Cat Food: Feeding Your Cat Well!

Cat Food: Feeding Your Cat Well!

Cat Food: Feed Your Cat Properly!

Cat Food Feeding Your Cat Well!

Having a healthy cat starts with what he eats, from his youngest right after weaning, until that last year when he is your old cat. Learn how to choose the right diet for your cat to suit their age or breed.

Let’s also take stock of eating disorders in cats through obesity, the interest in food supplements and guide you to read the labels of the products you buy from them.

Find all our recommendations, opinions and tests on the different brands of cat products, by consulting our files on brands of cat food.

Feeding Your Cat: How To Feed It Right?

Buying Guide - Best Cat

Food ✅ Buying Guide - Best Cat

Food ✅ Buying Guide - Best Cat

Food Why Do Cats Love Olives So Much?

As you have noticed, in the presence of olives, your cat can display a strange and curious behavior. From euphoria to excitement, there are

15 Reasons That May Explain Why Your Cat Is Not Eating More!

Your cat, who usually has a good appetite, shows less interest in his bowl or doesn't eat at all? You

Cat Too Skinny: How To Make It Fat? 5 Ways to Help Her Gain Weightweight

Want to help your skinny-looking cat gain, but don't know how? First of all, please

9 Reasons Why Your Cat Is Always Hungry!

Does your little feline make you feel like you're hungry all the time? Have you noticed that he asks you to eat

How much kibble to give my cat each day?

As you know, eating well is the beginning of happiness! To ensure a long, happy and fulfilling life,

10 Dangerous Foods for Cats!

Even if your little feline is considered a full member of the family, you should always keep

What is the Best Way to Feed Your Cat?

The cat is a carnivore, that is to say that it feeds mainly on the flesh of meat or fish. In addition, in

How to cook for my cat: Recipes for my cat as for me, or not?

Being more and more suspicious of the content of their plates, many French people have also become

mistrustful or cereal-free croquettes: What to choose for your cat?

It's a fact that a cat that eats well is a healthy, happy animal. Usually we prefer two

Cat food or Dry food: What to choose?

To allow you to feed your cat easily and efficiently so as to respect as much as possible its carnivorous diet,

Feed your cat with organic cat food? A good idea or not?

New phenomenon or simple common sense for the environment, a new type of kibble for cats is more and more.

Are the Vet's Dry Food Better for my cat?

As we often say, "eating well is the beginning of happiness!" ". Thus, to make your cat happy and keep him

Great study result! How do the French feed their cats?

The results are finally here in preview! Since February 2017 and the launch of the observatory The French and their animals

Welcoming a kitten: The right amount of kibble

The first days with a kitten are quite delicate especially for its food, you may not have to

Feed it Its Cat : Feeding Accessories

Buying Guide - Best CatDispenser

Food✅ Buying Guide - Best CatBox

Food✅ Buying Guide - Best Cat Water Fountain

Buying Guide - Best Bowl for Cat

Miaustore Ceramic Water Fountain - Our opinion on thisCat

MiaustoreFountain is a brand of artisanal ceramic water fountain that aims to contribute to the well-being of your cat

Reviews Honeyguaridan A36 the Automatic Food Dispenser with Bowl

Among the many models and brands available on the market, the Honeyguaridan A36 automatic kibble dispenser stands out by

Avis Puppy Kitty, the kibble distributor for Cha ts Automatic - A good buy?

In order to help you make a good investment, adapted to the requirements of your cat and which is

Dadypet Flower Water Fountain - Our opinion on this Cat Fountain

Water is essential for the health and well-being of the cat . Indeed, consuming this precious liquid is essential for

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Cascade Water Fountain - Our opinion on this Cat Fountain

To stay healthy, a cat should consume at least 70 ml of water per kilogram of weight daily. At the

3 + 1 Reason to Buy a Dry Food Distributor for your Catcat

Like allowners, you want to make your cat happy, and this undoubtedly requires a

dry food distributor on mains or with batteries: What to choose?

We can never tell you enough: to feed your cat effectively, even while you are away, nothing from

Avis Cat it Senses 2.0 Flower Cat Water Fountain

Still looking for the perfect water fountain, we decided to test for you the fountain

fountain waterwater Honeyguaridan - Our opinion on this fountain to Chat

with the multitude of water fountains models cat on the market, it will be very difficult

3 vending Machines croquettes for Big cat

is your cat Overweight ? Although not getting enough exercise is one of the causes,

How to Make a Cat Food Dispenser?

Some kibble dispensers are a real gem of technology, but the price of these jewels is often good

Pet Mate Le Bistro our Opinion on this CatDispenser

FoodYour cat has too much appetite and you want to regulate it by watching its meals . Have you thought about the kibble dispenser?

Honeyguaridan A25 and A26 our Opinion on this Dry Food Dispenser for Catdry foodDry Food

You are looking for adispenser to replace you during your absences where you will avoid getting up at dawn

Pet Mate C3000 our Opinion on thisDispenser for Cat

Interested in buying of a kibble dispenser, you are looking for a reliable and practical model. Your research resulted in the Pet

Intelligence Games - 7 + 1 Funny Ways to Feed Your Cat

The cat is an animal that needs to be stimulated both physically and mentally, you just need to observe them to

Feed the cat with a dispenser for an absence, points to check

You are away for several days and you have opted for a major ally: the kibble distributor.

Make your cat lose weight with a kibble distributor

Your four-legged friend has become overweight. The weight gain of your pet is not to be neglected,


Obesity In The Cat: How To Avoid It?

Tips for exercising your cat?

Cats are not naturally made to live indoors with us. When they have access to the outdoors, this

Gluttonous Cat how to avoid obesity?

Normally cats are pets that know how to self-manage their food quite well, but it happens that

Make your cat lose weight with a kibble distributor

Your four-legged friend has become overweight. Your pet's weight gain should not be neglected,

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