What are the best cat food and kibble dispensers?

What are the best cat food and kibble dispensers?

What are the best cat food and kibble dispensers?


In view of its richness in animal proteins and water, as well as its low carbohydrate content, cat food is one of the most complete foods and the best adapted to the nutritional needs and digestive specificities of your little feline when it is is well chosen.

Available in box and bag, all under many brands, this wet food is flooding supermarkets and specialty stores for cats, without always being reliable. Faced with this multitude of choices, you do not knowto choose which brandto satisfy your little furball without affecting its health? Our experts help you see more clearly and make the right choice.

Comparison of the 3 best cat food

All owners are anxious to offer the best to their companion, but do not always know how to make the right choice. We have compared to help you, the 3 best cat food that are unanimous for their quality.

Ultra Premium Direct - Grain Free Wet Cat Food



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Grain-free cat freshness sachets - Minced in salmon / cod sauce

The cereal-free cat freshness sachets are tender minced ideal for all types of cats. Made with ultra premium ingredients, this food provides a good supply of proteins and amino acids essential for your cat's vitality, as well as omega 3 and 6 for a shiny coat and perfectly healthy skin.

For a varied pleasure, these mince are available in 4 different flavors. You can choose the meat pack consisting of chicken and turkey recipes, or opt for the delicious fish pack with cod and salmon. In addition it is without cereals, without coloring, without preservatives or artificial flavors.


True Instinct - Sachets of high qualitycat piespies

True Instinct No Grain- Nature's Variety - Catwith Chicken and Vegetables - Pack of 8 x 70gr

  • EXCELLENT DIGESTION - Grain free, gluten free
  • PREMIUM QUALITY PROTEIN - Fillets of selected meat
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY FOODS - Chicory, kelp and rosemary
  • HEALTHY VEGETABLES - Natural sources of fiber
  • COMPLETE AND BALANCED - With vitamins and minerals


The True Instinct No Grain flavored chicken with vegetables is a natural and balanced pâté, based on chicken. Its healthy and tasty ingredients make it the ideal food for all cats, even the most sensitive. Available in a pack of 8 sachets of 70 g each, this wet food has the following characteristics:

  • Rich in quality protein thanks to chicken, a natural source of taurine.
  • Healthy vegetables, rich in natural fibers.
  • Cereal-free and gluten-free, it promotes excellent digestion.
  • Complete and balanced food, with vitamins and minerals essential for the growth and maintenance of your little companion.

IAMS Naturally - Freshfor adult cats

sachetsIAMS Naturally Wet Cat Food Sterilized or not 12 fresh sachets for 4 Earth / Sea Pâtées in sauce - NO ADDED SUGAR, GMOs, vegetable proteins, coloring, artificial flavor - 12 x 85g

  • 🐾 A NATURAL CHOICE 🐾: IAMS Naturally is a range of wet food really suitable for your cats: 100% complete and balanced with no added sugars, no GMOs, no vegetable protein extracts, no artificial colors or flavors
  • 🐾YOUR CAT WILL LOVE🐾: The Earth Collection Mer contains highly digestible and tasty natural ingredients: North Atlantic salmon, New Zealand lamb, wild tuna,chicken
  • 🐾HEALTHY REINFORCED poulet: Our food contains the essential elements for your cat's health: vitamin E for the system immune, omega 3 & 6 for healthy skin and a shiny coat, selected fibers for good digestion
  • 🐾FOCUS ON PROTEIN🐾: Our mash is based on high quality proteins that go crazy provide the amino acids essential for the formation and renewal of tissues. They promoteand powerful muscle mass
  • leanOURFOR DEMANDING MASTERS🐾: Certified MSC and ASC sustainable fishing, Iams Naturally Land / Sea Collection is very convenient to use, with its individual pouches that ensure a fresh and easy to serve meal every time for your cat


Recommended for all cats, the IAMS Naturally sachet food contains 4 different recipes (divided into 12 sachets of 85 g each) to vary the flavors: salmon, lamb, tuna and cod, all in sauce. It is made with highly digestible ingredients, and is perfectly suited to your little feline's strict carnivore diet.

Finally, note that this food is 100% natural, with premium quality proteins, certified MSC sustainable fishing, and contains no artificial chemicals or GMOs.

Selecting Mash and Wet Food for Your Cat: The Rules

Contrary to popular belief, choosing the best mash or wet food for your cat is not as complicated as it seems. We suggest that you follow 2 simple and practical rules, which will give you the assurance at all times of having made the choice of the ideal food for your feline :

  • Always favor boxes and bags for cats with the highest meat content
  • Avoid low-cost cat

Favor boxes and bags for cats with the highest meat contentcat.

