Mutual insurance for cats: Reduce the cost of the veterinarian by 80% with a health insurance for cats!

Mutual insurance for cats: Reduce the cost of the veterinarian by 80% with a health insurance for cats!

Mutual insurance for cats Reduce the cost of the veterinarian by 80% with a health insurance for cats!

Like the inhabitants of your home, your cat can be subject to more or less serious illnesses and even be the victim of an accident.

Each year in France, thousands of cats die because their owners do not have the means to take care of them, not that they are poor but veterinary costs can quickly rise to several hundred euros.

😺 Fortunately, thanks to cat mutuals, you can provide your cat with the best possible veterinary care, at a lower cost, since the insurance covers the majority of the costs.

Why take health insurance for your cat?

Whatever its breed, the cat you adopt will require a minimum of care from you to have a pleasant and fulfilling life. Indeed, some of this care will be for preventive purpose, to protect your little feline from various serious diseases (such as typhus, coryza, leucosis or rabies), or parasites (fleas, ticks, lice). The other types of care are curative, to get your hairball back on its feet after an illness (digestive disorders, urinary insufficiency, cancer, etc.) or an accident.

✅ Since illnesses and accidents cannot be planned, you will have to be prepared for unforeseen expenses to take care of your cat.


In addition, these improvised expenses are generally the highest and represent around 75% of the cat's health budget! As you will have understood, it would be wise for you to take out health insurance for your cat, which will help you bear almost all of the costs.

By subscribing to a mutual insurance for your hairball, you will no longer be afraid to go to the vet as soon as the first symptoms of illness appear.

This better access to care guaranteed by insurance will prevent complications from illnesses and will considerably improve the well-being as well as the life expectancy of your cat.

How to choose the best mutual insurance for cats?

Although it is strongly recommended that you take out health insurance for your cat, be aware that not all mutuals are created equal. Some have strengths that others do not, and vice versa.

✅ In all cases, you must take the trouble to compare the offers of each mutual, and choose the one that best suits your cat.

➡️ This work seems tedious, but don't worry, on Univers Chat you can directly compare many mutuals for chat directly online, thanks to a partner chosen with our values.

We do the research for you and offer you the best suited offers for kitty.

All you have to do is specify the characteristics of your cat (breed, sex, age, etc.) as well as your different requirements. You will be able to find the best mutual health insurance for your cat in a few minutes, without the slightest effort!

How much does a cat mutual insurance cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all cost for cat insurance. Indeed, the cost of the mutual health insurance to which you will subscribe will depend on the insurer, on the chosen formula (entry-level, mid-range, high-end or premium, etc.), as well as on guarantees, the ceiling of reimbursement and deductible level.

➡️ Basically,insurance the price of your cat's healthwill depend on the care you want to cover or not (as well as the level of coverage, of course), including vaccination, deworming, antiparasitic treatment, care after illness or accident, therapeutic feeding, personalized assistance, and many others.

So, count around 9 € per month for an entry-level mutual which, of course, is very affordable, but does not cover most of the preventive care such as vaccines or even antiparasitic treatments.

If, on the other hand, you want to have more protective insurance that covers up to 80% of the costs of accident or illness, subscribe to a mid-range formula, which will cost you around € 19 for your little feline.

For premium (top-of-the-range) insurance that provides almost complete healthcare coverage, with reimbursement rates ranging from 90 to 100% of the veterinarian's costs in the event of an accident or illness, count on average € 41 per month.

Example of reimbursement of veterinary expenses with cat health insurance

✅ To give you a better idea of ​​the cost of a mutual, we have given you a practical example.

2 years old, Broutille is a European type cat. In January, her master insured her at Bulle Bleue. To know how much it cost him and especially how much he will be reimbursed for each health expense, everything will depend on the Blue Bubble formula he has chosen.

April: first visit to the veterinarian (total veterinary costs: 650 euros)

In April, Broutille has an accident: she falls several floors from the window of her master's apartment. She is rushed to the vet for surgery and a week of hospitalization. Total expenses (consultation + operation + hospitalization): 650 euros.

August:2nd visit to the veterinarian (total expenses: 130 euros)

In August, the master of Broutille decides to have her sterilized, to improve the comfort of her hairball. The amount of expenses related to consultation and surgery is 130 euros.

