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    Cats that do not go outside do not need a collar. But this one is part, with the tag and sometimes the harness, of the essential panoply of the cats which have access to the outside.

    Protect your kitten with quality cat collars

    If you own a cat, it's essential to do everything you can to keep it safe. A cat collar will help you keep track of your cat if it ventures outside. Protect your pet with a wide range of adorable kitten collars and cat collars. Choose a cat collar with a bell so you can hear your kitten approaching. Always choose an adjustable cat collar for a comfortable, snug fit. Try cat collars with GPS so you can track your cat if she ever decides to go for a walk. Tags are also very important for identification if your pet gets lost. A selection of flea and tick collars for cats will also keep parasites away and make treatment easier.

    Get cat collars and other pet safety products

    Collaring your pet is just one way to keep it safe. If you like to walk your cat, use quality, reliable cat harnesses and leashes. These devices are designed to keep your cat close to you, while allowing him to move around and explore safely. Make sure the cat harness is comfortable and the leash is a good length so you and your beloved pet can walk around easily. If you're going on a trip together, don't forget to choose from our selection of cat carriers and backpacks. This is a great way to keep your cat under control wherever you go, whether it's to the vet or on vacation.

    Another way to protect your pet is to keep it free of nasty fleas and ticks. you'll find many topical cat flea and tick treatments. Always consult your veterinarian to determine which product is right for your pet. These treatments will keep annoying, biting parasites and the diseases they carry at bay. Using pest control treatments will keep your cat comfortable and your home free of fleas and ticks.

    Cat collars: classic designs

    Cats that go outdoors may need a collar to be seen (and heard if a bell is attached) more easily. A collar can also be used to attach an identification tag. There are collars available in different materials:

    • leather┬á
    • nylon┬á
    • fabric

    Among the wide choice, it is recommended to prefer :

    • A nylon collar with a reflective strip, suitable for cats who go out. This way, they are visible at night, which can avoid some accidents.
    • A collar equipped with an elastic band or a secure closing system. Indeed, the classic collars with a "belt-like" closure are much too dangerous: if the cat gets caught somewhere, he risks strangling himself, this type of closure does not come off by itself. The elastic band or the secure closure allows the animal to free itself.

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