A cat that remains forever a kitten and has never given up on life

A cat that remains forever a kitten and has never given up on life


This is Se'Mores. She is now two years old, but only the size of an 8 week old kitten. An incredible kitty who has never lost the will to live.

A head injury at six weeks of life forced Se'mores to have a complicated childhood. A cat carrier accidentally fell on her head, left her immobilized and damaged her brain. She could no longer walk or eat alone. The vets didn't know if she was going to survive or not, ”the strange cat sanctuary told us. This incredible animal shelter that specializes in watching over wild animals, sick cats, senior cats and cats on death row, saw Se'mores' fight and decided not to give up its fate to death row. dead.

He explains to us that she was no longer able to walk, eat, or drink, but that they were certain that with proper care, she would be able to survive and thrive. Her recovery lasted about three months during which she was fed only non-reactive nutrients inserted into a feeding tube. Vets weren't sure how long it would take, because with the traumatic brain injury she was likely to see her survive was really slim.



"Se'moresremained in the sanctuary during the time of treatment which she received all the necessary care and attention he needed to help him through this difficult time. Granted, the progress was slow, but with each passing day she got a little stronger. Over time, she began to show signs of life.


First, she started taking water using a syringe, and showed some interest in licking food off a plate. Then she began to walk slowly, still turning to the left. With this care, she began by eating, drinking and behaving like all the other cats in the sanctuary. The only noticeable difference is that it remained the same size it was before the accident occurred. Here she snuggles up with the friends she made.

This kitty, despite the fact that she is a miracle with a small size, she swims in happiness. She recently managed to make use of the litter box and climb furniture like any other cat. She was adopted by the founder of the shrine, which is why she is showered with all the love in the world and feels right at home.

"Shelikes to go out with Mozart, his brother from another mother.


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