a corner, a closet, a closed box ... Because it can cause behavioral problems. Each cat is different, but you might as well put all the marbles on your side so that he is happy!

The price of a scratching post

The price of a scratching post can vary from one model to another. What is sure is that there is something for every taste and every budget! When possible, you can make it yourself, with cardboard or sisal rope and other recycled materials. Some scratching posts are very original (see below), others are much more basic. It's up to you to make your choice according to your tastes and your space!