Cat Wall Art

Cat Wall Art for home Decor

There are many ways to decorate your home with Cat & Kitties in the image of our passion, whether with cat clocks, cat statues or cat night lights! But today we're going to focus on the cat wall art & Canvas.

Looking for a cheaper, more mobile cat wall decoration?

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MADE IN USA, Each cat wall art we propose represents a particular atmosphere and allows to match the personality or the tastes of everyone. In addition, the great diversity of these frames cat offers you the possibility to be in symbiosis with the colors and decoration of your home.

The particularity of the cat picture

As said earlier, each cat picture we offer is unique and offers a different universe. However, in order to make our collection of cat decorations more homogeneous, our cat paintings have some common characteristics.

The vast majority of our cat Wall art exist in two versions: a version with a frame and a version with the canvas only. This choice of two versions will depend on your situation and your desires. If you prefer to personalize your cat Canvas with your own frame, then choose the canvas only version. If, on the other hand, you don't have a frame that fits the right size, go for the framed version!

All of the cat paintings we offer have a "Canvas" print! This type of printing is a recognized reference to guarantee a very detailed canvas, with precise colors and with an anti-reflection canvas.

Finally, each cat painting is created with organic cotton and linen. These materials are used to create a flawless painting while taking care of the environment.

How to find your cat Wall Art?

Choosing your cat wall art depends directly on your expectations and your taste! It is also important to choose a cat painting in the same spirit as your other interior decorations.

How to get one of our Cat Wall Decor?

To get one of our cat paintings, nothing could be easier! Once you have found the perfect cat decoration, click on the "Add to cart" button! Once done, you can click on the little shopping cart on the top right and continue the traditional payment process. Fill in the requested fields such as your address and bank details in order to proceed with the purchase. In order to guarantee the security of your data, we use Stripe and Paypal, the two pillars of financial transaction security.

Our collection of cat paintings is growing day by day, so don't hesitate to come and visit us from time to time to see what's new! Also, sign up for our newsletter to be informed by e-mail of our future promotions! Just like our cat paintings, the prices of the 5 piece paintings vary quickly. The larger your cat painting, the higher the price. Also, if you add the option of a frame. However, we do our best to keep the price affordable for everyone.

How to hang its Cat Wall Art ?

Hanging a cat wall art is the same as hanging a cat painting, or any canvas. In order to hang it on your wall, you only need a nail! And yes, whether it's a framed cat painting or not, our paintings are very practical and will save you time when you place your little feline representations!

No more excuses to bring a super cute atmosphere to your home with these beautiful feline paintings. With these gorgeous cat portraits, the cat painting is the best way to express your love for felines through art! Each painting represents the creative spirit of our painters, and that's why our collections of cat decorations will never stop growing, because our creativity will never fade.