October: 3rd visit to the veterinarian (total expenses: 80 euros)

Following vomiting over several days, the cheat master takes him to the veterinarian who diagnoses him with minor gastritis. For the consultation, the injection and the drugs, the owner of Broutille paid 80 euros.

Fortunately, Broutille is insured: so how will his master be reimbursed?

The total veterinarian's bill for Broutille's care amounts to 860 euros. Bulle Bleue insurance has 3 formulas (Essential, Tranquil, Serenity) which, whatever they may be, reimburse veterinary expenses at 80%, with a waiting period of 7 days.

The main difference between these formulas lies in the annual deductible (150 euros for Essentiel, 75 euros for Tranquille and none for Sérénité) and the annual limit (Essential: 1000 euros, Tranquille: 1500 euros and Sérénité: 2000 euros).

Thus, having paid a total of 860 euros for Broutille treatments, the master will be reimbursed :

  • 464 euros if he has subscribed to the Bleu Essentiel formula
  • 574 euros for the Tranquil formula
  • 684 euros for the Serenity formula

Principle and operation of the insurance -health for cats Cat

health insurance is similar to that of human beings. Depending on the formula to which you subscribe, the mutual insurance company will be able to reimburse you for part or all of the care of your little animal, whether it is for preventive purposes such as vaccines or then for curative purposes such as illnesses or accidents.

Note that because diseases are never preventive and represent 75% of your cat's health budget, it is strongly recommended that you insure your pet as soon as possible, that is to say from 3 months. Contributions can be made monthly, quarterly or annually.

What costs does a cat insurance contract cover?

Depending on the formula to which you have subscribed, your cat's mutual health insurance will cover the costs of preventive care, as well as unforeseen care such as accidents or illnesses.

The preventive care generally covered are those related to vaccines, deworming, antiparasitic treatments (anti-fleas, anti-ticks, anti-lice, etc.), sterilization and health checks. Medicines and products such as food supplements, therapeutic food products and hygiene products can also be covered by insurance, within the framework of prevention.

Cat insurance can also partially or fully cover the costs of taking charge of your animal following an accident or illness. It can be the cost of consultation, examinations (X-ray, ultrasound, laboratory analysis), surgery, hospitalization, as well as all the drugs that go with it.

Note that in addition to accident prevention and management, some insurance companies go further by offering other services such as assistance in the event of the loss of your hairball (production of posters, advertisements research, ...) or a funeral package, to cover the costs of cremation of the animal.

What are the different formulas?

As mentioned previously, the level of coverage of an insurance depends on the formula to which you have subscribed. Generally there are 3 types of cat insurance offers:

  • the entry-level or basic or economical
  • formula the medium-range or intermediate
  • formula the high-end or premium

formula The entry-level formulas do not support that the costs related to serious health problems or accidents, requiring most of the time examinations, surgery, hospitalization, in short, resulting in heavy expenses. Although the basic offers are cheaper, unfortunately they don't offer a lot of warranty, nor do they cover preventive care and minor illness or damage.

Intermediate formulas are much more flexible than basic formulas, in that they cover certain costs related to benign or chronic diseases, and sometimes even part of preventive care. The premium formula is the most complete, because it ensures full coverage of all health costs of your little feline, whether they are preventive or curative.

The high-end insurance offer is therefore the one that offers you the most guarantees and peace of mind, but is also the most expensive in terms of contributions.

Promote optimal coverage in the event of accident and illness

Each insurance has its own formulas, and each formula offered has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for the best coverage for your cat, you will need to explore several offers, and compare the different reimbursement conditions in the event of accident, illness and routine care (of course using a good online comparator).

Unless your cat is elderly or has particularly fragile health, it is preferable for you to opt for mutual health insurance for cats which offers optimal cover in the event of accident or illness. Because, as mentioned previously, these unforeseen expenses alone represent three quarters of your cat's health budget.

How can you have veterinary expenses reimbursed with your cat mutual?

To havereimbursed for veterinary expenses your cat's health insurance, nothing could be simpler.