It is recommended to always food as much as possiblefavor the food with the highest meat and / or fish content, because it is rich in ideal proteins for theyour pet's carnivorous diet. Indeed, a good mash must contain at least 75% meat. However, the ideal would be to opt for a mash containing the maximum of meat and / or fish.

It is important that the composition is clear by detailing the types of meats, the foods used and their quantity to detect any ingredient that would be inadvisable, unnecessary or dangerous. Always read the label on the product carefully before purchasing.

Absolutely avoid cheap catinexpensive cat

food Anfood alternative might tempt you given the price offered, but don't be fooled: always focus on quality, because a cheap food solution will be more costly for your health of your 4-legged companion. Indeed, to make cheap food, manufacturers add unnecessary cat products such as vegetables, grains and many chemicals, which decreases costs and ultimately causes harm to the cat.

Some brands in the trade seem to show little interest in the well-being of your felines by offering inexpensive food: we strongly advise against them. This is the case, among others, for brands such as: Whiskas, Royal Canin, Felix and Purina for their entry-level products because most of their products contain too many plant products, sugar, preservatives or dyes (which are chemical products). harmful), and many others.

Food for kitten, sterilized cat or old cat: what to choose?

Some brands on the market offer specialized food according to the age or condition of your cat (sterilized or not) and you may think that it would be better to opt for these? Not at all ! You should know that it is unnecessary to give a different type of food depending on the age or condition of the cat. We always insist, if the mash is of quality it is essential.

Indeed, for example, sterilized cats tend to gain weight. A special food for sterilized cats is in fact less caloric than a conventional food, which generally contains many unnecessary or even harmful elements for the animal such as an excess of vegetables, vegetable fibers and starch. So, for your sterilized cat, opt instead for a classic quality food (perfectly suited to his strict carnivore diet), but adapt the amount given to the energy needs of your little hairball.

Food for overweight cats: what to choose?

For your obese or overweight cat, you might be tempted to buy her one of the many overweight cat food that you can see on surfaces. Do not give in to this temptation! Indeed, it is not necessary to take a special fat cat food.


As in the case of sterilized cats, opt for a classic quality food, while adapting the quantity to the energy needs of your animal. So you just need to ration your fat cat well.

How much food to give my cat?

It is important to know how much food to give your cat to keep his food balance, that is to say to avoid overweight or increase it when it already exists. Note that the amount to give depends above all on your pet's needs and lifestyle.

Cat weight

2 kg

4 kg

6 kg

8 kg

Quantity of cat food

175 g

245 g

315 g

385 g

Table based on a cat food equivalent in amount of energy supplied to the bag of the brand True Instinct No Grain.

For example, an adult cat weighing 4 kg eats an average of 50 g of kibble per day, which is equivalent to about 200 g of complete mash. If you want to feed your 4 kg cat both with kibble and mash, he will therefore need a daily ration of 70 to 100 g of mash + 25 to 30 g of kibble.

All-you-can-eat food + mash: Beware of overweight

Meat andfood cat (premium of course) are very nutritious foods, very appetizing and also very high in calories. Note that while most cats know how to ration themselves, others don't do so well. Suddenly, by giving your cat food at will, it is possible that the latter will stuff it down to become obese, if in addition it is also fed with mash.

Basically, remember that a diet based on mash added to an unsupervised kibble intake will most likely lead to overweight your pet. The best way to do this is to leave the kibble at will and greatly reduce the rations of cat food.

Cat food: good or bad?

Like any cat food, mash has its advantages and disadvantages. It has the advantage of being rich in water, meat and very low in carbohydrates. In addition, its high humidity makes your cat's thirst problem less pressing.

However, the mash is not always practical, especially when it comes to storage. Indeed, its quality deteriorates rapidly due to the oxidation generated on contact with air. If it is not consumed quickly it will risk being rejected by the cat.

Is wet food essential for the cat?

Most cats prefer the texture and aroma of moist food, which is conducive to digestion and hydration, but it is not necessarily the best food for cats. As we have noted, cats that eat moist foods tend to drink less.

However, studies have shown thata wet diet is not always essential for your cat for at least 2 reasons: it is not perfectly equivalent to the prey that the cat obtains in the wild and the cat can very well compensate. the low humidity of water-poor foods.

Bad breath in cats, the fault in the mash?

Mash is not the ideal food for your cat's oral hygiene. Its pasty and wet texture will promote a deposit on the teeth of the animal and therefore bad breath. You will need to be vigilant in offering dental treats such as strips of meat. Or better yet, adopt an alternative of homemade cat food or raw feeding (BARF).

The BARF diet is ideal for sensitive or allergic cats. It consists in feeding your companion mainly raw meat and offal of certain selected animal species, associated with natural supplements to better cover his needs in vitamins and minerals.

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