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Not a morning person? Then jump on our selection of cat mugs to get up in the morning !

Check out our Cat Mugs, Cups and Thermos with a cat design is "Made for Cat lovers"

How the cat domesticated man

Science can perfectly explain this fusional and weird relationship you have with your cat! Yes, you let him trample your face at night.

Yes, you scoop his poop with a litter box every day while he stares at you.

Yes, you've outfitted your living room with a huge, ugly cat tree.

Yes, you bought a giant stuffed cat on impulse.

Yes, your closet is filled with cat mugs, each one cuter than the next.

But despite that, no, you're not crazy!

And most importantly, you're not alone.

Because cats have a secret weapon: their purr! The latter triggers the production of serotonin, otherwise known as the "happiness hormone" in humans. So now you know how your cat can get you hooked!

The cat mug as an emblem

As you know, there is no reconciliation between people who prefer cats and those who prefer dogs. It is a trench war that will last as long as man, cats, and dogs exist. So, in order to recognize their friends from their hereditary enemies enslaved to canines, many feline lovers no longer leave their cat mug on coffee break! Do the same, and display yours in all circumstances to assert your preferences, and rally to your cat mug all those who side with the purrs!

For a good coffee or a well-deserved cup of tea, dare the 100% cat porcelain mug, the funny magic mug in the shape of a feline, the design mug with an inimitable cat-style! And if you are rather nomadic and bohemian, let yourself be accompanied by a travel mug, a thermos or a cat flask in all your travels! This way, your favorite animal will serve as your good luck charm, even when you're on the road.

Which cat mug to choose?

You'll be spoilt for choice if you're looking for a cat mug that's too cute and nicely decorated: ours are colorful and compete with originality! Whether you are looking for a beautiful object or an original gift for a cat lover, one of our cat mugs is sure to please you. Let yourself go, adopt it and you will spend many happy years together!

You will find here all the colors and the capacity adapted to brighten up your mornings and start the day well. For breakfast as well as for the evening tea, our selection of mugs and unusual cat cups will seduce you. It is an ideal gift to make or to be made, for all the amateurs of hot and cold drinks. Sometimes humorous, sometimes very cute, the feline mug brings a unique and offbeat touch to tableware.
Of course, while drinking your espresso or your cappuccino, you can also wear your favorite cat sweater or t-shirt: the effect will be even better!

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