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The Best Cat Flaps - Reviews and Tips for Choosing

The Best Cat Flaps - Reviews and Tips for Choosing

The Best Cat Flaps - Reviews and Tips for Choosing

The Best Cat Flaps

The cat is the most independent of our pets, its instinct pushes it to establish a territory, to explore it regularly. If you live in a house with a cat, you probably know that your cat likes to go for a walk outside to browse his home.

Suddenly, you end up being the kitty doorman who doesn't hesitate to meow, no matter the time, for you to open the door for him, which can become a real ordeal.

The cat flap is the essential accessory in a house to simply give your cat access to the outdoors. With a personal entry for kitty, you kill 2 birds with one stone:

  • You offer total autonomy and freedom to your little feline and you
  • finally have peace in letting him come and go to his home

The selection of the best cat flaps for your cat

On the market, you will find 2 types of cat flaps: electronic or automatic cat flaps and conventional or manual cat flaps.

As they are programmable, electronic cat flaps offer you and your cat more autonomy and require much less intervention than conventional cat flaps. Below are the best cat flaps that can exist, whether electronic or classic, you will find complete opinions on some of them here.

Electronic cat flaps

In terms of automatic cat flaps the 3 products below are what is best for your cat and for you.

In summary electronic pet doors

Flap The Smart Electronics Sureflap Sure Pet Care

pet door Sureflap Electronics Smart Cat, White

  • Prevents unwanted animals to go home. Battery level indicator
  • Compatible with all popular microchips and RFID tags
  • Operates on four AA batteries with one year battery life
  • Can be installed on a wall, window or door - accessories are available
  • Stores up to 32 animal identities in memory

Seeon Amazon

Sure Pet CareSureflap in detail

The PetSafe PetSafeCat

MicrochipFlap - Microchip Cat Flap for Microchipped Cat, Selective Entry, Easy to Install, 4 Manual Lock Options, Energy Efficient,, Practical, White (New Version)

  • WindproofLOCKER WITH MICROCHIP DETECTION: This cat flap works on battery and is compatible with the most common chips. It can program up to 40 different fleas and cats
  • 4 LOCKING OPTIONS: The white button allows these options: only inside, only outside, inside and outside and completely locked
  • DIMENSIONS: Frame measures 22cm x 23.9cm WxH - flapper measures 14.6cm x 13.5cm WxH. Suitable for animals up to 7 kg. Installation adapter and extension tunnel available separately
  • INSTALLATION: Can be carried out on wooden doors. A mounting adapter will be required for PVC doors, walls and glass + patio doors
  • MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY: 3 years. The warranty conditions can be found under "Further technical information". Your statutory warranty rights remain unaffected.

See details on Amazon

PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap

PetmateElectromagnetic Cat Flap Easy

Pet Mate - Gateway "Small"

  • access door for cats at home
  • Prevents access to other animals
  • Includes 2 photos for collar
  • It provides the open, closed, only outward or inward positions that
  • You need a PP3battery, not included

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9VPetmate's Electromagnetic Cat Flap in details

Classic cat flaps

In terms of classic cat flaps without opening selection, the 3 products below are what is best for your cat and for you.

In summary on the traditional cat flaps

The PetmateFour Way Locking Cat Flap

Pet Mate- Pet Gateway with 4 positions

  • automatic coating thickness of 50mm, ideal for all thin doors and panels
  • silent action won't scare away pets or owner Disturb
  • Draft-proof and weather-resistant sealed flap brush with magnetic closure
  • waterproof card
  • 4-way double point security lock

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Petmate Four-Way Cat Flap in details Zacro's


CatZacro 4 Position, Four Way Locking Cat- White

  • FlapThis cat flap is recommended for doors 0mm to 13mm (0.5 ") thick
  • Range Use of weight: 7kg or less (general recommendations)
  • Material: ABS (smooth surface, very strong)
  • 4 ways to set: fully closed / fully open / enter only / exit only
  • Overall Width: 190mm; Overall Height: 200mm; Cut Out Width: 15 0 mm; Cut-out Height: 155mm

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Zacro 4 Position Cat Flap in Details

The PetSafe PetSafeCat

StaywellFlap - Original Staywell Dog and Cat Cat Flap, 2 Way Access - Entry and Exit - Pet Door., Rigid, Panel Closure (Sold Separately) - White (S)

  • Heavy DutyEASY INSTALLATION: This PetSafe cat flap is suitable for wood, PVC, uPVC and metal doors and brick walls. A tunnel extension is available separately
  • LOCKING SYSTEM: To close your cat flap, simply place the closure panel (sold separately)
  • DIMENSIONS: The dimensions of the PetSafe Small Cat Flap (S) are: 23.60cm x 19.80cm; maximum shoulder width 14.70 cm. It is well suited for cats, kittens and small dogs up to 7 kg
  • MORE FREEDOM AND MOVEMENT: With this cat flap your pet has access to selected areas and can move around freely
  • GUARANTEE: This product has a manufacturer's warranty (PetSafe ) of 3 years You will find the warranty conditions under "Additional technical information"

See on Amazon

Staywell by PetSafe in detail

Why choose a cat flap?

