Ceramic Water Fountain Miaustore - Our opinion on this Fountain for Cat

Ceramic Water Fountain Miaustore - Our opinion on this Fountain for Cat

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ntCeramic Water Fountain Miaustore - Our opinion on this Fountain for Cat

Ceramic Water Fountain Miaustore

Miaustore is a brand of artisanal ceramic water fountain that aims to contribute to the well-being of your cat through an optimal and sustainable hydration solution. Better than mostmodels cat water fountain classic, it stands out for its aesthetic design, its ease of use for you and your feline, its technical specifications and its value for money.

We've taken a close look at it for you and we're telling you all about it! Find out everything you need to know about theCeramic Water Fountain Miaustorebelow, along with what our experts think.

What We LookedOur Miaustore Water Fountain ReviewTo

For Forgive you the most objective review possible, we took a look at the convenience of use for your cat as well as for you, ease of maintenance, as well as the characteristics of this cat water fountain ceramicsigned Miaustore.

for use by cats

AdvantagesWe immediately note that the Miaustore water fountain is easy to use for cats on a daily basis. It is suitable for all sizes, with a design specially designed to facilitate access to fresh water and encourage your little feline to drink more frequently and without constraint.

The fountain offers 8 comfortable access points including an adjustable water jet, a calm surface, 3 moving surfaces and 3 small tower-shaped waterfalls, which is ideal when you know cats love running water. The fountain is waterproof, stable and does not splash. Ultra silent, it will not affect the tranquility of the cat or yours.

Ease of use and maintenance for the master

The Miaustore fountain is as easy to use as it is to maintain. There is no harm in installing it, turning it on, replacing the water or ensuring its maintenance. Its ceramic structure greatly facilitates its maintenance. The set is easily removable and washable in the dishwasher. To make your life even easier, the fountain comes with a video user manual showing you all the installation and maintenance details.

The characteristics of the ceramic fountain of Miaustore


The Miaustore fountain displays an ergonomic, zen and refined design. It has a high quality ceramic structure, handmade and fired at 1270 ° C. Weighing about 5.5 kg, it has a width of 25 cm, a depth of 28 cm, 18 cm in height, as well as a maximum capacity of 3.4 liters. It is equipped with an adjustable 5-volt pump with 5 levels and operates on electrical power, thanks to a USB socket provided.

Presentation video of the Miaustore water fountain

The strong points of this water fountain for cats

We have detected in this Miaustore water fountain several strong points that make it stand out from most of the other models presented on the market:


  • It does not require any filter to operate. Its ceramic design makes it more hygienic and less likely to deteriorate over time. The absence of a filter also allows you to save on average 176 € / year on average, knowing that the package would cost around 14 €.
  • Its innovative pump system makes the fountain ultra quiet, which changes with classic cat water fountains that are too noisy.
  • Its large, 100% usable water capacity of 3.4 liters means you don't have to change the water more constantly, so your cat will have fresh water all the time, for at least 7-10 days.
  • Its one-year satisfaction guarantee: if your cat does not drink from the fountain, you can return it and get a full refund.

User Reviews: What do they think?

By examining the different opinions of the masters about this Miaustore cat water fountain, we note that the feedback is very positive. Overall, the product enjoys a good reputation among the users who purchased it.

On Miaustore's store, shoppers find that it has an aesthetic design, is very quiet, and makes their cat hydrate more easily. They also appreciate its large capacity, ease of use and value for money. In short, users think that the fountain plays its role perfectly.

Conclusion our opinion on the Miaustore water fountain



Test result: Miaustore water fountain

We have examined the Miaustore water fountain for you. But in the end is it really worth it? Here is the full summary of our opinion on the fountain of Miaustore.


  • truly designer fountain that stands out among all the other models on the market.
  • Durable ceramic material.


  • A filter might be interesting.

User rating: 2.65 (55 votes)

In short, what verdict should we retain after our test of this ceramic water fountain from Miaustore? We are seduced by the ergonomics and aesthetics of its design, its ease of use for you and your cat, its easy maintenance, its ability to maintain the freshness of the water and motivate your cat to drink. For 66 € the value for money seems correct.


We hardly find any drawbacks to it, the feedback from users confirms it. This to say finally that the ceramic water fountain of Miaustore is a product of good quality that you can trust to ensure the daily hydration of your little feline without hesitation, especially with the brand you are satisfied or your money back. .

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