  • First of all, when going to the vet with kitty, don't forget to have the vet fill out a care form (provided by insurance).
  • Once this step is completed, you must attach the supporting documents relating to the care expenses (in particular the invoices) to the completed form.
  • Finally, all you have to do is send these assembled documents to your cat's mutual insurance company, and wait a few days to finally be reimbursed. Note that the reimbursement period varies from one insurer to another.

How to cancel cat insurance?

If, being already insured, you have recently discovered a mutual offering the best offers, know that it is quite possible to terminate your contract with the old insurer. However, this will require you to follow a few preliminary steps. Indeed, obligations appearing in the contract which binds you must be respected.

This mainly concerns the fact that the request for termination must be made at least 3 months before the anniversary date of the contract, via a registered letter, with acknowledgment of receipt. If you want to cancel your little feline's insurance more than 3 months before his birthday (like 7 months), the contract can very well be stopped, but on condition that you pay the additional monthly payments (i.e. 4 months in our case).

Finally, note that the insurance also on its side may decide to terminate your contract, if for example you do not pay your contributions or for other reasons such as a false declaration. In any case, be aware that it will be difficult for you to be accepted again by a mutual insurance company if you have ever separated from your former insurer under these conditions.

Glossary and concepts to understand

Exclusions from a contract

Appearing in all types of contract, a contract exclusion means, in the case of a mutual, a condition of non-reimbursement for various reasons. Generally, the exclusions from the mutual health insurance contract for cats concern the non-reimbursement of costs for the management of genetic or hereditary diseases such as peritonitis, leukopenia, immunosuppression or specific diseases such as that caused by the leucomogenic virus.

The waiting period of a contract

After signing an insurance contract, the waiting period represents the period from which the insurance and therefore the health coverage takes effect. This duration varies from one insurance to another, ranging from one week to several months. It is a preventive measure put by insurers to protect themselves from dishonest owners, who declare their animal in good health, yet already sick at the time of signing the contract. This duration allows the disease to manifest itself.

The deductible

Generally varying from 0 to 150 euros depending on the mutual and the subscription formula, the deductible represents the amount of the health care costs of your little feline that are not reimbursable by the insurance and therefore entirely at your expense. It is therefore an element that should not be overlooked when choosing a mutual fund for kitty. Depending on the contract or the formulas, the deductible can be applied per year, per act or per claim.

The reimbursement rate

Dependent mainly on the formula to which you have subscribed (entry-level, mid-range or high-end), the reimbursement rate represents the height to which you will be reimbursed by the insurance, compared to the amount spent for the care of your little beast. As you will have understood: the higher the amount of your contribution, the more important and optimal the reimbursement rate will be.

In any case, note that whatever the insurance or the type of subscription, this rate generally varies from 50 to 100%.

Adheres to the Veterinarians Charter

The massive arrival of animal insurance in France having been marked by numerous abuses, in particular insurers with contracts that are not very transparent, the Order of Veterinarians has adopted a Charter to remedy the situation. By establishing better collaboration between animal health professionals and insurers, the Veterinarians' Charter has made it possible to better develop the animal insurance system and restore a climate of trust between the professions.

Top 5 Most Famous Cat Health Insurance

We can't tell you enough, the best way to quickly and easily find the perfect insurance for your hairball is to use a reliable online comparator, which will give you the detailed list of the best offers. Like that of Univers Chat.

In any case, already know that there are very many relatively correct insurance on the market, but 5 particularly stand out from the crowd. These are Animals Health, Asuropil, Bulle Bleue, Fid Animo and Santévet.

Comparison 5 mutual cat best known




Annual deductible

reimbursement ceiling

Animal Health

50 to 90%

Up to 50 €

Up to 50 €


2500 €


80 to 100%

Up to 100 €

30 €

Not indicated

Not indicated

Bulle Bleue


Up to € 100 €


Not indicated

Not indicated

Fid Animo

From 50 to 100%

Amber and from the Saphir formula

Amber and from the Saphir formula

Up to € 75 per year

€ 2,500


From 50 to 100%

From 20 to 100 €

From 20 to 100 €

Up to 75 €

2,500 €

If you are looking for more details and information on the services offered by these insurers, take a moment to consult our cat insurance comparison, (also valid for some dogs).

