How to pay the veterinarian of the cat in case of accident when one does not have the means?

How to pay the veterinarian of the cat in case of accident when one does not have the means?

How to pay the veterinarian of the cat in case of accident when one does not have the means

Although most cats are in robust health, they are unfortunately never safe from an accident. Statistically, the most frequent accidents are traffic accidents or falls, burns and poisonings. Each of these cases requires a quick response and calling the vet regardless of the cost involved.

Unfortunately, the cost can quickly climb depending on the gravity and the different treatments to be provided. What if you can't afford to pay thebill right vet'saway?

How to finance the care of the veterinarian if there is no money available?

First, you can go to a veterinary dispensary for the most disadvantaged people to pay the veterinarian's bill, in France there are two dispensary networks, the Animal Assistance Foundation dispensaries and the SPA dispensaries. Be careful in all cases the dispensaries are not services, made not to pay the veterinarian or to save money, supporting documents may also be requested.

If you don't have any savings and your cat needs urgent care, then you can turn to a personal loan. If you choose it correctly thanks to an efficient comparator, you will get by with very little cost, especially on a loan of less than 1000 €. The money can be available quickly in a matter of days, but you need to get started just as quickly to make your request.

Also remember to let the veterinarian know about your situation, he will certainly be able to offer you payment facilities such as payment in installments or postponing the billing date.


We must not forget either that there are mutuals for pets, and therefore cats. It is especially in cases such as a serious accident that requires emergency intervention, or even an operation, that these mutuals prove to be very profitable investments. They make it possible to reimburse veterinary expenses, even when they are high.

How much can an accident cost in cats

The cost of an accident that your cat would have varies according to the severity of the accident. However, the prices of the veterinarian, although they can vary, are known and we can make some projections of the cost of an accident.

First, an emergency consultation costs on average 50 to 100 €. To these costs, in the event of trauma, it is necessary to add 40 € of x-ray and 45 € of anesthesia. If your cat has to spend the night at the veterinary clinic, she will also be billed at 50 and 100 € per day.

Against burns, cream and bandages will cost you around 30 €. In case of poisoning, gastric lavage is necessary and can cost between 40 and 70 € depending on the veterinarian and the severity of the situation. All this without counting the potential long-term consequences which can prove to be costly.

For example, let's imagine that your cat has crossed paths with a wild animal and that the confrontation is not avoided according to his injuries, you could have some for:

  • Emergency consultation (priority passage or outside hours of opening): € 75
  • Surgery, anesthesia, follow-up radiography and hospitalization for 2 days for monitoring: € 500 to € 1,500

The bill can therefore easily climb to more than € 1,500 depending on the severity of the injuries. A significant amount for many of us.

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