Eukanuba: What is the value of this Cat Food? Reviews & Information

Eukanuba: What is the value of this Cat Food? Reviews & Information

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Eukanuba: What is the value of this Cat Food? Reviews & Information


Eukanuba is a brand specializing in food with 50 years to its credit serving the nutritional needs of cats and dogs. So what are Ekanuba products really worth in the context of pet food?

We immediately note that these foods are not the best for our little cats, because they are made up of too little meat. You will find more information about this brand of cat food in the following lines, as well as our opinion on the real value of the food of the Eukanuba brand in our opinion.

What cat products does Eukanuba make?

To meet the nutritional needs of cats, the Eukanuba brand offers a wide range of foods depending on their life stage, their physical condition or targeting certain specific needs. Essentially, these are dry foods divided into 3 categories: kitten, adult cat and senior cat.

Basically these are foods made up of animal proteins (meat), sources of lipids, enriched with other vitamins and minerals. The protein content is between 10 - 40% and hardly exceeds 46%. In addition, the fat content seems a little high and we can detect the presence of cereals such as corn in all the recipes.

Eukanuba Kitten Range Eukanuba

Chicken Kibble for Kitten 4 kg

  • Provides high quality nutrition to promote healthy growthhealthy growth
  • Contains DHA for brain and vision development
  • Contains moderately fermented fiber (beet pulp) to promotenutrient absorption
  • Optimal balance between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat


Only one recipe is dedicated to kittens. This is the Eukanuba Kitten Healthy Star recipe with Chicken combined with turkey. The formula contains 36% protein, 23% fat, corn, Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, Vitamins A, D and E and minerals.

Eukanuba range Adult cat

EUKANUBA - Dry food for Adult Cat - Chicken & Liver - 10kg

  • Contains moderately fermented fibers (beet pulp) to promote good absorption of nutrients
  • Optimal balance between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids for skin and skin healthy coat
  • Crispy dry food promotes dental health
  • Contains a low content of dietary magnesium to maintain urinary tract health


More diverse than the others, it contains 10 formulas: Hairball Control with Chicken, for hairball control , Sterilized Weight Control with Chicken for sterilized cats and weight control, Healthy Digestion with Lamb for healthy digestion. Finally, you have Eukanuba Veterinary Diets Dermatoses Lamb and Barley, Veterinary Diets Intestinal Disorders, Veterinary Diets Renal, and Veterinary Diets Restricted Calorie among others.

Eukanuba Senior Cat Range Eukanuba

Dry Food for Senior Cat 7+ 4 kg

  • Contains our highest level of animal proteins to help muscle development in older cats
  • Contains moderately fermented fibers (beet pulp) to promote good absorption of nutrients
  • Optimal balance between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat
  • Crispy croquettes promote dental health
  • Contains a low content of dietary magnesium to preserve the health of the urinary tract


It has a single formula: Eukanuba Top Condition 7+ with Chicken, intended for cats aged 7 and over. This product has a protein content of 37%, 18% fat, 4.06% Omega-6 and 3 fatty acids, and also contains vitamin additives and trace elements such as zinc oxide, sulfate of copper, potassium iodide,…

The flagship foods of thebrandfood


EUKANUBA- Dry catsterilized or in ...



EUKANUBA HAirball Control - Dry food for Cat ...



EUKANUBA - Dry Food for Adult Cat -...



Eukanuba Dry Food for Senior Cat 7+ 4 kg


Origin and information on the Eukanuba

brand The Eukanuba brand was founded in 1969 by the American Paul F. IAMS, owner of the IAMS brand as well as Mars Inc. and Procter & Gamble, specialized in pet supplies. The name Ekanuba is inspired by Jazz culture and literally translates to "the best" or "the top". The idea behind the creation of this brand is to offer dogs and cats healthy food based on their carnivorous diet, to ensure their health and longevity.


For this purpose, Eukanuba has developed formulas with proteins as dominant ingredients, combined with probiotics, vitamins and minerals useful for maintenance and growth. The brand devotes all of its know-how and a significant portion of its resources to the development of so-called innovative formulas to satisfy our pets and give them a long and healthy life.

The positioning of the brand on thepet market

Eukanubais 50 years of presence in the pet market. Initially specialized in the dog range, it was much later that the brand developed a feline branch. Its range now totals nearly 17 products for dogs and 13 recipes for cats, marketed mainly in Europe and America.

We recognize a certain experience in the brand linked to its seniority on the market, but also to its membership and its collaboration with several Cynological Associations known as the FCI. In addition, Eukanuba is committed to respecting quality standards and ensures the control of its food at all stages of production. Finally, its products are among the most affordable on the market in terms of price.

After-sales service and consumer service at Eukanuba how is it going?

If you need help and information, or if you want to ask a question or even address a specific topic related to Eukanuba brand products, customer service is available and ready to listen. You can contact this service either by E-mail, writing to, or by phone on 0800 241 53 414.

Where can I buy food for my cat from Eukanuba?

Eukanuba brand products are sold in specialty stores and pet shops. The brand does not have an online store, but you can still buy their food from many online shopping sites that offer pet products.

Eukanuba products in promotion at the moment


Eukanubafor Senior Cat 7+ 4 kg



Dry foodEUKANUBA - Dry food for Adult Cat -...



EUKANUBA - Dry food for sterilized cat or in ...



EUKANUBA HAirball Control - Dry food for cats ...


Our opinion on Eukanuba

In the end, what to retain from the value of food products from Eukanuba? You will agree with us that the score seems well below the average expected of an ideal food, conducive to the growth and health of our cats. We note several defects in a large part of the brand's products, in particular the low protein rate (less than 50%), well below the minimum threshold of 60-70% of the kibble that we consider good for a cat, others food brands look much better to us.

Besides being low, protein sources are limited (just chicken and lamb). Likewise, we blame the relatively high fat content as well as the presence of cereals in the formulas, which is contrary to the current trend of zero cereals. Finally, the price is a priori cheap turns out to be more expensive for foods so low in protein.

The feline branch of Eukanuba seems a little neglected, undoubtedly the canine range is getting more attention in terms of quality. But in any case, we believe that Eukanuba brand animal feed is still far from the required standard of a feed that is intended to be the best for our 4-legged companions.

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