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Cat Jewelry

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Jewelry has always been appreciated by women and men. Symbol of personality, independence and aesthetics, they leave no one indifferent, not even children.

Cat Jewelry, Adorable and Sublime 

Among all these jewels, some even have a very strong emotional value and the people who wear them recognize themselves instantly. This is the case of cat jewelry, of which here is the most sublime collection. Welcome to Cat Shop On Wheels, the store with the most magnificent cat gifts.

Cat Shop On Wheels offers four main types of jewelry from the cat collection.

Cat Necklace & Pendants

These are cat necklaces and pendants. Find finely designed ornaments (love ears, pink heart ears etc..). The chain is offered with your pendant in precious metal (925 silver or 18k gold).

Cat Rings

Cat rings are fixed or adjustable rings with a cat motif or shape. You will find unique and elegant models that will sublimate your fingers with finesse (butterfly hunt, my pointed ears, my pink heart...)

Cat Earrings 

The cat earrings will sublimate your ears and highlight your face and refine your features. In the form of chips or pendants, these irresistible ornaments of great beauty will make you a woman adorably feline (love pearls, small paws, fishbone ...).

Cat Bracelets

In the cat jewelry are also the cat bracelets. Thin and discreet, strong of fantasy, they will fit perfectly to your wrist and with your character. Personalized with the many cat charms, you can also compose your bracelet to make it a truly unique piece of cat jewelry.

Collections with charming cat motifs are available on Cat Shop On Wheels (beauty woman, sweetness motif, black kittens...).

Why weat Cat Jewelry?

A cat jewel is a sentimental object. It represents the importance of cats in your eyes but also the heart, the elegance, and the softness. Wearing cat jewelry allows you to express your passion for this incredible domestic feline. Through their unusual appearance, these precious jewels make you original.

Moreover, cat jewelry is an all-purpose piece that can be worn on any occasion and with any look. Therefore, if you love cats and you want to defend this love without complex, you will be seduced by the selection of cat jewelry that Cat Shop On Wheels offers. Find the most beautiful and chic jewelry and cat gifts.

Characteristics of Cat Jewelry

Cat jewelry is finely designed and made of 925 silver or 18K gold (luxury). From the simple cat ring to the luxury set, each piece of jewelry is unique and reflects the personality of the person wearing it. On Cat Shop On Wheels, find cat jewelry that fits your size, your clothing style and all occasions.

Cat jewelry is available in different precious metals. You will find them mostly in gold and silver. Semi precious stones can also be associated with it. Thus, you will find jewelry with zirconium oxide diamonds in crystal colors, ruby, turquoise, emerald or diamond jewelry. There are also cat jewelry beaded with all kinds of sparkles. This means that in the end, you have a variety of jewelry in different colors (black, pink, blue).

The cat jewelry is perfectly adjustable. In terms of size and volume, there is something for everyone. If some are discreet, others do not go unnoticed.

Buying Cat Jewelry

The purchase of our cat jewelry is done online. Cat Shop On Wheels shows you the largest collection of cat jewelry.

To get into fashion with Cat Shop On Wheels, click on the jewelry you like and click "Add to Cart" to continue shopping. Or "buy now" if you only want to buy one jewel or item.

You will then fill out a form with your address and enter your coupon code if you have one.

To thank you for your reading here is 10% discount on all the jewels with the discount code : BIJOUX10

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Cleaning your Cat Jewelry

In order to maintain the shine of your cat jewelry, you must take care of their maintenance. Even high quality metals can be slightly oxidized by sweat, dust, cosmetics and chemicals.

Method 1: One of the maintenance tips is to gently soak the cat jewelry in very hot soapy water. Marseille soaps are highly recommended. After the bath, brush the outside and inside of the jewelry. Use a soft toothbrush for this purpose. Finally, rinse with clear warm water and dry with a soft cloth or ultra fiber.

Method 2: Mix water and baking soda in a glass. Soak your gold or silver cat jewelry and wait from 1 hour to several hours. For the dirtiest jewels, don't hesitate to rub them gently with a toothbrush or a fine brush. A simple rinsing and drying will be enough to make them look like new.
The cat jewelry should then be stored separately in their respective boxes to avoid rubbing. They can be polished once a year to eliminate scratches and restore their shine, but it is not recommended to do this on 18k gold-plated jewelry.

So which feline are you?

Lisa From Cat Shop On Wheels.