Why do cats love Cat Trees?

Why do cats love Cat Trees?

You have just adopted a kitten or a cat and you want it to be like a rooster in paste in your habitat. You bought a bowl, food adapted to its age, toys, a basket, as for the cat tree, you are hesitating!

You may find it too expensive, too many models… Finally, is it useful? Anyway, one thing's for sure, cats really love cat trees. But not only that, you will see later that it contributes to the development of your feline for different reasons.

If you are already convinced by cat trees, take a look at our guide to choosing your cat tree.

The cat tree is a place just for him


Like all of us, your pet needs to have a place just for him where he can relax! A reserved area where he can evolve… To sum up, a place where he will develop all the facets of his cat personality and above all will give free rein to his feline instincts!

The cat tree constitutes an “all in one”: a place of rest, relaxation, play, hunting, observation. It helps your pet's balance because a bored cat is an anxious cat.

It is a place where he plays and relaxes

Today you find a multitude of models that will make your four-legged friend happy. For him, the game is important and is part of his DNA, he will like to play hide and seek in the niches, to catch the hanging toys while imagining that they are prey.


After the effort, relaxation, by deploying its claws on the sisal poles and will come the nap on the high platforms or out of sight. The fact that the cat trees include a scratching post is also a way to protect your furniture from scratches.

Does my cat really need it?

It is true that the cat tree is more useful for the indoor cat than the outdoor cat. Animals, especially living in apartments, will like to rediscover their feline instincts by being high up, dominating their environment, and on the lookout for their prey. The cat tree allows them to mark their territory with claws and to be able to have fun, things which are essential to preserve their psychological balance.

In conclusion, the cat loves his cat tree, because it brings together all the functions it needs for its development. You too will love his cat tree because no more broken trinkets because he fell asleep on your sideboard, no more torn sofa ... Finally, it will also contribute to the serenity of the interior.

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