Result of the big study ! How do the French feed their cats?

Result of the big study ! How do the French feed their cats?

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Result of the big study ! How do the French feed their cats?

The results are finally here in preview! Since February 2017 and the launch of the observatory The French and their pets ordered by Santévet, specialist in cat insurance, we have wondered what the result will be. How are our furry companions fed?

According to this study it emerges a very clear figure, the majority of the masters prefer to feed their cats with kibble. Cat food is a long way off and represents only a third of the food given to cats, its high cost perhaps due to many owners.

How do the French feed their cats


After these results, what to conclude? The croquettes or the mash? What is the best food for the cat.

The kibble and the mash are very good candidates to be the best food for cats, but it is still necessary to know their composition and the elements useful for cats. Once again, this answer is more complicated than it seems, the French also wonder and are well aware of it.

The most notable element is the progression of organic cat food, and it is very easy to understand that owners pay attention to the health of their cat and also avoid giving toxic food to the cat, this is validated by this scientific study.


Note that Raw Feeding is present, only 6% of masters practice it.

The figures of the study at a glance

- 84% of respondents claim to feed their cats with dry food.

- 36% of people questioned claim to feed their cats with mash or in addition to kibble.

To go further in the results on our felines we can say that:

- 45% feed their cats with foods adapted to their health. (Example: gluten-free food (the joke), post-sterilization, kittens or old cats)

- 10% of respondents prefer to give their cats organic food, therefore, natural food, without artificial ingredients.

- In the end, 6% prepare their meals themselves with homemade ingredients.

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