Cat Repellent - How to keep a cat away? - Advice & Tips & Comparison

Cat Repellent - How to keep a cat away? - Advice & Tips & Comparison

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Cat Repellent - How to keep a cat away? - Advice & Tips & Comparison

Cat Repellent

If you are looking for an effective product to keep a cat away and protect your living environment, you have surely noticed that there are a multitude of types of cat repellents on the market. Plus, since each cat may react differently to a product, you may find yourself trying multiple repellents.


Finding the right cat repellant is therefore no easy task. However, by taking into account a few parameters such as the place of use of the repellent and the elements to be protected, you will be able to decide more Belowwill find our selection of the best cat repellants, as well as some effective tips to scare away a cat and protect your privileged spaces.

Best Cat Repellents - Most Popular

You may be surprised at the variety of cat repellents available on the market. Many people use them and according to the opinions and comments that we have gathered, the most popular and effective repellents are these.

PetSafe PetSafe

SSSCAT Spray Repellent - Anti-Bark Spray Refill, 300-400 jets, Ecological Formula, Compatible with Collar and Jet Training System (old version) - Citronella

  • FOR OLD PetSafe SPRAY SYSTEMS: Spray compatible with older Collars Bark Control or Jet Training: PBC19-16174, PBC45-14285, KIT11124, PBC19-13095, PBC19-11043, PDT20-11738
  • CAPACITY: Between 300 and 400 Jets / Sprays approximately per refill
  • ECOLOGICAL: This Spray is Safe for Environment thanks to its Ecological Formula with minimal Environmental Impact
  • ODOR OF LEMONGRASS: This Spray has a Citronella Odor that attracts the attention of your dog - Does not
  • stain TRAIN YOUR DOG: Harmless Refill Spray for the Training of your Dog


Made by PetSafe, this cat repellent is odorless and safe for you and your little furball. It is used to repel the cat from specific areas of the home such as furniture, work areas, kitchens, bedrooms, etc.

It is equipped with a motion detector which emits a jet which surprises the cat as soon as it is 'it approaches within a radius of 1 meter. The spray is refillable and has a capacity of 80 to 100 jets per refill. The jets are respectful of the cleanliness of your interior.

INTEY Cat Repellent INTEY Cat

Repellent, Ultrasonic and LED, Keep Cats, Dogs and Foxes away for Gardens and Fields, with Motion Detector, Solar Power Charging and USB Cable

  • 【FRIENDLY EXPULSION】 Animal repellent is 100% environmental : no chemical pesticides, no traps and therefore no dead animals. Thanks to the intelligent infrared motion detector, this new version is useful for a wide range of animals: fox, cat, dog, bears, squirrel, rabbits, deer, skunk, bats , raccoon etc.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE RANGE】 You can turn the "SENSITIVITY" knob to adjust the protection range to your needs. The solar repellent is able to repel animals in 2 methods by emitting ultrasound and powerful flashing LED lights at the same time, which ensures high efficiency.
  • 【SOLAR CHARGING】 3 Charging Choices: The cat repellent can be powered by solar power, 3 built-in AA rechargeable batteries or the USB cable. When it is gray for a long time, the charging socket allows you to charge it by the USB cable. Its design is more practical and more environmentally friendly. Please charge the machine by the USB cable for the first use.
  • 【FARM PROTECTION】 It is easily located above the ground using the removable bar with pintue arrow and on the wall with the fixing holes. The dog repellent is particularly suitable for multiple uses for example in the farm, the rice fields, the nursery, the orchard to protect your properties.
  • 【IDEAL WATERPROOFING & GUARANTEE】 The waterproofness of IPX4 means that it is able to withstand light rain in any direction (not immersible in water) but please keep it sheltered during downpours and rain. snow. INTEY gives you a 24-month warranty on the waterproofing repellent from the date of original purchase, valid for problems that were caused by the manufacturer. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions and we are ready to help.


This is an outdoor product that allows you to delimit areas prohibited to cats in your surroundings. Harmless to the health of your pet, it will allow you to protect your gardens, orchards and vegetable gardens.

The device operates under battery or rechargeable batteries and incorporates an infrared sensor which activates a powerful ultrasound and a very strong LED flash when the animal approaches. An ultrasound is then emitted at a given frequency as well as a bright light which disorientates the cat who then has no choice but to move away.