Healthy animals

Marked by an absence of excess whatever your membership formula, a reimbursement of the costs of taking charge of your cat in just 72 hours, a reduction of 20% for the registration of a second animal, and even a lifetime guarantee, Animals Health is undoubtedly one of the best insurance on the market. The amount of monthly contributions varies from 19 euros for the entry level to 60 euros for the top of the range, with a reimbursement rate varying from 50 to 90%.

It is one of the few mutuals to offer an entry-level annual preventive care package for cats, which amounts to 20 euros, as well as one of the best annual reimbursement caps on average and high. range, i.e. 1,800 and 2,500 euros respectively.

Finally, note that this insurance also offers you one month reimbursed, as well as research assistance in the event of loss or theft of your cat, as well as support for the costs of keeping your animal in the event of unavailability. or incapacity on your part.


From the most benign illness to the most serious accidents, including the coverage of regular and preventive care, Assuropoil is one of the insurance companies providing the most comprehensive benefits that can exist . It has one of the best reimbursement rates on the market in the event of an accident or illness, varying from 80% for the entry-level and mid-range packages, to 100% for the premium package.

In addition, with an annual mid-range package of 45 euros for vaccines and 50 euros for sterilization, against 60 euros and 100 euros for the top of the range, this is also the insurance that offers the best coverage. in terms of preventive care.

Finally, whatever your registration formula, Assuropoil offers you 2 free months, animal research assistance, the support of the care costs of your little feline in the event of your incapacity, and even support. veterinary expenses abroad!

Bulle Bleue

Unlike most insurances on the market, which tend not to cover certain illnesses requiring very high costs, Bulle Bleue stands out by taking out a large number of illnesses. Another of the strengths of this insurance is its sickness elimination period, which is only 7 days. In other words, by subscribing to a mutual for your cat, you will only have to wait a short week for your cat to begin to be effectively covered by the mutual.

Whether they are Basic, Mid-range or Premium, Bulle Bleue's formulas have all this in common that they reimburse the costs of care following an illness or an accident up to 80%. Only the guarantees distinguish the various offers of the company.

Fid Animo

With its 7 formulas on offer, Fid Animo is one of the few animal insurance companies offering fairly wide coverage, from prevention to illnesses and accidents, including surgical operations. Its entry-level offerings are similar to those of its competitors, but have the advantage of being the cheapest on the market in terms of membership fees.


Finally, in addition to the additional advantages offered by the Medium and Top-of-the-range formulas, in particular research assistance in the event of loss of your cat, as well as the payment of the costs of keeping your animal, Fid Animo bears the costs of death. - funerals up to 150 euros for the intermediate range formulas and 200 euros for the premiums.


Present on the insurance market for many years, SantéVet is in this top 5 because of its reimbursement rates in the event of accident or illness as well as its relatively attractive annual reimbursement limits. Indeed, for a subscription to the medium-range formula, you will be entitled to a reimbursement of up to 80% of the costs incurred for the care of your injured or sick cat.

In addition, being respectively 1,800 euros and 2,200 euros, the annual reimbursement ceilings associated with the mid-range and high-end formulas represent the best on the market (after that of the high-end formula of Animaux Santé which is 2,500 euros. ). In addition, at the entry level, you are also entitled to an annual preventive care package amounting to 20 euros, which is very rare in the industry.

Finally, in addition to the telephone assistance that the company offers you in the event of an accident to your little animal, SantéVet offers you a free month for a subscription to the high-end formula (premium).

Mutual insurance for cats or insurance for cats, the difference

Please note that there are 2 types of insurance for your cat: health or mutual insurance and civil liability insurance. These are totally different!

To protect it and cover you in the event of high health costs: Mutual or health insurance

Each year, thousands of cats are euthanized in France for lack of financial means from their owners to treat them. The function of health or mutual insurance is to cover part or all of the costs related to the medical care of your 4-legged companion. Depending on the formula to which you have subscribed, you can be reimbursed for preventive care such as vaccines or deworming, or for unforeseen care such as accidents or illness.

Basically, the mutual allows you to guarantee maximum health care to your cat regardless of the cost, and thus increase its life expectancy.

