Cat water fountain: How to choose the best one? - The Guide

Cat water fountain: How to choose the best one? - The Guide

Cat water fountain: How to choose the best one? - The Guide

Cat water fountain

Like most living things, your cat needs to hydrate, it is a vital need. If this is natural for cats in the wild through their prey, it is not the case for your pet, especially when the basis of their diet is kibble.

Different reasons your feline is not inclined to drink from its water bowl and the cat water fountain is a good solution to remedy this lack of water. It will encourage your little feline to drink more fresh water, the water will be healthier and leave him healthy.

Why buy a water cooler, does your cat need it?

Your domestic cat is often fed exclusively on dry food, which is completely dehydrated. Therefore, it needs more than normal water intake, to avoid possible diseases due to insufficient water.

The water requirements of cats are 50 ml of water per kg per day and in hot weather your cats can drink up to 100 ml of water per kg per day.

Our 3 +1 Best water fountains for cats

Univers Chat has carried out several reviews of water fountains for cats, faced with such a large number of products. How to choose the right fountain?

We have selected some, which corresponds to the important purchase criteria. Ideally with several color variations for a beautiful design, with spare parts like filter, cleaning kit or pump. Not to mention the versions that are most successful in pets and therefore of good opinion.


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Internet users' rating and

HoneyGuaridan automatic water fountain

✔️ Tank capacity: 2.5 liter

✔️ Fountain type: Volcano fountain

✔️ Availability of spare accessories: Filter, pump and spare

✔️ Price: on €€ on Amazon

See the Full HoneyGuaridan Review Estimated


 See details and more photos

Cat It Compact Cat Fountain

✔ réservoir Tank capacity: 2 liter

✔️ Fountain type: Volcano fountain

✔️ Availability of spare accessories: Filter, pump and spare

✔️ Price : over € on Amazon

Estimated Note: 

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PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

✔️Container capacity: 5 liter

✔️ Fountain type: Water jet fountain

✔️ Availability of spare accessories: Filter, pump and spare

✔️ Price: on €€€ on Amazon

Estimated rating: 

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Catit Senses 2.0 Flower Cat

Fountain ✔️ Tank capacity: 3 liter

✔️ Fountain type: Volcano fountain

✔ ️ Availability of spare accessories: Filter, pump and spare

✔️ Price: on €€ on Amazon

Estimated rating: 

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Very easy to maintain as you can see in the customer reviews, these products are both at a fair price and from a recognized brand, without forgetting the little extra, these are silent fountains.

A water fountain, what for?

You have probably noticed that your cat remains frozen in front of his bowl of water, or worse, snubs it by preferring the spray from the tap! Before drinking, he analyzes it. It must be fresh, odorless, free from dirt such as hair or dust. If you do not change its water regularly, it heats up and fills up with bacteria , hence the interest of acquiring a cat drinker which will naturally encourage it to hydrate.

You've probably already caught your cat drinking a drop from the tap or head down the toilet. This is normal, his water should no longer suit him because his renewal is insufficient.

A source of fresh water to prevent health problems for cats

The cat is an animal that does not sweat, therefore it cannot regulate its body temperature and needs a regular supply of water, especially in summer.

The water dispenser prevents disease when it is fed kibble which is a dry matter and therefore does not represent any water supply.

The most frequent health problems caused by the lack of water are dehydration especially in summer, diabetes, kidney stone problems such as feline urological syndrome.

How to choose a water fountain for your cat?

Catit Fresh Clear Cat Fountain

Before making your purchase, several questions should be asked: the capacity of the water dispenser, the material of the water fountain, the duration of its autonomy, maintenance, level sound of the water fountain.

Simple question to allow our hairballs to have continuously fresh and pure water. A real treat for the cat.

The water content of the device

On average, a cat drinks 25 cl of water per day. The capacity should be defined according to the number of cats, also according to your lifestyle.

If you are away regularly, this implies that you will not be able to restock it at all times. In this perspective, you will rather choose a large model, or even opt for two water fountains for a prolonged absence.

To make your life easier, some tanks have an apparent level and are independent of the device for easy filling.


Just like the kibble and food dispenser, the water fountain will give you greater freedom in your travels in case of absence or for a weekend. Your cat will have fresh, clean water for several days, the capacity varying from 1 to 5 liters, without the need for a human presence. It will be able, on its own, to regulate its hydration.

The autonomy of the device

As well as the water capacity, one of the criteria to be privileged is the autonomy which allows the water fountain of the cat to remain active.

The ideal is to favor fountains with electrical outlet and in case of absence provide a fountain with back-up batteries.

The sound of the water dispenser

The purring of your feline distresses you, it is less obvious for the cat's watering hole! In general, the noise is barely noticeable for branded water fountains, in contrast the cheaper water fountains are less quiet.

It is due to the renewal of the water which is done in a closed circuit through the filters and the pump. If you are bothered by the lapping of the water jet, it is best to opt for a quieter waterfall model. In addition, if you fill the tank when the water level leaves the pump visible, you should not be disturbed by the noise of the pump.

Maintenance of the water

dispenser Cat water fountains are mainly available in 3 materials: ceramic, stainless steel and plastic. All the elements must be cleaned and maintained, whether they are the tank, the pump and the filters. Both to protect the device from limescale and other deposits and for your cat, the filters are surely the elements that clog the fastest.

In general, all the accessories can be put in the dishwasher. The fewer corners there are, the easier the appliance can be washed. Some models have a pre-filter to trap larger impurities, however the filters need to be changed every 2 to 4 weeks.

By choosing waterbrands like coolerPet Safe with Drinkwell it is very easy to find ready-to-use cleaning kits with a set of replacement filters, either for the activated carbon filter or the filter. in fiber.

How does a cat water fountain work?

The water fountain is made up of a tank, a pump and filters. You need to fill the tank. Through the pump, the water is oxygenated - which brings it more freshness - and cleaned using filters. These are fiber filters or carbon filters that retain impurities and heavy metals harmful to the cat. There are also resin foam filters to soften hard water. The water then comes out in the form of a jet or a cascade depending on the type of fountain.

Precautions for use, the important points

Water fountains for cats are electric. Therefore, there are a few things to check, especially if you plan to be away.

  • It is better not to install the water dispenser directly next to the outlet because of possible splashing.
  • In the event of a power failure, you must see if the cat will have access to water, if the fountain has a water collector or backup batteries.
  • If you put it outside, watch out for temperature changes (heat / frost).

A little advice, remember to keep the water fountain away from the dog, and prevent the latter from drinking all the cat's water.

How much does a water cooler cost?

The prices vary according to the models and the brands, overall they oscillate between 16 and 70 euros. The more quality the water fountain, the higher the price will be.

The water dispenser will be to choose according to your situation. Certain criteria should not be neglected such as ease of maintenance: ceramic or stainless steel will be a wise choice. Likewise, if you have several cats, a tank with a large capacity will be more useful to you.

While the price of some very well known models like the Drinkwell fountains from Pet Safe, the Catit Senses fountains from Cat It can easily be found on sale at online stores like Zooplus. You can also monitor the price of these products during the sale period, for example here is a link to the latest promotions on the Amazon cat fountains category.

To reduce the price, you can possibly look for variants with known brands or bet on stores offering free delivery.

To sum up on the subject

Cats need their water to be constantly fresh, clean and odorless. What a simple bowl of water does not give them, even if you constantly renew it, bacteria and dirt can settle there. A water fountain prevents your cat from contracting diseases, especially in animals that do not go out. In the long run, this investment will save you costs at the vet.

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