How much is a cat tree?

How much is a cat tree?

The cat tree is one of the first items you buy when a cat arrives. The price of the tree is to be taken into account if we want to establish a budget dedicated to the cat. So what are the different price ranges and ultimately what is the price of a cat tree?

Price brackets for a cat tree

How much is a cat tree

As with any product, the cat tree is no exception to the rule, there are all forms at all prices. You just have to go to a general online store or an online pet store to see all the models.

Overall, it is still possible to define price brackets for cat trees, which ultimately corresponds most to their quality.

  • From 10 to 30 €: here we often find low-end cat trees, which most of the time are not made to last.
  • From 30 to 50 €: it is from this slice that the cat trees have an interesting price, we find there especially small cat trees, medium cat trees or scratching towers.
  • From 50 to 120 €: in this price bracket the models are more interesting, as much because they are of a better quality as the choice grows with in particular large cat tree.
  • From 120 €: if you want a cat tree with a good price-performance ratio and that you will keep for a long time, you should aim for this bracket.

We could also add a slice, luxury or artisanal cat trees. I am thinking in particular of French manufacturers like Titicatz whose prices start from € 250.

Visualize the product you are looking for

You now know the price brackets that fit your budget, now here is a playdoy for two types of cat tree. It is important to visualize your next purchase.

A quality catquality cat

tree Atree is not necessarily a very expensive cat tree, it is possible to find resistant models with a fair price and which will please your furball just as much. I am thinking in particular of the Vesper scratching posts which are very easy to find online.

Please note that investing in a more expensive scratching post will prevent you from having to replace it often in the face of cat onslaught.


An inexpensive scratching post Scratching

trees are all well and good, but they cost a lot, but if you search carefully, it is easy to find a cheap scratching post with a very good price-performance ratio.

It is obvious that your cat will quickly come to the end of this type of model, but there is still a use in this type of inexpensive product.

For young cats and teenagers, these little felines are very rowdy and will go after their tree with all vigor. Between us, it always hurts the heart to see the cat destroy the brand new cat tree for 100 €. So you might as well start with a model that can be damaged and then move on to a more expensive model after his past teenage crisis.

Now it's your turn to buy an accessory that will make your cat really happy. (I don't even count the time my cat spends on the cat tree anymore.

How about you, what's the optimal price for a cat tree?

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