OUETERDO Ultrasonic

Cat Repellent OUTERDO Cat Repellent Solar Ultrasound, Outdoor Cat Repellent Waterproof Cat Repellent with 5 Adjustable Mode Protection of the Garden against Animals Cats, Dogs, Parasites, Deer

  • RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT】: The repellent works with frequency ultrasound variable and strong LED flash to repel animals. No messy chemicals or pesticides, no traps, no dead animals.
  • 【MOTION SENSOR AND ADJUSTABLE SOUND READER】: Dual speaker design with advanced degree of sound wave emission, acoustic coverage up to 5000 square feet; The right and left angles of the infrared sensor are 110 degrees, the up and down angles are 55 degrees; Motion detectors activate ultrasound as long as animals come within 10 meters of the Animal Repeller ultrasound system. The audible alarm is very useful to deter pets agr
  • 【WATERPROOF AND WEATHER RESISTANT】: Outdoor PIR leveling. The assembly and processing technology and the sealing level are improved. This means that it is not invaded by foreign objects larger than 1mm in diameter and is able to withstand normal rain in all directions. Ideal for outdoor spaces such as gardens, courtyards, terraces, garages, walkways, terraces, farms, ponds but also attics, etc.
  • 【2 CHARGING METHODS and 5 ADJUSTABLE MODE】: The ultrasonic cat chase can be powered by solar energy during the day. Or it can charge via micro USB cable (included). Built-in lithium battery is more durable. The irregular and variable frequency makes it more efficient to ward off the more aggressive animals that may adapt and become immune to a particular frequency band.
  • 【100% RELAIBLE GUARANTEE】: OUTERDO provides a 3 month guarantee to our customers. If you have any problem with this product after you receive it, please contact us on the first visit.


This is still an ultrasonic anti cat outdoor product, to protect your yards and outdoor gardens. Thanks to an integrated ultrasound device, formed by 2 speakers, the device emits sound waves harmful to cats. These waves can cover more than 1500 m².


The OUETERDO ultrasonic cat repellent also has a very powerful ultrasound and an LED flash. It is very weather resistant, consumes very little power, and can run on solar power during the day. You can also recharge the included lithium-ion battery using the included micro USB cable.

Grandma's remedy to make a natural cat repellant?

Not all cat repellents are products of large industrial firms. There are also home-made recipes that have been proven to keep cats away. For example, you can use one of those we have identified in addition to the natural repellents in our article.

Cat repellent with essential oil Essential

oils of lemon peel, lemongrass, lavender or orange are very effective in scaring cats away, but they are also to be used sparingly. You can use them as sprays and spray them in the places you want to protect. Or, you can mix them with the cleaning water you use during cleaning.

Outdoors, to keep cats away from your plants, simply soak a cotton cloth with essential oils and place it where you want it.

Cat Repellent with Pepper

Cats hate the strong smell of black pepper, so this grandma's recipe works every time. It is easy to prepare and will only take you a few minutes. Boil some water in a saucepan and let stand a little. Then add 2 teaspoons of fresh, crushed black pepper to the pan and stir the mixture until it becomes smooth. Once the mixture has cooled, transfer it to a spray bottle and spray the repellant where you want it.

Cat repellent with mustard

Mustard is a powerful natural cat repellent, very effective outdoors. Mix in equal proportions a quantity of mustard and water, and stir until you obtain a paste as viscous as a paint. Then apply the solution in your yards and outdoor gardens 3 times a week, for about 2 weeks, to ensure a satisfactory result.

Cat Repellent Plants

What better way to protect your gardens from cats than the plants themselves? The herbal aromas of thyme, lavender and rosemary greatly disturb cats. Grow a few around your gardens and plantings.

For indoor use, boil an herbal tea made from dried rosemary and lavender leaves and spray it after cooling in your favorite corners of the house for just a few hours. Do not hesitate to add a little white vinegar to the mixture to improve the repellency action.

Cat repellent with white vinegar Vinegar

has not finished surprising you! In addition to its many known household uses, white vinegar is also used to combat bad cat pee odors. If your cat has urinated out of their litter box, clean the area with a mixture of water and white vinegar and the smell will go away after a few hours. (Note that the cat is strongly attracted to the smell of its urine, if you do not clean the place properly, it will come back frequently to defecate).

To prevent this from happening again in the future, put some pure white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray all your furniture, tables, chairs, and places that need to be preserved. Cats hate the smell of vinegar: your cat will think twice before venturing there.

Cat baking repellant

30 ml of baking soda, 30 ml of dish soap, 30 ml of hydrogen peroxide and a cup of lukewarm water are enough to eradicate cat urine odors. Homogenize the mixture then, pour it into a spray bottle and sprinkle the product obtained on the place soiled by urine. If the odor persists, repeat the process until it is completely gone.

Also spray regularly the favorite and most frequented places of the house, to prevent possible inconvenience of the same kind.

Are natural homemade or spray repellents safe for cats?

The natural homemade repellents mentioned above are completely harmless, your little feline runs absolutely no risk. However, be careful not to use products toxic to cats such as ammonia and certain citrus essences.

As for the anti-cat sprays found in stores and supermarkets, there is nothing to report. They are tested and approved by experts and veterinarians, and therefore, are in no way dangerous for your little furball.

Natural repellent in spray - Reviews & Selection of the Best

Ultrasonic Repellents for outdoor and garden use - How to use them properly?

Note that ultrasonic cat repellents are thought out and designed to be used inoutdoor the most extremeconditions. As a result, their maintenance usually does not require much to do, except to ensure that the battery is recharged regularly.

Also note thatit will take some time for you to realize how effective the ultrasonic repellent is, as it will take a little while for the animal to realize that the sound produced is related to its presence and the cat is 'will gradually move away from your gardens. You can count between 3 and 15 days to observe the first results.