It is strongly recommended that you buy a cat flap for your cat because not only will this device, whether electronic or classic, give your cat more freedom, but in addition, it will greatly simplify your life when it comes to exits. kitty.

A cat flap offers more freedom and autonomy to your cat

Like all its congeners, your cat is an intrepid and independent adventurer, and likes to be outside to roam its territory. It often happens that when he wants to let off steam outside, there is no one to open the door for him, which becomes a real source of frustration and stress for the little feline.

Thanks to a smartly installed cat flap in your home, you give your furball the possibility to come out and come home as it sees fit. This gives him a real feeling of freedom, makes him more fulfilled, happy and above all more autonomous.

A cat flap allows you to control kitty access while simplifying your life

It must be said, it is not always very pleasant to open the door all the time to your cat so that he enters or sort of home. Thus, by installing a cat flap in your home, you no longer need to be the doorman of your little animal and you gain peace of mind.

In addition, with the different access modes it offers, the cat flap (whether manual or automatic) allows you to decide when the cat can enter and exit freely, when it can only go out, when it can only enter. and when he has no right to go out at all. And all without having to get up all the time (you just have to configure the cat flap).

Basically installing a cat flap in your home will greatly simplify your life: it means more freedom and autonomy for the cat and more peace of mind for you!

How to choose the cat flap for your cat?

There are so many models and brands of cat flaps on the market that finding the right one for you and your cat can be overwhelming. However, to be sure that you make the best choice without breaking your head too much, you just need to take into account a few key criteria such as the size of your cat, the features of the equipment, the identification and locking system, as well as the tightness of the device.

The number of lanes or the opening functions

Depending on the models and brands, you will find cat flaps which have 2 lanes and others which have 4. The number of lanes or positions or even door opening functions. the cat flap is a very important criterion, which depends on the character of your cat, as well as on your availability. Indeed, if you have a sedentary cat, homebody, and who goes out infrequently, and if in addition you are almost permanently present, a 2-way cat flap (open and closed) will be largely sufficient for kitty.

On the other hand, if you are generally unavailable to open the door for kitty, who in addition loves walks outside, you must install a 4-function cat flap to make him happy. So, for example, you just have to leave the cat flap in the entry-exit position when you go to work in the morning, and put the equipment in the entry position only when you return in the evening.

The locking system to avoid intruders

When you leave the cat flap in the entry-exit position, you give him the possibility of entering and leaving the house as he wishes, with complete freedom. However, you also allow other intruding animals to enter your home. To avoid this, you should therefore opt for a selective cat flap, which opens only when your little furball approaches.

Thus, it is strongly recommended that you opt for an automatic cat flap, which can be electromagnetic or electronic. The electromagnetic cat flap detects your cat by means of a magnetic collar that you have previously attached to his neck. However, in addition to being sometimes cumbersome for the animal, the collar can get lost, making access to the house impossible for kitty.

Although more expensive than all other types of cat flaps, the electronic cat flap has the advantage of detecting your cat via its subcutaneous identification chip. So with this device, no more hassles related to the collar. Basically, if you want to give your little feline the best, the cream of the crop, go for an electronic cat flap!

A cat flap adapted to the size of your cat

It would be a shame to buy and take the trouble to install a cat flap which in the end will be too small for your cat. Likewise, it is not necessarily necessary for you to opt for a cat flap that is too big for kitty, which would make you needlessly make a big hole in your door. In other words, the perfect cat door for your cat should be the right size for their size - not too small, not too big.

In general, the compatibility of the cat flap with your pet is indicated by the manufacturer according to the weight of the little animal. Thus, the size S cat flaps, with an opening of approximately 15 x 24.5 cm, are suitable for cats weighing less than 7 kg, and the size M cat flaps, measuring 22.5 x 35 cm, are suitable for cats weighing less than 7 kg. designed for cats weighing up to 18 kg.

Cat flapsummary table


Animal weight

Cat flapCutout

dimensions Passage


Max shoulder width


Up to 7 kg

20 x 30 cm

13 x 20 cm

15 x 24.5 cm

13 cm


Up to 18 kg

27 x 40 cm

21 x 31 cm

22.5 x 35 cm

21 cm


Up to 45 kg

33 x 50 cm

26 x 41 cm

28 x 45 cm

26 cm


Up to 100 kg

41 x 70 cm

35 x 60 cm

36.5 x 64 cm

35 cm

Effectiveness against drafts

It's a fact, installing a cat flap is creating a gaping hole in your wall, your door or even your window. And who says hole says heat loss from the house and penetration of drafts, which quickly increases the heating bill.

Most cat doors, although they have an access flap, are not waterproof. You are therefore strongly advised to take a high-end cat flap, with neat finishes, and which is waterproof and insulating. It will allow you to considerably limit heat loss in the house, and in turn, save money on your heating bill.

Should you buy a cheap cat flap?

