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Invoxia Pet Tracker long range GPS tracker review


Invoxia Pet Tracker long range GPS tracker review

Invoxia Pet Tracker

Renowned for its famous cat flaps and microchip dispensers as well as its recent Connected models, Sure Petcare is listed among the best cat accessories and ultimately aspires to be the world leader in the pet technology industry. But what are the products of this brand really worth?

Originally British, the Sure Petcare brand specializes in the manufacture of pet products. She's made it her mission to develop smart accessories to improve the way we take care of our little cats, with an emphasis on safety, well-being and health. Discover below all the information and our opinion on the products of the Sure Petcare brand.

The flagship products of the brand

Let's start with a presentation with a brief overview of the flagship products for cats offered by thebrand Sure Petcare, many of them are bestsellers in their category in the store.


CatSureFlapFlaps are designed to give your cat great freedom, allowing them to enter and exit the house as they please, without your intervention. Only opening after detecting the presence of your cat's RFID chip, these devices prevent intruding animals from entering your home. Originally made up of 3 models including the Electronic Cat Flap, DualScan Cat Flap and the Large Electronic Cat Flap, the SureFlap range of cat flaps has been enriched with the recent models of Cat flap and Large Connect cat flap.


Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap for ...



Sureflap Large Microchip Cat Flap ...



Connect SureFlap Plus Hub Cat Flap



SureFlap The Sure Petcare Cat Flap Hub


The common points of Sureflap cat flaps SureFlap cat flaps

have certain points in common, but also specific aspects which make them unique and reflect innovation in the development of the range. Regarding the common points for example:

  • The 5 electronic cat flaps are compatible with common chips and RFID medallions.
  • They can be installed on doors, windows and walls (materials: wood, concrete, glass, steel).
  • They have an integrated anti-draft system.
  • They are powered by batteries.

The differences between the cat flap models On the

other hand, certain functions are specific to certain models:


  • Remote electronic locking and unlocking, exclusively reserved for Connect models.
  • Selective output (DualScan and Connect models).
  • The entry / exit notifications of your cats, the LCD screen and the timer are not equipped on all models.
  • Likewise, the dimensions of the cat doors vary according to the models chosen.

SureFeed Connected Kibble Feeders SureFeed Connected Kibble

Feeders are accessories that allow you to feed your cat in the smartest and safest way possible. Thanks to them, you will be able to follow the eating habits of your little feline and help him adopt a healthier lifestyle. Introduced with the recent Connect range, the connected food dispensers of the Sure Petcare brand operate by RFID microchip and are linked to your smartphone or your computer via a Hub and the Sure Petcare application.


Surefeed Chip Food Dispenser ...



Surefeed Airtight Dispenser for Cat and ...



Surefeed Bowls and Mat for Cat and Small Dog -...



Surefeed Bowl Double for Cat and Small Dog -...



Features of these SureFeed Feeders

Compatible with both dry and wet food, these high-tech feeders have a number of features and strengths you won't find in feeders. classic:

  • Access by chip or RFID tag only authorizes your cat carrying the chip to access food. The dispenser closes automatically when your cat walks away.
  • The hermetic closure of the dispenser helps protect the food from flies and keep it longer.
  • You can set the feed dosage precisely, monitor the amounts of food consumed and the feeding frequencies of your cat. As a result, you can spot the slightest change in your cat's eating habits, all from your mobile application.
  • Finally, note that SureFeed connected kibble dispensers are practical accessories for large families, which can handle up to 32 pets.

What cat products does Sure Petcare make?

The products cat brand Sure Petcare are essentially high-tech accessories in 3 major product lines which can add a 4th category for accessories or spare parts.

  • The SureFlap range of electronic cat flaps, which includes 5 models: a Microchip Cat Flap, a Large Microchip Cat Flap, the DualScan Microchip Cat Flap and the 2 Connect Microchip Cat Flaps.
  • The range of food dispensers and SureFeed airtight bowls, consisting of 2 dispenser models: the SureFeed microchip dispenser and the Connect feed dispenser. Each of these food dispensers comes with a Single Bowl and Double Bowl, as well as a mat.
  • The SureSense family of chip readers for pets, which includes the SureSense Microchip Reader chip and temperature reader, as well as the RFID tags.
  • Related accessories for the different product lines which include: Wall Cat Flap Installation Kits, Cat Flap Mounting Adapters, Cat Flap Tunnel Extensions, Connect Accessory Hubs,…

Currently Sure Petcare Best Sellers


SureFlap The Sure Petcare Cat Flap Hub



Connect SureFeed Distributor



Connect Cat Flap SureFlap Plus Hub



Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap for ...


Origin and Information on the Sure PetcareSure Petcare

brand Thebrand was founded in 2007 by Cambridge physicist Dr Nick Hill. Originally known as SureFlap, it was in 2017 that it changed its name to Sure Petcare. The company was created with the desire of its founder to prevent intruders from entering his home through the trap door to terrorize his cat Flipper. This is how he imagined in 2008, the SureFlap microchip cat flap, using the cat's chip as a personalized door key preventing other animals from entering.

By continuously innovating, Sure Petcare has expanded its range of smart products by including a branch for dogs as well as other smart accessories such as food dispensers, airtight bowls, and its latest connected models offering remote control via a mobile app.

The success of the company is attributed to its unfailing commitment, its relationship with its customers and the creation of quality accessories that satisfy the problems of all its users.

The positioning of the brand in the pet care market

Sure Petcare has been present on the market for more than 10 years now and enjoys a good reputation with consumers. Its product ranges are in demand in England and France, and distributed in a little over 35 countries around the world. The reputation of the brand is based on the know-how of its teams who succeed in creating accessories of irreproachable quality and covered by a quality guarantee in the event of malfunction.

Committed to the path of innovation and constant development, the brand intends in the short term to set up a portfolio of connected products designed to provide concrete help to various pet owners. This will allow them to better understand and manage the needs of their four-legged companions in terms of safety, health and well-being.

In the long term, the Sure Petcare company simply aspires to be a world leader by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the pet technology industry.

After-sales service and consumer service at Sure Petcare how is it going?

Regarding after-sales service, note that all new Sure Petcare products have a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase, subject to proof of purchase. To activate the warranty, it is imperative for you to register your product by completing the online warranty form, with the exception of products in the connected range, as they are pre-registered by the company.

To facilitate liaison with customer service, the brand has developed a special online contact form through which you can address your concerns about Sure Petcare products. You can also contact the after-sales service for assistance by telephone from Monday to Friday, between 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Where can I buy products for my cat from Sure Petcare?

The Sure Petcare brand markets its various products online directly through its website, where you can order the models that interest you. But they are also available from retail distributors, pet shops, specialty stores and even veterinary services. Finally, you can also buy them on online stores other than the brand.

Our opinion on Sure Petcare

Ultimately, the high-tech orientation of the Sure Petcare brand sets it apart from other brands of classic cat accessories. Sure Petcare products embrace the age of time and make our daily lives as easy as that of our cats. The company has succeeded in harnessing the potential of technology to serve the needs and well-being of our little cats.

Accessories of this level necessarily have a slightly higher cost than that of standard models common on the market, but their price clearly reflects their value.

Of all the assets that characterize the products of the Sure Petcare brand, we particularly note and appreciate the points such as:

  • The quality of the accessories which is reflected in the materials used, as well as their durability and the guarantee that covers them.
  • The effectiveness of accessories that play their role and meet defined needs. Their smart features make ordinary accessories known until now almost obsolete.
  • Innovation reflected in the constant improvement of the brand's products and plans to extend its ranges.

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