Invoxia Pet Tracker long range GPS tracker review

Invoxia Pet Tracker long range GPS tracker review

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Invoxia Pet Tracker long range GPS tracker review

Invoxia Pet Tracker gps

The Invoxia Pet Tracker is a GPS tracker that has been designed to help you locate your 4-legged companion in case of loss, run away or when he ventures too far, but also to track his activity. daily.

Better than most competing models, the Invoxia Pet GPS tracker stands out for its high battery life, without skimping on the other main functions of a GPS collar. We have scrutinized it and we deliver everything to you! Find out below the strengths, possible weaknesses, as well as our opinion on the Invoxia Pet Tracker GPS cat collar.

Invoxia - Pet Tracker - Mini Tracker for Cat and Dog - Well-being Activity Tracking and GPS Zone - 3Subscription Included & Long Autonomy

  • YearDISCOVER HIS SECRET LIFE: follow his activities: walks, naps, meals, places to walk, etc. . and his adventures, day and night. Perfect for remote monitoring (dog sitter, kennel, etc.)
  • ENSURE SAFETY: Monitor health indicators (scratching, barking, and activity) over the long term in order to detect pathologies. Organize better as a family to feed it and take it out
  • KNOW WHERE TO LOOK FOR IT: GPS zone tracking (between 5 and 80m) and hot / cold radar for the last few meters. Alert in the event of a leak thanks to the “virtual fence”. Warning: less precise than a GSM tracker
  • MORE PRACTICAL AND CHEAPER THAN A GSM TRACER: from 15 days to 1 month of autonomy (rechargeable), to track your animal even after several days of running away, unlike a mobile phone. Subscription included 3 years
  • THE SMALLEST AND LIGHTEST: only 15g and waterproof to 1m. Ideal for better understanding your cat or dog, monitoring their health and well-being and ensuring their happiness. Validated by veterinarians


What we looked at during the review of the Invoxia Pet Tracker

During our review of the Invoxia Pet Tracker 2 essential points caught our attention: its daily use by the cat on the one hand and its ease of use for you, the master, on the other hand.

Daily use by cats

The design of the tracker is thought to be comfortable for the cat due to its small size and light weight. It is a mini box that works silently and does not clutter. It attaches easily to your cat's collar and accompanies it on a daily basis without hindering or hindering its movements.

Ease of use for the master

The use of the accessory is without particular constraint for the master. Its installation is quick and easy. All you need to do is make a full charge, then download the free Invoxia GPS application on your smartphone in order to establish the link with the tracker, and finally, attach it to your little feline's collar.

The handling is carried out exclusively from your phone, via the connected application. The latter has an ergonomic, clear and simplified interface to allow you to use all the features of the Invoxia Pet Tracker.

The characteristics and functionalities of the Invoxia tracker

Regarding the characteristics, note that the GPS tracker Invoxia Pet Tracker is suitable for dogs and cats. It measures 42 x 24 x 17 mm and weighs 15 g. It is certified waterproof and water resistant up to 1 m. In terms of connectivity, GPS works using the low power LoRa network. Not using the traditional cellular network, no SIM or mobile subscription is necessary.

The Invoxia Pet Tracker is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with an autonomy varying between 1 week and 3 months, depending on the mode of use or activity.


Most of the features offered by the tracker focus on geolocation and tracking your feline's activities. They can be summed up in 5 main options:

  • GPS location on a map with no limit of distance
  • The virtual fence, which is a kind of alert or surveillance zone
  • The tracking of movements according to the time interval that you have defined
  • The location history
  • Your animal's activity log (walking, running, games, rest, etc.).

The strengths of this GPS tracking system for cats

The main strength of the Invoxia Pet Tracker GPS tracker lies in:

  • The long battery life: the device can remain active for several weeks or even 3 months. Additionally, you are notified when it drops below 20% and the full recharge only lasts 1 hour.
  • No commitment: subscription to the LoRa network is included for 3 years. But at the end of this period, the annual subscription is set at € 9.99 or € 0.83 / month, a largely affordable cost.

Conclusion our opinion on the Invoxia Pet TrackerGPS tracker for cats



Final Opinion: Invoxia Pet Tracker

This is an ergonomic mini tracker, with simple operation and easy handling, it has the features expected by a GPS tracker from this guy. It is a product that we recommend to you.


  • Reasonable size for the chat
  • Works well


  • Configuration which would need to be more intuitive

User rating: 3.18 (22 votes)

Ultimately, it is an ergonomic mini plotter, with simple operation and easy handling. The device incorporates the main features expected of a GPS pet collar. But we are more seduced by the long battery life of the device, unlike most plotters with an estimated duration of 1 to 4 days.


addition to autonomy, this Invoxia tracker offers unlimited localization of distance with good precision. However, this may be less in mountainous or hilly areas. But overall the accessory is good value for money and will meet your expectations.

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