The best cat flap is not necessarily the cheapest or the most expensive. Although the price is a fundamental criterion that should not be overlooked when purchasing the device, it is not the only one. While it is true that you should choose a cat flap that is perfectly suited to your budget, this is no reason at all to opt for a model that will let intruders into your home (who can break things and make lots of damage). other damage), which will allow drafts to pass, which will inflate the heating bill, and which in the end will indirectly cost you much more.

In other words, to find the best cat flap for kitty, you must first take into account the criteria presented above, and finally, take the cost into consideration. Basically, go for the cat flap with the best value for money.

The most popular brands

As mentioned previously, you are strongly advised to opt for the cat flap that offers you the best not only in terms of functionality, but above all in terms of value for money. While there are many brands of cat flaps, the ones that particularly stand out from the crowd and come highly recommended to you are Petsafe, SureFlap and Petmate.


Created in 1991 and located in the USA, more precisely in the city of Knoxville in Tennessee, PetSafe is a company concerned with the well-being of pets and developing a multitude of products for them, including cat doors. Indeed, the company offers a wide range of cat flaps, ranging from simple classic cat flaps to electronic cat flaps, including electromagnetic cat flaps, all suitable for any type of cat size.

Its flagship cat flap is undoubtedly the PetSafe 620 ML, an electronic model perfectly suited for cats weighing up to 18 kg.


SureFlap is a brand of Sure PetCare, founded in 2007 and located in Cambridgeshire, England. Passionate about pets and especially cats, this company has given itself the mission of creating innovative and ingenious accessories to improve the daily life of owners and their little animals. As such, this company has already won several awards of excellence, including the "Glee New Products Awards - Pet Innovation" in 2010, the "Pet Product Marketing - Cat Product" in 2014 and the "International Cat Care - Cat FriendlyAward" in 2015.

Like its competitor PetSafe, SureFlap offers a wide variety of cat flap models, from the most basic to the most sophisticated. In general, the cat flaps of this brand are characterized by a neat and particularly well-designed design. By way of example, we can cite the Microchip Cat Door-White or the SUR 101.


Founded in 1962, this company, one of the leaders in the pet industry, constantly offers new products to improve the good. be your pet. Always in search of innovation and continuous improvement, this company has already won numerous awards, including the Edison Green Award and the Edison Lifestyle Award won in 2014.

Petmate offers a multitude of cat doors, by type, by model, size and other characteristics as diverse as they are varied. One of its many flagship products is without a doubt the Elite microchip cat flap with timer function.

Where to install a pet door and how to place it correctly?

You can install a cat flap almost anywhere, on a wooden, plastic or even metal door, on a window, or on a wall. To properly place a cat flap, simply follow the step by step instructions in the owner's manual for the equipment.

Installing the Cat Flap

You can install a cat flap on just about any support in your home. However, the difficulty of installation depends on the nature of the support, depending on whether it is a wall, a window or a door. You can easily put the kitty cat flap on a wooden door, but in the case of a wall, window or glazed support, unless you are a DIY wizard, all you need is recommended to entrust the task to a good handyman.


On a wall

Obviously, to facilitate installation, it is preferable to plan the location of the cat flap before building the wall. If the wall is already existing, you will have to drill the wall according to the dimensions of the equipment and install an extension tunnel. Note that installing a cat flap on a wall is a delicate operation, which is why it is strongly recommended that you entrust this task to a professional.

On a window

First of all, be aware that not all glazing is suitable for the installation of a cat flap. So, take the trouble to inform yourself well before starting to install a cat flap on one of your windows, doors or other glazed supports. And for this case too, it is strongly recommended that you entrust the work to a professional, because making a rectangular hole on glass is not an easy task.

On a door

The cat flap is placed in the middle of the door, at a height depending on the size of your small ball of fur, in particular the distance between the ground and the lower abdomen of the animal. Usually around 15 cm, this distance corresponds to the lower level of the hole in the cat flap.

Unlike in the case of walls and windows, fitting a cat flap on a door is a relatively simple operation, which you can do yourself. For this, you just need to be well equipped (especially with a saw, a drill, a screwdriver, spirit level, and if necessary, a pencil and a ruler) and follow the manufacturer's installation instructions.

How to install a cat flap in your home?

Once the location has been found, you can start the installation of the cat flap. First, using a pencil, transfer the equipment template to the support chosen for installation. Remember to check that everything is straight with a spirit level. Next, cut out the location and drill the mounting holes. Finally, all you have to do is install the cat flap, secure it and make sure it works properly.

Example of perfect positioning

For optimal efficiency, you can combine the use of several different pet doors in your home in order to benefit from their specific advantages.

For example, you can install a classic cat flap and an electronic cat flap in your home. Since the electronic cat flap is more waterproof, more efficient and more autonomous than a traditional cat flap, you can place it on the garage door or in an unheated room to keep heat loss and drafts to a minimum. .

In addition, between 2 heated rooms, for example between the house and the garage, the sealing and the insulation of the cat flap are no longer a priority. You can therefore place a classic cat flap between the 2 rooms without any risk. And since this equipment is much cheaper than an electronic cat flap, this will save you money.

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