What is clumping litter?

What is clumping litter?

You have an adorable cat and have given him the toilet of his dreams, but you are looking for the right litter box. It has been recommended that you use clumping litter for the maximum comfort of your cat.

Only you don't know what it is at all. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about clumping cat litter, good or not good and especially something to help you see more clearly.

Types of cat litter and clumping litter


As you know, cat littercat litter box is the material that rests in aor toilet house, so that the cat can relieve himself. It absorbs urine, your cat's droppings and odors, while keeping the room clean. Until now, nothing new.

In the market, depending on the material, there are 3 main types of litter: minerallitter, plantlitter,and synthetic bedding. What you need to understand is that no matter what type of material it is made of, a litter can be either clumping or non-clumping. In other words, the agglomeration capacity is a property specific to a litter, regardless of its material.

Thus, the clumping litter is a litter made of a material of mineral (silica), vegetable (wood, corn raffle, straw, flax, etc.) or synthetic (plastics) origin which, in contact with liquids, and therefore your cat's urine forms more or less solid blocks.

We will consider, so to speak, that all litter agglomerates more or less, here is for example the list of litter which agglomerates the best classified by agglomeration power:litter

  • Litter based on absorbent crystals
  • Vegetable
  • Litter based on clay and sand.

Advantages of clumping litter

Compared to conventional (non-clumping) litters, clumping litter has many advantages. Indeed, it considerably facilitates the maintenance of the cat litter. Urine (and even liquid excrement) is captured in the form of solid balls that you just need to collect (every day) with a shovel. To maintain a good level of litter in the box, you can add a little replacement litter.

Clumping litter is thus more economical, because it lasts much longer (generally more expensive to buy, but more economical in the long term). Indeed, unlike conventional litter boxes, clumping litter does not need to be replaced entirely every week, but rather once a month for a cat.


Clumping litter is much less dusty than conventional litter. It is therefore better suited to cats sensitive to dust. In addition, being easier to maintain and much cleaner, it reduces the risk of transmission of parasites and diseases between your cat and the inhabitants of the house.

Disadvantages of clumping litter

Although it is easier to maintain than conventional litter boxes, clumping litter requires you to getlitter. rid of the balls of urine and excrement every day, at the risk of seeing your cat no longer'use. Which can be a constraint for those who are not available every day.

In addition, the clumping litter is much more adherent, it can stick to the paws of your cat if it enters when wet. Result: it can drag litter all over the house, to overcome this problem you can opt for a litter mat.

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