PetSafe : What are these Cat Products worth? Reviews & Information

PetSafe : What are these Cat Products worth? Reviews & Information

PetSafe  What are these Cat Products worth Reviews & Information

Currently, PetSafe is a heavyweight of the brands producing the best cat accessories. Despite its notoriety, it is not immune to any questioning about the real value of the products it offers.

PetSafe is one of the most visible or likely to be found by nearly 80% of cat owners looking for the best brand of product for their feline companions. Of American origin, the brand manufactures and markets a varied range of products meeting all the real needs of cats, ensuring their safety, health and well-being. Find all the useful information and our opinion on PetSafe cat products below.

What cat products does PetSafe make?

For the needs of our four-legged companions, the PetSafe brand has developed quite varied ranges of products. They are essentially accessories that can be classified into 4 major groups: Safety, Health and well-being, Hygiene, as well as Entertainment.

In the security range, the catalog presents products focused on security and mobility, anti-escape systems, doors and cat flaps. The health and well-being range offers, among other things, water fountains and food dispensers. As for the Hygiene category, PetSafe designs accessories for the management of excreta. Finally, the entertainment range provides you with toys and events specially designed for your little feline.

The flagship products of the brand

Below is a brief overview of the leading cat products offered by the PetSafe brand.

Thecat flaps

PetSafehas developed a wide range of pet doors suitable for all cat sizes. Easy to install, they are offered in a wide variety of options: manual cat flaps, as well as automatic cat flaps, with magnetic or electronic locking systems, allowing your cat equipped with either a key or a RFID chip, to enter and leave the house freely.

PetSafe has designed several benchmark models in this line to suit all budgets, including the various Staywell pet door models, and the Microchip Cat Flap.


PetSafe - Staywell Deluxe Magnetic Cat Flap ...



PetSafe - Original Cat and Dog Cat...



FlapPetSafe - Staywell Small Cat Flap –...



PetSafe - Staywell Cat Flap Resistant to ...


Cat Water Fountains

Focused on the health and well-being of your cats, the PetSafe line of water fountains aim to meet their water needs. With these accessories you can be sure that they have a fresh and healthy water source at all times.

They are essentially high-end and mid-range fountains with quality filters, large reservoir, aesthetic and which encourage the cat to drink. You have in this register for example the famous models of Fountain Drinkwell (7.5 L), Drinkwell Pagoda, Drinkwell Cascade and Original.


PetSafe - Replacement Foam Filter (Pack of 2) ...



PetSafe - Replacement Filter Cartridges ...



PetSafe - Drinkwell Cascading Water Fountain ...



PetSafe - Replacement Charcoal Filter for ...


Food dispensers

Also focused on the health and well-being of our little cats but oriented towards nutrition this time, Petsafe food dispensers allow '' they have access to their meals at the desired time. At the same time, these accessories allow you to precisely control the amount of food you feed your cat, and even set precise times for these meals, if necessary.


The brand manufactures several models of automatic food dispensers, among which the Digital Healthy Pet Simply Feed Dispenser, the Digital 2 Meal Feeder, the Eatwell 5 Meal Automatic Dry Food Dispenser, and many others.


PetSafe - Automatic Food Dispenser ...



PetSafe - Food and Dry Food Dispenser ...



PetSafe Food Separator for 2 Pets for ...



PetSafe - Dispenser Automatic...


Toys for cats

Dry FoodThe products of the Toys range developed by PetSafe allow cats of all ages to stay active while enjoying long moments of fun. In addition, these toys have been designed to stimulate the cat's intelligence and predatory instinct at the same time, so as to make it more fulfilling.

PetSafe offers a wide range of toys suitable for cats, from traditional toys like candy balls to more innovative or strategy-oriented toys like the FroliCat Zip Laser automatic, the SlimCat ball,…


PetSafe - PetSafe Food Dispenser Toy for .. .



PetSafe - Toy Dog Busy Buddy Bristle Bone ...



PetSafe - Toy Dog Medium and Large Busy ...



PetSafe - Busy Buddy Twist 'n Treat Toy ...



RunawayFences PetSafe has developed a variety of runaway fences to help owners of runaway cats. These fences allow you to keep your cat in a secure area outside, which he can explore without danger.

The brand has come up with a variety of smart and invisible fences, among which you can find the Deluxe In-Ground Cat Fence Wire-Free Fence, Pawz Aways Mini Pet Fence, as well as Anti-Escape Fences with Standard thread, and many more.


PetSafe - Anti-runaway Fence System with ...




PetSafe, Additional collar for stubborn dogs ...



