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Cat Clocks

Discover all our Cat Clocks in this collection dedicated to the lovers of clocks and our feline friends! These clock-shaped cat decorations are suitable for all tastes! Whether you prefer Large Cat Clocks or smaller Cat Clocks or a Cat Wall Clock like a Cat Clock, you have the choice!

With a Cat Clock, you can pass on your passion for cats to all the people who come to your house, whether they are your friends or your family! For example, a Cat Clock I Love Cats placed on the wall just in front of your entrance hall will give the general atmosphere of your home and your affection for our little fur balls! Or how about the Fishbowl Cat Clock installed near your aquarium with your goldfish?

The importance of the Cat Clock

Each Cat Clock is unique, from its shape, its message or the type of Cat Clock. We will detail all the Cat Clocks in the next point so that you can choose your favorite type of clock! For now, we will focus on the importance of a Cat Wall Clock in the home.

Wall clocks, in general, take a considerable place in the interior decoration of a house. From their size, the "ticking" that you can hear constantly if you pay attention or from the large hands of the dial. The impact is even stronger if you own an original Cat Clock!

Our Cat Clocks have an incredible number of unique dials! From all sizes, all colors, from the cat tail shaped pendulum to the cat shaped numbers, you will find your happiness in Cat Decoration and Cat Clocks in this unique collection!

The characteristics of our Cat Clocks

Our Cat Clocks all have a unique identity, a way of displaying the time in their own way! The Petite Pause Cat Clock, despite its simple design, attracts cat lovers thanks to its humorous dial while other Cat Clocks prefer to focus on the message we want to get across like the famous I Love Cats Cat Clock or its more simplistic variant, the I Love My Cat Cat Clock.

It is essential to know the main elements that characterize a Cat Clock before knowing how to identify all the variants of Cat Clock that we offer on our store, we will see that later, don't panic! For the moment, remember that there are 3 categories of Cat Clocks:

The Cat Clock

The Cat Clock is the most popular type of Cat Clock on our store because it is very different from other more standard Cat Clocks. Cat Clocks are characterized by their pendulum that swings from left to right every second. In the case of the Cat Clocks, the design of the Pendulum Clock is inspired by the shape of a cat and we find in almost all cases, the famous cat tail as a pendulum! However, it is not uncommon to see more unusual pendulums like our Cat and Mouse Clock!

We offer a lot of Cat and Mouse Clocks in our store! Our most famous model is the Cat Tail Clock but you can of course find other models like the Long Tail Cat Clock which is mainly distinguished by the body of the cat, so the Cat Clock Face, in the shape of a drop!

The Big Cat Clock

If you want a Cat Clock as the main Cat Decoration in your room, the Large Cat Clocks might interest you! As you might have guessed, these Cat Clocks are characterized by their very large size, which is due to their huge hands or their oversized dial! In order to facilitate the task and the transport of the parcel, our Big Cat Clocks are delivered, most frequently, with the hands detached and the "numbers" will be, in most cases, stickers to be stuck in the place of the numbers in order to have a customizable Cat Clock!

Our most representative model of our Big Cat Clocks is without a doubt our Roman Numbers Cat Clock! Inspired by the Great Clocks of antiquity through the Renaissance era, our Cat Clock offers a more feline design for fans of cats and Roman culture!

The Cat Wall Clock

The Cat Wall Clock is the most general category of all our Cat Clocks, for several reasons. The first reason is that all our Cat Clocks are basically wall clocks, and yes! Secondly, this category of Cat Clocks is one of the "basic" Clocks, in the sense that it is the type of Cat Clock most frequently chosen by our customers, hence its much higher number and diversity in our Cat Clocks collection compared to the Cat Clocks and the Large Cat Clocks!

The Cat Wall Clock

The Cat Wall Clock is the most general category of all our Cat Clocks, for several reasons. The first reason is that all our Cat Clocks are basically wall clocks, and yes! Secondly, this category of Cat Clocks is one of the "basic" Clocks, in the sense that it is the type of Cat Clock most frequently chosen by our customers, hence its much higher number and diversity in our Cat Clocks collection compared to the Cat Clocks and the Large Cat Clocks!

