Cat Pajamas

Cat Pajamas & Kigurumi

Put a feline touch in your wardrobe with the pajamas and Kigurumi with cat motifs from the Univers Chats collection.

Pilow-pilow cat pajamas & Cosplay to be warm in cold weather and that you won't leave the days when the sun is hiding!

Cat Pajama & Kigurumi - The essential accessory for cat lovers

The cat pajamas are the ideal accessory to reveal the feline side in you, but also to please your cat lovers. Tailored to the silhouette of your favorite animal, it comes in a variety of styles, colors and materials for all tastes.

It is prized for its originality, its comfort and its effectiveness against the cold. In spite of the diverse offer on the market, the choice of the ideal combination cat pajamas remains simple, following a minimum of criteria.

Some advice to choose the right pajamas suit

In physical stores as well as online, you will be confronted with a vast collection of models of cat pajamas that may interest you, to the point of being overwhelmed by the choice.

But don't worry. Simply choose a model that fits you well, while ensuring that it is in your size and ideally made with a quality material.

How to choose the right size for a Kigurumi or Cat pajamas ?

The ideal catsuit pajamas should be chosen according to your size. It can be more or less ample, but well optimized for your size and weight for comfort. To choose without risk of making a mistake, it is better to have your measurements at hand.

To get them, you must measure your height from head to toe. You must then calculate your weight and consider your size. If you are shopping in a store, the problem of size is less of an issue because you can try on your model. However, when shopping online, you will need to use your measurements to find the right model.

To simplify the task, many websites offer a ''Size Guide'' to better guide you, as well as a possibility of exchange in case of error on the size.

Choose a pyjama suit that suits you

Opt for a catsuit pajamas that fits you well and meets your expectations that you will wear with ease and pleasure in any occasion.

In addition to being comfortable, it must be a model with a design, patterns or color that delight you and express your feline side.

You may as well prefer a versatile combination pajamas, ideal for the house as well as for the outside. It will be very practical for your moments of relaxation at home or worn as a disguise for outings with friends.

The combination pajamas cat, the opportunity to offer an original gift: What are the criteria for choosing the right pajamas?

Chosen with care, the cat pajamas or a kigurumi is a gift idea that will certainly please your loved ones. To find the right cat pajamas to offer, focus on originality and quality. In this, materials such as cotton and flannel represent safe values in terms of softness and robustness.

Then, make sure that the pajamas offer an optimal level of comfort. Knowing the size or measurements of the person you're giving the pajamas to will help you choose the right size.

Finally, make sure you choose a pajama suit with a design, color or pattern that most closely reflects the preferences and style of its future owner.