How to properly greet and say hello to a cat?

How to properly greet and say hello to a cat?

How to properly greet and say hello to a cat?


Do we really believe that we are the only species who appreciate the rules of politeness? Well no ! Because it turns out that our companions cats also have their own rule.

Whether it is a neighbor's cat, that of a loved one or your own fur ball, saying hello to a cat can be learned. Let's look at how to greet a cat and especially an unknown cat.

To greet and say hello to a cat, you have to know how to be distant, especially if you are not familiar, while showing signs of affection and / or being intimate, more you understand the cat's language the easier it is to get in touch with it.

Stay away from him at first

A good greeting doesn't have to be pushy or sticky. You certainly know the hypersensitivity of cats and their attitude, which is always calm in their daily activities. So by rushing to greet a cat, you run the risk of causing the opposite reaction and scare it away.

Cats actually have this mysterious and paradoxical reflex to hate excess affection. Rather, they run to throw themselves into the arms of people who hate them, and even worse, who hate cats in general. So, to attract a cat to you to greet it, don't immediately show your affection when you see it.

On the contrary, keep your distance, wait for him to notice you, analyze you and get used to you. It is then that you can get closer to him by imitating certain facial expressions specific to cats, such as winks, signs of affection.

Imitate cats: Blink

It's well known: cats blink a lot, and it's not always because their eyesight is cloudy. Indeed, the cat often uses the wink to signify that he appreciates a gesture, or to show his affection when he is for example in the arms of his master.

So you can, with a calm, slow and relaxed look, blink your eyes at a cat to signify the pleasant feeling you have to see it and wish it a good day. And believe it, it will get the message. However, don't look him straight in the eye for a long time. Otherwise he may perceive it as a call to confrontation and run away.

Moreover, it would be precisely because people who do not like cats do not like to look at them, that they like to go towards them. These people don't look at them, and when they do, it's for a short while. This elusive gaze greatly comforts cats who see no threat.

Pat him gently and in the right place

Once you have made the cat's soft eyes and accepted them, you can come closer and continue the greeting with the petting. But still, all is not won! Not only should you know how to pet the cat, but also where to do it.

Caress the cat gently

More than a simple touch, the caress requires gentleness. It does not force itself, does not impose itself, but desires itself. To pet a cat, slowly run your hand through its fur and walk its body from head to tail, avoiding any sudden movements.


Do not attack the cat, but give it time to enjoy your caress. When he doesn't want it anymore, just stop. You can even cut the hugs before the satisfaction to still arouse the envy.

Caress the cat on the head

The most suitable parts for caressing a cat are at the level of its head, because it is more sensitive to it. You can stroke the cheeks, chin, back and inside of the ears, as well as the part of the head located above the nose, between the 2 ears.

If the feline is on its back, you can also tickle its belly and gradually venture towards the tail, but for this stroke not all cats are receptive to all of them.

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