Fountain with flower of Dadypet - Our opinion on this Fountain for Cat

Fountain with flower of Dadypet - Our opinion on this Fountain for Cat

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Fountain with flower of Dadypet - Our opinion on this Fountain for Cat

Fountain with flower of Dadypet

Water is essential for the health and well-being of the cat. Indeed, consuming this precious liquid is essential for all of its vital functions and for the prevention of certain urinary pathologies. To ensure that your little feline has access to a sufficient amount of healthy and fresh water at all times, it is imperative that you provide them with an efficient cat water fountain.

Faced with the extreme diversity of models of water fountains available on the market, there is a great risk of making a mistake and missing out on the ideal device. But don't worry, to make your life easier, we decided to test the Dadypet flower water fountain, considered one of the best on the market. In the following you will find everything you need to know about this accessory, its strengths and possible limitations, as well as the advice of our experts.

What we looked for our opinion on the Dadypet water fountain

For our opinion on this Dadypet water fountain, 2 essential aspects caught our attention: its ability to meet the daily fresh water needs of your cat and its ease maintenance for the master.

DADYPET Cat Water Fountain, Cat Flower Fountain, Cat Water Dispenser with Filter, 2L, Electric and Quiet (Fountain) (Fountain)

  • Automatic Water Fountain: The pet water fountain with a capacity of 2 liters allows your pet to drink more frequently. A super fun toy for your pets.
  • Premium Quality: Made of high quality BPA free plastic, odorless and durable, safe for your pets.
  • Anti-overflow capability: When the filter element is not cleaned for a long time, the water will be drained from all four corners of the pan if it is blocked, preventing the water from overflowing on the floor.
  • Large Filtration Capacity: The larger particles are separated from the outer tray, and the carbon filter continually purifies and softens tap water, completely removes hair, sediment and debris.
  • Quiet work and low consumption: Ultra quiet pump (<35 dB) with low power consumption, never disturb you or your pet.


Daily use by cats

Thanks to its ergonomic design, this accessory allows cats to drink effortlessly on a daily basis, regardless of their size. Indeed, its square shape with rounded edges, not too big nor too small, offers easy access to your little feline who can drink either from the tank or directly from the petal-shaped dispenser.

In addition, the oxygenated water constantly flowing from the flower attracts cats and encourages them to drink without being forced. Finally, the fountain does not leak and remains very silent so as not to disturb your pet or disturb your peace of mind.

Ease of use and maintenance for the master

This water fountain signed Dadypet is relatively easy to assemble. To make it work, you need 3 simple actions: find the right place to put it (note that since it is compact and very light, you can easily move it from one place to another in the house, according to your preferences), fill the water tank and plug the power cable into a power outlet. Once this is done, the appliance will automatically begin to dispense water.


The other essential point that we observed is the ease of being able to maintain this fountain. Indeed, the pump and the other components are easily disassembled and are washable with hot water and soap. For more hygiene, you should remember to replace the carbon filter every month.

The characteristics of the Dadypet fountain Measuring

18 x 18 x 13 cm, the Dadypet flower fountain is made of durable, odorless and BPA-free plastic. It has a tank with a capacity of 2 liters, ideal for a supply over several days without recharging, with an anti-overflow feature, practical for draining water and avoiding unpleasant overflows.

Another feature, the Dadypet fountain has a built-in carbon filter to continuously purify and soften the water, removing hair, debris and bad odors. Finally, the fountain has an ultra-quiet electric pump (˂35 dB) which keeps the water in constant circulation.

The strong points of this fountain

The flower fountain by Dadypet has many advantages that distinguish it from most models of water fountains for cats. In particular, the fact that it offers most of the features found only on high-end fountains at a low price, without sacrificing quality and efficiency. Its main strengths are therefore:

  • Its large filtration capacity which guarantees clean and limpid water for your cat on a daily basis
  • Its generous water storage capacity (up to 2 liters)
  • Its ergonomics and ease of maintenance
  • Its affordable price : 26.99 euros.

User reviews: what do they think?

The opinions of users about this Dadypet water fountain are mostly positive. All in all, most masters on a mid-budget are completely satisfied, and see this accessory as the best-value-for-money cat water fountain.


Conclusion our opinion on the Flower water fountain from Dadypet



Test result: Water fountain flower from Dadypet

We have examined the Dadypet water fountain for you. But in the end is it really worth it? Here is the full summary of our opinion on the Dadypet fountain.


  • Works well and cats use it very quickly.
  • Nice design and more modern color.


  • Generic product that can be found under several brands.

User rating: 3.67 (3 votes)

After tests, we are fascinated by the ability of this accessory to meet the challenge of the best value for money, by offering a fountain with interesting features at an affordable cost while remaining easy to use.


We conclude, in view of its characteristics as well as the opinions of users, that the Fleur de Dadypet water fountain is the ideal solution to meet the fresh and healthy water needs of your little feline without emptying you. pockets.

However, we were able to identify small disadvantages, in particular the limited duration of the carbon filter which must be replaced every month; dependence on electricity because the pump will not work in the event of a power cut; finally the absence of a water level indicator. But overall it remains a quality fountain that plays its role well.

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