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7 of the Most Beautiful Breeds of Grey-Coated Cats

7 of the Most Beautiful Breeds of Grey-Coated Cats

7 of the Most Beautiful Breeds of Grey-Coated Cats


Do you want to adopt a beautiful cat with a gray coat but do not know exactly which breed of cat to prefer? Do not worry. First of all, note that the gray coat color is specific to certain breeds of cats to facilitate your choice of adoption.

From Russian Blue to Scottish Fold via European tabby, Chartreux and many others, here we reveal our selection of 7 of the most beautiful cat breeds with a gray coat, for your convenience the task in your research.

Russian Blue

Originally from Russia, it is a feline prized for its elegant appearance, its green almond-shaped eyes, as well as its intense blue dress whose tips draw a silvery reflection. Calm and affectionate, the Russian Blue is well known for the attachment he has to his master, without being a pot-de-glue.

A little shy, he can be fearful in the presence of strangers. In addition, since he values ​​tranquility, he thrives best in relatively quiet surroundings and may be disturbed by the presence of slightly noisy children.

The European tabby

It is also known under the name of European Shorthair and many people tend to assimilate it to the alley cat. Yet it does constitute a race in its own right. He is a companion who is particularly fond of affection, but who also knows how to be quite independent. If he has a fault it would be his intolerance towards other animals, including his congeners.

It has short, dense fur with a glossy appearance. The breed standard allows all colors including gray. A wide range of tabby patterns is also observed, one of the most popular and popular being the silver tabby characterized by black patterns on a gray background.

The Chartreux

Race originating in France, the Chartreux is easily recognized by its muscular body while roundness, its gold or copper-colored eyes. His trapezoidal head and plump cheeks give him the impression of a smile on his face. A picture completed by her magnificent glossy blue gray dress, composed of short woolly and waterproof hairs.

Despite his imposing and powerful size, the Chartreux is a cat who knows how to be patient and hardly ever shows aggression.

Considering in addition his gentle and sociable character, you make an ideal companion for family life. In addition, he tolerates loneliness well. On the other hand, his hunting instinct being more pronounced, he needs stimulation through activity and games.

The British Shorthair

Cousin of the Carthusian monastery, the British Shorthair is distinguished by its round silhouette, its robust and powerful physique, as well as its round head giving it the appearance of a living plush. An impression accentuated by the woolly aspect of its incredibly dense short coat and soft to the touch.

The breed standard admits all coat colors, gray blue being naturally the most popular color and the most sought after by the masters. Relatively independent and discreet, the British Shorthair manages solitude better.

Kind and tolerant, he has no problem having fun with children or living with other pets. However, he can sometimes be a little boastful.

The Korat

It is a breed of cat that you will not fail to appreciate for its very silky, silvery blue coat. But more for her elegant figure, her green eyes, her heart-shaped face, as well as her gentle and reserved temperament. Originally from Thailand, it is not widely used in Europe and little known to the French.

Playful and overflowing with joy, the Korat particularly enjoys the company of his human with whom he enjoys spending time. However, he hates noise and is best suited for people who aspire to peace, quiet and tranquility.

The Nebelung

The Nebelung is considered to be the medium-haired variant of the Russian Blue. Like the latter, it has the particularity of sporting a uniform genetically blue-gray coat with a silvery sheen giving its fur a rather bright appearance.


He is gifted with a calm and affectionate temperament. His playful and patient character predisposes him to appreciate the company of the little ones with whom he likes to have fun and share his moments of play. Attached to the members of his family, he is rather wary and distant towards visiting strangers. at your house.

The Scottish Fold

With its small folded ears and its touching gaze, the Scottish Fold is a cat that we recognize at first glance. His calm and carefree temperament has earned him the qualification of a Zen cat. It is therefore an easy-going feline, which also shows great affection and sociability.

Devoid of aggressiveness and not very active, he has the reputation of being a homebody, preferring to spend his days lying on the sofa or on his master's lap.

It has a short, dense coat. Her dress admits different colors, gray being the most sought after for the particularity she has of highlighting the softness in her large eyes.

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