How to clean a cat tree?

How to clean a cat tree?

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How to clean a cat tree?

An essential accessory for our little felines, but a real hair accumulator, the maintenance of the cat tree becomes painful if it is not done regularly, especially when their hair is embedded in it.

Thus, the hygiene of the cat tree is of utmost importance. However, the maintenance of the cat tree can be done step by step to maximize its cleanliness and reduce your effort.

Vacuuming orclothes brush


cleaning theRegularly cleaning the purchase tree with a clothes brush will get rid of cat hair that has settled on it, it's easy, just wipe it off. brush stroke. The accumulation of hair makes the appearance of the tree much less beautiful. The more regular this gesture is, the less cat hair and dust there will be to eliminate.

You can opt for a powerful vacuum cleaner for a perfect and optimal cleaning of the cat tree. The vacuum cleaner will completely get rid of all hair, but it takes a little longer.

Steam cleaningsteam

Very efficient Vaporettocleaner.

The steam cleaner thoroughly cleans the cat tree. This deep cleaning has a double advantage.

  • It deeply cleans the tree while eliminating bacteria that will inevitably affect the cat.
  • The water from the cleaner moistens it slightly while ensuring rapid and instant drying of the tree, to revive the freshness of the object is very interesting. Your little cat will be able to return there shortly.

When the steam cleaner fails or you don't have one, the use of baking soda is the ideal ingredient to clean it. It is a miracle product that deodorizes, cleanses and gives a glowing appearance to the cozy nest of the little feline, be careful to use it correctly.


Actions to avoid

Washing the cat tree with plenty of water is totally prohibited. This will consistently destroy the cat's favorite toy given the materials of its design. These materials are difficult to withstand damp weather.

For their comfort and well-being, no aggressive cleaners, no deodorants and even less essential oils. These products have irritating properties that keep the cat away from the tree.

The cat tree is our cats favorite toy. With its composition of sisal, wood, fabric, rope and plant fibers, the cat tree alone meets a good part of the needs of these apartment cats. Designed with the goal of not only entertaining them, but also developing feline abilities in them, the cat tree remains the ideal place where little felines spend most of their time.

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