Cat Wall Clocks come in a variety of shapes and forms. For example, the Cat Clock Cat Who Cries has a rather atypical dial with its hands coming out of the dial and the Black Cat standing on the upper part of the dial. There are also other Cat Clocks with a more sober and minimalist design such as the Minimalist Cat Clock which has a simple dial on a white background, no numbers and an adorable black cat head! There are also some Cat Wall Clocks with LED lights to create a very nice atmosphere in your room when it is dark! Our current flagship LED Cat Clock is the I Love Cats Cat Clock with a great and original design!

The elements of the Cat Clock

As said earlier, in order to be able to easily differentiate between the different variants of our Cat Clocks, it is important to know the basic composition of a clock! Once you know how to recognize these different elements, you won't feel lost when you travel between all our Cat Clocks!

The face of the Cat Clock

The first thing you notice when you discover a Cat Clock is obviously its dial. The dial of a clock is the part, often circular, in the center of the body of the clock. It is where the hands of the clock are placed, that is to say the hour hand, the minute hand and the second hand. It is also where the numerals (also known as the hour circle) are usually placed at the edge of the dial, in their respective places.

This is the central part of the Cat Clock. This is where all the aesthetics of a Cat Clock are concentrated, where you find all its personality. Whether it is a vintage style, a modern style or minimalist, ... it is decided at the dial. Moreover, where the other elements of a Cat Clock will have a dark color, even black. The dial has the freedom to have any color to stand out. Beige, brown, silver, white ... the choice is yours!

The numbers of the Cat Clock

The numbers, or more precisely the design of the numbers are also to be taken into account when choosing your Cat Clock! Most Modern Clocks have an Arabic numeral tower. However, each Cat Clock can have its own cipher. Whether it is Arabic numerals, Roman numerals or simply ... cats !

Why place the numbers where you know their location by heart instead of replacing them to enjoy a design wall clock? Our 12 Black Cat Clock proves it very well: combining efficiency and originality has always been a priority for us! We even go one step further by removing the numbers to highlight the dial of your beautiful Round Clock!

The mechanism of the Cat Clock

For a very long time, Traditional Clocks were equipped with a cuckoo clock announcing the time! However, the tastes and expectations of our days have changed and we began to prefer a silent mechanism, the quartz mechanism. Of course, we did not go from the Cuckoo Clock to the quartz watch directly, there was of course the mechanical clock in the meantime. This one is recognizable on the watches by the small crown which was used to wind up the mechanisms.

Today, all our Cat Clocks are silent thanks to the quartz mechanism! The latter needs electric current, so an AA battery to work! That's why every Cat Wall Clock will have a place for it, whether it's a Table Clock, a Cat Alarm Clock or a Cat Clock.

The hands of the Cat Clock

Finally, the last aesthetic part of the Cat Clock is of course its hands! There are 2 main hands: the hour hand and the minute hand. The seconds hand, also called second hand, is however optional, depending on the type of Cat Clocks, and serves mainly as an aesthetic detail.
For example, our Large Cat Clocks do not, or very rarely, have a seconds hand because it would break the idea of a simple and sober design. Therefore, this category of Cat Clocks is the quietest compared to Cat Clocks and Cat Wall Clocks which have a second hand and therefore a constant ticking.

In short, the larger the diameter of the dial of the Cat Clock, the less likely it is to have a second hand. In addition, the Large Cat Clocks will have a tiny dial to highlight the large size of the hands, as well as making the Vintage Wall Clock easier to transport and mount.

How to buy our Cat Clocks?

To purchase, or view in detail, our Cat Clocks just visit our Cat Clocks collection and click on the one you like! Take the time to browse between the different Wall Clocks to see more details about their characteristics! Whether it is a Vintage Clock, a Round Wall Clock, whether it is made of Metal or Vinyl, ... There are a lot of aesthetic choices and materials, so feel free to browse all of these at your leisure!