What are the benefits of a cat tree for the cat?

What are the benefits of a cat tree for the cat?

Sometimes it is difficult to understand whatis really used a cat treefor. Many people think that it is an object much more extravagant than useful for their home and especially for their cat.

But beyond appearances you understand that the cat tree is an essential tool, even essential for your cat. When well chosen, it fully contributes to the development and fulfillment of your cat, and above all, it makes him happy!

According to feline behavior specialists, the cat tree has nothing but benefits for your cat.

The cat tree allows the cat to keep its hunting arsenal in good condition: its claws


The cat tree serves as a scratching post for your cat, it's still better than your furniture, isn't it?

The action of clawing allows your cat to relax, have fun and especially to sharpen its claws (or replace dead claws). Its claws are used to hunting, defend and climb, so it is essential and instinctive to maintain them to be ready to pounce on a target.

The cat tree greatly increases your cat's

Thetree is his territory. Instinctively the cat likes to climb and stand in high and strategic places, where he will have an overview of his environment. The cat tree, by its height will give him this pleasure, in addition to entertaining him with the various toys and accessories it includes.

The accessory will be one of the places where only its smell is present.

The cat tree makes it easier for several cats to live together

If you have several cats, a cat tree can help maintain peace and harmony between your cats.

Indeed, as the cat tree is made up of several levels, the dominant cat will tend to occupy the highest level, and the others will occupy the lower levels. Each cat will have its own level, which will considerably limit direct conflicts and therefore the frustration of some cats.


But for this it is important to drop a large model of tree, leaving enough space between the different platforms.

The cat tree is a safe place for timid and fearful

cats. Cowardly cats are frightened by anything they can hear without seeing. The cat tree being an excellent observation post due to its height, is a good refuge for this type of cat. Your shy cat will no longer need to hide in cupboards or under the beds, the cat tree will provide him with his safe space in height, difficult to access for children, dogs, and will allow him to observe everything without fear.

For this, favored a model with many niches, offering him the privacy that the cat desires.

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