Cat that coos or Gazouille! But why and what does it mean?

Cat that coos or Gazouille! But why and what does it mean?

Cat that coos or Gazouille! But why and what does it mean?

Cats don't just meow or purr. They also make other sounds that are very distinctive and indicative of their emotional state, including chirping, cooing and trilling.

Cat that coos

So what does a cat coo look like? Why is he cooing? Does it matter if he doesn't coo? Let's take a few minutes to understand what cats are telling us with their cooing or chirping!

A cooing, twittering or cat trills what is it?

When your tomcat coos, you rarely miss it. The cat's chirps are quite high-pitched and roaring, much like a pigeon's cooing. You've visualized a bit, haven't you?

It's a particular sound that would be a kind of combination of purr and meow. It almost seems like he "speaks" Spanish while rolling the Rs without opening his mouth.

Listen to the cat's cooing, chirping and trills

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2 cats coo together to communicate with each other and with their master.

Why do cats coo?

Like each of the sounds it emits (meowing, purring, and other sounds),cooings in cats are used to communicate with those around them, especially their peers, other animals or you. When he coos at you, your cat tries to pass you a greeting, or to signal his presence to you, for example his return home after an outing and therefore asks for a tender caress.

A cat's cooing can also mean that he appreciates your attention. When he's lying on your lap, and you stroke his hair, he can lift his head towards you, give you a thoughtful look with narrowed eyes, and coo. Exactly as if he was talking to you.


There are still a lot of situations that can cause your cat to coo. But you will notice that, in any case, cooing is a positive sign on the sentimental and emotional state of your adorable furball.

If my cat doesn't coo, is it serious?

If your little feline doesn't coo, that's okay, for the simple reason that, like us humans, not everyone is emotional. So youhave to understand that not all cats coo, this is not an innate or natural characteristic in cats.

Moreover, note that your cat takes his cooing habits from his mom. If this one was a great songwriter when he was little, then your cat will suddenly coo. Conversely, if his mother did not coo, there is almost no chance that he will coo.

Either way, don't worry: cooing isn't the only indicator of cat happiness. If your cat is happy he'll find a way to let you know with a sign.

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