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Cat Carrier Backpack

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Type: cats

Origin: Mainland China

Material: nylon

Item Type: Backpacks

Closure Type: zipper

CN: Hebei

Buyer shopping instructions:

1. this product is purely handmade by us. A small number of bags have some thread ends on them, which can be cut off after receiving. It will not affect the use

2. each cat bag shell has a layer of transparent protective film. After receiving the product, if the outer package is not damaged, tear off the protective film


1. Easy to quantify design

2. Soft feel, long time no back

3. Waterproof fabric design

4. Through side vents + front, perforated vents

5. Texture, hardware lock, custom fashion

6. Wide background and comfortable output

7. Big design, fat cat can use it for free

8. Removable folding, easy to store

9. Mechanical engineering design. Convenient travel

10. Portable design, high carrying capacity, no injury to hands

11. Rivet structure reinforcement, beautiful and durable

12. Thick Plush seats, moisture-proof, heating, better care for pets


Product introduction

1. Material: PC

2. Maximum weight: no more than 10kg

3. Update: the materials are updated, and durable and non irritating materials are used. Through the transformation of the ventilation net, the thick ventilation net is more wear-resistant and durable The improved shoulder strap is more comfortable, and the household carrier frame is more stable and not easy to deform.

4. Air permeability and safety

Cat Carrier Backpack
Cat Carrier Backpack

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