To protect you in the event of damage caused by your cat: Liability coverage Liability

insurance covers costs related to damage that your cat could cause to a third party. Indeed, your cat can scratch, injure, make someone fall, cause an accident while crossing the road, break a precious object and do a lot of other silly things.

And according to article 1385 of the Civil Code, as the owner, you are fully responsible for damage caused by your cat to a third party, whether in your care, lost or escaped. In other words, you are the one who will have to foot the bill for any damage caused by kitty to a third party, and the bill can be very steep! Hence the importance of taking out civil liability insurance…

To take out civil liability coverage for your cat, all you have to do is report the presence of the animal in your home to your comprehensive home insurer. Of course, you must take the trouble to closely check the details of the guarantee (list of risks covered, cost of the franchise, reimbursement rate, etc.) in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

It is important to note in passing that since you are the owner of the cat, liability insurance cannot under any circumstances protect you from the damage that your cat may cause to you or to a member of your family. Only third parties are affected!

Is it compulsory to insure my cat?

In France, the law requires that you have your cat insured for civil liability. On the other hand, there is no text obliging you to register your cat with a mutual health insurance.

However, in view of the many advantages of insuring your companion for the management of his care, it is more than recommended that you do so. By purchasing the right insurance and the right formula, you will be sure to save a lot of money!

What are the conditions to be fulfilled to take advantage of it?

To be able to enjoy the benefits of insurance services for you and your cat, you must first find the company and the offer that is best for you, using a reliable online comparator.

Oncemade your choice, you haveyou will need to meet a number of conditions to be able to register. Not only must you be of legal age and reside in France, but in addition you must provide the insurer with specific documents, specifying crucial information about your cat.

What documents do I need to provide to my cat insurance?

Whichever cat insurance company you turn to, you will be asked for at least the following 3 documents:

  • a certificate of good health for the cat
  • a chip or tattoo card
  • a copy of the LOF registration if applicable applicable for purebred animals

As its name suggests, the cat's certificate of good health is a document certifying that your cat is in good health at the time of taking out the insurance. Among other things, it indicates that your cat is up to date on its vaccines, does not suffer from any genetic disease and is between 3 months and 8 years old.

The microchip or tattoo card certifies that your little feline is identified.

And finally, the LOF registration copy gives details of your cat's origins and certifies that he is purebred.

Are there any obligations on the choice of the veterinarian?

You are free to consult the veterinarian you want and when and as you see fit, but on condition that the latter is registered with the Order of Veterinarians.

Can all breeds of cats be insured?

Whatever its breed, the cat cannot escape health problems and even less accidents, although there are breeds more predisposed than others. So yes, all cat breeds without exception can be insured. Just note that the insurance and the formula chosen must be perfectly suited to your furball.

Frequently asked questions about mutuals for chat

About the quote on online comparators

Why are the rates not available?

Because each cat is unique (age, habits, character, illnesses), it is difficult or at least imprecise to establish an overall Soneed a custom quote for yourcat,to be perfectly suited to its context. However, there are insurances that offer a fixed price for certain guarantees.

How valid is a quote?

The validity of a quote varies from one insurance to another. But it generally ranges between 15 and 30 days.

About the formulas

From what age can an animal be insured?

Depending on the insurance and the type of subscription, an animal can be insured from the age of 2 months.

Is it possible to change the formula along the way?

After a study of your profile by the insurer, it is quite possible for you to migrate from one formula to another.

Which formula to choose for a cat?

There is no one-size-fits-all formula for a cat. You must choose the formula that best suits your cat , taking into account his age, breed, state of health (whether he is in poor health or not), as well as your budget. Support varies from 50 to 100%: it is recommended that you use the Univers Chat online comparator to find the best deal for kitty.

Until what age can a cat be covered?

Generally, cats are covered up to the age of 8. However, some insurance companies can go up to 10 years.

Is your cat insured for his entire life?

It all depends once again on the company to which your little feline is insured. While some guarantee you a life insurance for your cat, others decide to terminate the contract after a certain age of the animal (8 - 10 years), for fear of losing money. Inany case, please always check that your cat will be insured for life, when signing the insurance contract.

What guarantees are covered?

The guarantees covered are very numerous and depend on the insurer and the type of subscription plan. It is generally a matter of support in the event of accident, illness, preventive care, consultations, examinations, surgeries, hospitalization, medication, etc.