PetSafe - Wireless and Portable Anti-Escape System ...



PetSafe, Portable Wireless Anti-Escape Fence ...


harnesses and collars

harnesses and collars PetSafe are part of the range designed to facilitate the mobility of your cats and give them some freedom. They are practical accessories for quiet and safe walks with your cat. The brand manufactures the Easy Walk harnesses with leash (large, medium and small) described as comfortable and strong, as well as electronic collars with anti-runaway functionality.


PetSafe Easy Walk Harness with Buckle ...



PetSafe - EasySport Medium Dog Harness (M) ...



PetSafe - Padded 3-in-1 Dog Harness -...



PetSafe CareLift Lifting Harness - Lift ...


Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

True innovations in the PetSafe hygiene line, self-cleaning litter boxes are a more hygienic alternative to traditional or manual toilet houses. There is no longer any question of having your hands on the litter all the time. Indeed, Petsafe toilet houses clean themselves by themselves, automatically removing the cat's droppings after its passage.

Petsafe offers 2 self-cleaning litter box models: the ScoopFree Original Litter Box and the ScoopFree Ultra Model, technically more advanced than the first.


PetSafe - litter litter box ...



PetSafe - Automatic Litter Box ...



PetSafe - Cat Litter Crystal ...



PetSafe ScoopFree Set of 6Refills ...


PetSafeBest Selling PetSafe Currently


PetSafe - Litter Box for Litter Box ...



PetSafe, Extra Collar for Stubborn Dogs ...



PetSafe - Box Automatic Litter...



BoxPetSafe - Microchip Cat Flap for ...


PetSafe Origin and Brand Information

The PetSafe brand was created in 1991 by pet lovers with ambition to make it one of the most credible brands with pet owners in the world. It is attached to the American pet giant Radio Systems Corporation, which also owns the most popular brands on the market such as SportDog, Busy Body and Frolicat among others.

PetSafe's mission is to improve the relationship that every owner has with their pet. It is supported by a dedicated team of engineers and specialists, working in collaboration with scientists, behaviorists and professional veterinarians, who develop original and innovative ranges. She is built on solid values ​​and ensures that her products always live up to her promises to protect, teach and love pets.

Positioning of the brand in the pet market

The PetSafe brand is part of a powerful Corporation whose derivative brands dominate the pet market. Based in America, with representations all over Europe, Asia, Oceania, and with products exported almost everywhere in the world, the company has an international dimension.

The credibility of the brand does not suffer from any dispute. While the quality of its services has a lot to do with its notoriety, it is based more on the satisfaction that consumers derive from it, customer service that is truly in close contact with users, as well as flexible prices covering all budgets in all areas. developed ranges. This explains the consistency of its client portfolio, which continues to grow.

Customer service and customer service at PetSafe how is it going?

The company PetSafe has an after-sales service and since January 2009, offers a guarantee on all its ranges of products. This 3-year warranty covers the initial purchaser against any manufacturing defect or material defect. However, it does not apply to replacement leaves of animal doors. To benefit from the guarantee, you must register your product online within a firm period of 30 days after purchase and keep your ticket.

PetSafe customer service is managed by the Radio Systems PetSafe Europe branch, if you reside in Europe. All product warranty claims are addressed to customer service by mail. As for questions, information or advice concerning the brand's products, you can reach the company directly by e-mail or by simple telephone contact. All contact information can be found on their website at the following address:

Where can I buy products for my PetSafe cat?

PetSafe brand products are available in most pet and specialty stores across France and Europe. You can also buy them from online pet food stores.

The PetSafe products in promotion at the moment


Trixie Cat Activity Tunnel charger, for ...



Trixie Spare post, ø 9 cm / 40 cm / Size of ...



Trixie and Katya's Guide to Modern Womanhood



TRIXIE Dog Activity Strategy Game Flower Tower ...


Our Opinion on PetSafe Ultimately

we find the PetSafe branded products live up to their reputation. The brand unites better than any other the different objective criteria of a great brand: a flexible range made up of quality products based on the natural needs of cats, the durability of the products, as well as the much sought-after value for money. None of the cat's needs are being overlooked by the brand, which manufactures just about anything to suit every budget, aside from GPS collars for the time being.

There is hardly any criticism to be made about the value of the brand's products. Our opinion, like that of most experts and consumers, converges on a set of unanimously recognized positive points at PetSafe:

  • Perfect accessories guaranteeing the safety and well-being of cats and other pets
  • The quality guarantee that covers all products over 3 years
  • Price flexibility and excellent value for money
  • Development, performance and constant innovation in the ranges created
  • Finally, listening and proximity to customers.

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