Feeding your cat organic cat food? A good idea or not?

Feeding your cat organic cat food?

New phenomenon or simple common sense for the environment, a new type of cat food is increasingly present, organic cat food.

A product that can surprise while the French sometimes have trouble getting to grips with themselves. What to say about these croquettes, are they good for our felines and do they bring a real plus to their health?

Willingness to act for the environment or a health benefit for the cat?


The brands of dry cat food have understood this well, consumers are looking for meaning and breast products, for themselves but also for their animals. Brands like Equilibre & instinct with their range of AB cat food are more and more available, we can also mention Nestor or Yarrah and many others.

The only certification that guarantees organic farming.

Organic croquettes and especially those certified AB bring a terribly important thing, the assurance that no pesticides and synthetic additives have been used, guaranteeing the quality of the raw materials used and their manufacture.

Both to protect the environment and for the well-being of your cat.

So in this case, a cat fed organic kibble should be healthier?

The answer is not so simple in the end, but overall a living being fed with the minimum of toxic products in his body will certainly live in better health. By toxic products we mean all traces of pesticides and synthetic additives.

Organic kibble is a healthy choice for the cat and for the environment.

The good health of your cat will depend on many factors such as the exercise he does to maintain his figure, his age, the amount of hug you give him (I'm sure this is super important to him) and well heard are food.


Organic croquettes and after?

As we have seen above, kibbles that use good products are clearly to be favored, organic, traceable or even without additives, but ...

Promoting a diet that respects the cat's natural diet is essential, by this we mean in particular organic kibble and grain-free. A product still difficult to find.

A good kibble should consist mainly of meatand / or fish (animal proteins), at the highest possible rate and contain as few carbohydrates as possible from cereals, peas, potatoes and other starches, at most 20%!

As a reminder, cereals and other legumes have only a tiny interest for the cat, they should not constitute the majority of the ingredients of the kibble. Otherwise your cat will grow fat, because it assimilates all the carbohydrates (sugars) from cereals or in the long run, see it develop intestinal disorders.

That being said, stay alert, continue to analyze and compare your cat's kibble, pay attention to these ingredients.

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