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Cactus Cat Scratching Post

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A cactus and a scratching post combined?

The Cactus Cat Scratching Post intrigues you with its design, we understand. This cat tree is not just a scratching post, it is the perfect combination of a necessary item for your feline and the beauty of a cactus.

  • Color:Coffee/Green
  • Weight:2800g/4100g
  • Size:M/L

This special cactus scratching post is the result of a hard work of precision, each position of the rope is worked, in order to make it as breast as possible and to release a real decorative potential in your home. Without forgetting the useful use for your cat: to make its claws in all peace and serenity.

  • Height: 53cm/68.5cm
  • Material: Wood

It has not been created in the same way as a normal cat scratching post or cat tree whose purpose is only to satisfy the various needs of your feline. The Cactus Cat Scratching Post has been totally reworked. We have decided to develop this cat scratching post on the basis of the current trend in the field of decoration. This product is therefore a work of decoration in its own right, we have created a real utility for it.

The cactus cat scratching post is obviously a luxury item, the manual work required is enormous, it is not necessary to remind you that the quality on this object is irreproachable. The cat rope used is of course ideally designed for your cat and the base has been worked to withstand the various hazards of your feline.

What is a Cactus Cat Scratching Post in a few words:

  • A decorative cat scratching post in line with the current trend
  • A production that does not affect the animal welfare
  • An irreplaceable quality
  • A unique decoration
  • Something new for your little friend

We position ourselves on a luxury object which, we hope, will be at the height of your feline.

Cactus Cat Scratching Post
Cactus Cat Scratching Post

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