Smart games - 7+1 funny ways to feed your cat

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Smart games - 7+1 funny ways to feed your cat

The cat is an animal that needs to be stimulated physically and mentally, it is enough to observe them to understand it. There are a multitude of toys of all kinds on the market to keep them entertained. One of them is the kibble dispenser toy that allows your feline to develop his hunting instincts while seeking to catch treats.

Fun kibble dispensers it's funny and it's good for the cat's activity!


Hunting and play are an integral part of your animal's DNA. The candy dispenser allows him to satisfy his taste for challenge by showing ingenuity to catch his prey. This type of intelligence game allows him to play, hunt, exercise and eat sparingly!

The selection of 7 +1 food dispensers that cats love

Many models are sold, your cat will undoubtedly find his happiness among this selection of the 7 models that we prefer.

The one you can buy on Univers Chat

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  • Playful and intelligentDispenser - Shaking Q Pet ™

    Dry€ 27.99

    FoodEating while having fun is possible! This playful and intelligent kibble dispenser has been specially designed to make meals ...

    Catit Senses 2.0 the cat food

    maze The kibble maze is made up of several small openings through which it must drop the kibble up to the ferry. Like "Alice in Wonderland", he will have to show virtuosity to find the exit.


    Trixie Tunnel Feeder

    This model is embellished with several tunnels through which it must bring the kibble back to it. He will have to reflect and answer this existential question: "Which tunnel to choose?" " 


    Trixie Activities the Fun Board for cats

    Due to its diversity, it is specially recommended for cats in need of activity and will allow them to develop their skills. He will become the MacGyver of the croquette!


    Cat It Digger Senses 2.0 kibble tubes

    This is the "duck fishing" cat version made up of several tubes of different sizes. Your cat will have to show dexterity to bring up the kibble.


    Polino-m mobile kibble dispenser for cats

    Your cat will enjoy moving it and will have the impression of chasing its prey. Ideal for apartment cats because it will fill their boredom. It is this type of toy that we recommend in cases of gluttonous cats.


    Petsafe Cat Toy with Kibble Stash

    Cats love to play with a ball and follow it tirelessly. Filled with kibble, your pet will have fun and exercise without realizing it.



    Trixie Cat Activity Snack Ball

    Small ball that will make your cat make a maximum of efforts by rolling it to release the kibble and will ultimately prevent it from rolling!




    Keep your cat busy while you are away from home

    The cat likes interactions, especially when it comes to playing. When you are away, boredom sets in and when you return he is desperate to get your attention. However the cat needs stimulation, distractions for its well-being. The candy dispenser will fill this gap. Your cat will be motivated by the presence of the croquettes and he will deploy all his talents to obtain the sesame!

    Your cat is an intelligent animal who enjoys difficulty and taking on challenges. Opting for a fun kibble distributor allows him to fulfill his instinct as a feline.

    What wouldn't we do for our cat? Did you know that there are larger kibble distributors to feed your cat, to find out more, go to the kibble distributors category.

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