Finally, in order to make the ultrasonic cat repellent effective against all harmful species and all possible types of cats, it is recommended that you set the device to different frequencies depending on the animal you want to keep away. To keep a cat away, set the frequency between 19.5 kHz and 24.5 kHz. Even the most recalcitrant cats won't resist it!

Ultrasonic Cat Repellent - Reviews & Selection of the Best


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Outdoor Cat Repellent, VOLADOR Cat Repellent ...


Ultrasonic Cat Repellent: a solution that works?

Yes, in most cases you will be happy with your ultrasonic cat repellant. But we can never tell you enough, each cat is unique and may react differently to another when faced with an ultrasonic cat repellent. It is therefore not excluded that a cat is insensitive to this type of repellent.

Outdoor cat repellent or indoor cat repellant: which one to use?

To keep cats away from your pleasant outdoor spaces, we recommend that you opt for an ultrasonic repellent. You will find them in a multitude of models on the market. They all work pretty much the same and are very practical, easy to maintain and very efficient.

For your interior, we suggest you choose one of the multiple models of vaporizing sprays available in stores. If you don't have enough money, or just out of preference, you can use one of the many grandma's recipes out there.

Repellent against urine marking or repellent against cat urine?

Note that unlike cat repellents which aim to categorically move the animal away from a desired location, urine markers only aim to prevent cats from marking (urinating in) those places. So the cat has the right to be there, but he must understand that he must not relieve himself there. This explains why they are generally less crude and less aggressive than conventional repellents.

Thus, if you notice that your cat has urinated in a place of your home other than his toilet house, you must first determine if it is a simple pee or a urine marking.

If it is a simple pee, thoroughly clean the place to remove the cat urine odor, with a good cat urine odor killer, to avoid recurrence and to hold the little feline far from this place.

On the other hand, if it is a urine marking, after having carefully cleaned the place of the urine marking to make the urine odor disappear, spray a good repellent against the urine marking in various places of the house. (including at the place of marking). This will allow you to prevent the cat from urinary marking in the house, until you find the root causes of the urine marking and find a definitive solution to put an end to it.

Cat urine repellent - Reviews & Selection of the Best

Your cat is not yet used to his litter box and defecates everywhere at home? You can make him understand that he should not urinate in certain areas of the house, by using cat trainer sprays. For example, you can use:

for cats 125 ml

BEAPHAR educator spray- Anti-urine marking educator spray for cats and kittens - Protects furniture against unwanted behavior such as scratches or urinary markings - 125 ml bottle

  • ANTI-URINARY MARKING: This spray is an educational product which aims to prevent your cat from damaging your furniture with its undesirable behaviors (urinary markings, scratches, nibbling…).
  • PROTECTS YOUR INTERIOR FURNITURE: Thanks to its bittering agents and essential vegetable oils, this spray prevents your cat from damaging your interior furniture (sofas, armchairs, chairs, etc.).
  • USE: Once a day, spray the product 15-20 cm away on damaged objects or areas. Reapply for 2 to 4 weeks, or more, to educate your cat.
  • COMPOSITION: Contains essential vegetable oils and bittering agents which interfere with your dog's sensitive sense of smell. It will therefore move away naturally and gradually from the vaporized objects.
  • OUR ANIMALS ARE ALSO OUR FAMILY: To preserve the well-being of our companions, Beaphar provides access to quality care and products at affordable prices to all pet owners.


Made by the house of Beaphar, this anti urine marking spray will teach your cat not to pee all over the house and to go to the litter box instead. Your interior will then be free from bad smells and always ready to welcome any visitors.

It is a vaporizing liquid product that fits in a bottle of dimensions 16 x 5 x 5cm. It is very effective and acts almost instantly. No need for batteries or battery.

Beaphar Educator Spray for Cat 250ml

Beaphar Educator Spray for Cat 250ml - Batch of 2

  • Ideal against urinary markings and needs
  • Against unwanted behavior (scratching, urinary marking, needs)
  • Protects your interior (furniture, chair legs, nooks and crannies) pieces)


It is also a product of the Beaphar brand, effective in getting rid of the unbearable urinary markings of your 4-legged friend.

Dimensions 21 x 16.5 x 4.2 cm, the product weighs approximately 600 g for a volume of 250 ml of vaporizing liquid. It is sprinkled everywhere: on carpets, tables, sofas, and can also be used to fight against scratches. It also works without batteries.

Where to apply the pee repellent, everywhere?

In case of urine marking, one way to get rid of urine problems caused by your cat is probably to use an anti-pee repellent, but not only can it be a deeper problem that needs to be corrected..


Of course, you don't have to apply them everywhere, because your cat is also a full member of the family. You know cats are very mobile, so apply the repellant just where it's needed, so as not to frustrate the cat and drive them away from home for good.

We recommend that you apply the pee repellant to your furniture, rugs, footboards, bedroom closets and any other space that you cherish and cannot afford to see damaged by your cat.

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