There are even extra guarantees such as research assistance in the event of loss or damage. theft of your animal, and also the payment of death-funeral costs.

About purchasing health insurance Does the

cat need to be identified when purchasing?

Identification is one of the main requirements for taking out insurance for your little one. Your cat must be identified by tattoo or by electronic chip, which is the most common means of identification in France.

Is the cat covered when going abroad?

It all depends on the insurance contract. There are indeed mutuals that guarantee coverage and support for your animal even abroad.

How to pay the contributions?

Depending on the payment method you have chosen when you take out the insurance, you can pay the contributions monthly, quarterly or annually, by credit card, money order, check, direct debit or even bank transfer. However, additional charges may apply according to certain modes.

Are the prices decreasing if you insure several animals?

It all depends on the insurer's policy. Some companies, for example, offer you a 20% reduction for registering a second chat, which of course will benefit from the same guarantees as the first.

Is it possible to take out a contract if the cat is sick, injured or if he is undergoing treatment for a declared pathology?

Yes, but all illnesses or injuries identified at the time of signing the contract will not be covered. This is why it is strongly recommended that you insure your cat as soon as possible.

About termination of health insurance

How to terminate insurance after the cat has ceased?

You must send a cancellation request letter to your insurer (with acknowledgment of receipt), 1 month after the change of owner. The termination of the contract will be effective 30 days later.

How to terminate the contract after the death of the cat?

All you need to do is send a letter by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to your insurer. Do not forget to attach a copy of the incineration certificate or the death certificate drawn up by the veterinarian.

How to terminate the contract?

You must send a request by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt 2 or 3 months before the birthday of your hairball.

About the options for the different formulas

What is the death benefit guarantee?

This is an indemnity in the event of the early death of your cat. To be able to benefit from it, you must ensure that this guarantee is included in the contract at the time of signing.

What is the parachute guarantee?

This is a guarantee that covers all the costs related to the medical care of your cat in the event of a fall from a building for example (consultation, examinations, operation, hospitalization, medication, rehabilitation, etc.).

About reimbursement of care

What is the care sheet?

It is a document provided by the insurer (by mail or available online) in which the veterinarian must mention all the care administered to the cat (and of course covered by the insurance contract). Once completed, you must return it as soon as possible to the insurer, including the prescription and the various invoices, so that you can be reimbursed at the rate agreed in the contract.

What are the waiting periods?

Allowing insurers to know if your pet is doing well when the contract is signed, the waiting period varies considerably from company to company. In all cases, allow approximately 6 months for a surgical intervention following an illness, 45 days for an illness, and sometimes only 2 days for an accident.

What is the annual deductible?

This is the amount corresponding to the costs which are not reimbursed by the insurance throughout a year, and therefore which are entirely at your expense. The deductible varies from one company to another and also depends on the plan purchased. So be careful when signing the contract.

What is the amount of the deductible if there is one?

The deductible can reach a hundred euros per year, it all depends on your membership formula. You can find more details on franchise prices using good online cat insurance comparators.

What is the reimbursement limit?

Fixed annually, the reimbursement limit is the maximum amount the insurance can spend on your cat's health coverage. In other words, it is the amount that you should not exceed for refunds. Depending on the insurance company and your subscription plan, this amount can go up to 2,500 euros.

Are there any exclusions for coverage?

Whatever the insurance company, there are many exclusions for the care of your little animal. These are generally preventable diseases with a vaccine, such as rabies, leukosis, typhus or coryza. Rare, hereditary or congenital diseases, including their consequences, are also excluded from the insurance contract.

Are sterilization and castration taken into account?

Yes, sterilization and castration are generally covered, but in medium or high-end contracts. However, note that for a so-called comfort sterilization, reimbursements are generally not made before the age of 4 years.

Are prevention costs covered?

It all depends on your subscription plan. When they are covered, these prevention costs related to vaccination, deworming, a control visit and others can vary from around twenty to a hundred euros.

What is the deadline for reimbursement?

After receipt by the insurer, the treatment sheets are processed within 48 hours. But you will need to be patient, because you will not receive a refund transfer for 3 weeks, or even 1 month.

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