Cat Carrier Bag, Cage and Box: What to choose to carry your cat?

Cat Carrier Bag, Cage and Box: What to choose to carry your cat?

Cat Carrier Bag, Cage and Box: What to choose to carry your cat?

Cat Carrier Bag, Cage and Box What to choose to carry your cat

We can never tell you enough: to move efficiently and safely with your cat, you absolutely need a suitable transport accessory. It can be a transport bag or a cage or crate.

What will be best for you and your cat? A crate, bag or transport cage?

Summary of the guide to choose the best accessory for transporting your cat

You will find a wide variety of transport accessories for cats on the market. To help you make up your mind quickly, we have provided a selection of the best cat carrier bags and crates in the following, along with everything you need to know about these accessories.

Can I transport and travel with my cat without a carrying bag?

Whether it's to bring your cat to the vet located two blocks away, or to go on vacation to the end of the world, you can never safely transport your cat by carrying it in your arms or by placing it. in a cardboard box.

Indeed, unlike the dog, the cat remains an unpredictable animal that can frighten and attack you during the journey, which will put you in danger. So, whatever the case, for your safety and that of your cat, you cannot move around without prior precautions.

Thus, depending on the type of journey (and therefore the means of locomotion borrowed), its duration, as well as depending on the morphology of your little feline, you will absolutely need a suitable cat transport bag, or a cage. .

Our selection of the best cat carrier bags

To help you find the solution that best suits you for your trips with kitty, we have made a selection of the best bags and crates on the market. After a brief description of each of these products, we will give you an opinion based on 3 main criteria: design, ergonomics (ease of use by the master) and cat comfort (space, ventilation, softness) .

Cat Carrier Bags: The Best Selection

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Ultra Light Cat Carrier Bag

€ 69.99 € 49.99

Want your cat to travel in perfect comfort? This is the bag perfectly suited for him! Whether it is to go to the ...

Shoulder bag for cat transport - Kaka Mallbag in hand

Kaka mall Cat transportor on the shoulder for puppy kitten Cat transport basket for travel by plane train car airplane approved (m black )

  • PURCHASE ADVICE - Please pay attention to the size of this dog carrier bag, it is suitable for small cats, small dogs or small rabbits (chihuahua puppy spitz poodle yorkshire bichon etc.)
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL - The design of this carrier bag dog is handy for travel by plane, train and car. You can secure this cat carrier bag on the car seat by the seat belt. And you can also attach this bag to your rolling suitcase.
  • GOOD VENTILATION - The many vents in this cat carrier bag allow your pet to see all around and above, and allow puppies to breathe comfortably. There are two possible openings: a small front and a large lateral.
  • SOFT AND REMOVABLE INTERIOR CUSHION - The interior cushion is removable, which is very convenient for cleaning. And its material is soft and comfortable enough to make your pet comfortable.
  • COSTAUD - High quality waterproof Oxford construction, abrasion resistance, extra strong and washable.

Fypo expandable and foldable catExpandable and foldable transport

bag Fypo Airplane cat bag,bag, Adjustable cat bag with a maximum weight of 3kg Airplane allowed Car Train Travel (M)

  • Dimensions : Length: 45 cm - Width: 29 cm - Height: 23 cm tragend: 15 kg - Color: black
  • Good quality: high quality, waterproof material, 100% polyester, easy to clean.
  • Both roof and side parts are durchlüften, good for pet perseverance.
  • Compatible: For Cats and small Dogs within 10 kg.
  • Convenient and easy to install. You can carry your flexible pet somewhere to use with the animal.

The Fypo bag in details Soft-sided

  • walled pet carrier bagcarrier bag size m to transport pets weighing up to 7.3 kg
  • Mesh panels for optimal ventilation - top and front zippers Carry
  • handles and belt / luggage strap - adjustable shoulder strap
  • Meets regulations for the dimensions of luggage placed under the seats of most Airlines
  • Machine washable fleece mat - for the bag: spot cleaning only

Terra Hiker

Cat Carrier Bag Terra Hiker Cat Carrier Bag for Small Dogs, Rabbits or Pets Less than 5 KG , Approved Plane, for Car or Train Travel (Black, 45 x 25 x 30 cm)

  • APPROVED PLANE: Measuring 45 cm L x 25 cm L x 30 cm (L x W x H), this bag holds t perfectly in the space below your airplane seat so that you can take your pet everywhere with you and thus avoid painful separations
  • ROOF AND SIDES OF THE MESH BAG FOR EXCELLENT VENTILATION: To improve ventilation and the ventilation of this bag, it is designed with a roof and sides in mesh fabric. So be reassured, your pet will not have the feeling of being locked in a stuffy bag
  • RESISTANT TO WEAR, BITE AND DURABLE: This bag is made from a 900D Oxford fabric and quality imported transparent mesh , it is thus durable and will resist wear and possible bites from your animals. The removable bottom cushion covered with synthetic sheepskin allows easy cleaning while preventing the bottom of the cage from
  • sagging. CARRYING ACIL: A comfortable carrying handle and an adjustable shoulder strap give you several options to carry your pet with ease
  • IMPORTANT : This bag is designed for small domestic cats and dogs weighing no more than 8 kg such as bichons, shiz tzus, chihuahuas and more. Please ensure that the size of your pet is compatible with this bag before purchase and check for a "seat" is available in the plane for your pet before boarding

Les transport backpacks for cats: The selection of the best

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Chastronaute backpack to transport the Kitty 🚀

€ 79.95 € 65.95

Do you want your cat to travel in peace? With the "chastronaute" bag, he will feel the soul of an adventurer! The cat tends to ...

Trixie Cat backpack

Trixie 2882 Connor nylon backpack, 42 ​​× 29 × 21 cm, Black / Blue

  • Can be opened at the front and on the side
  • Made of polyester; High quality design
  • Adjustable shoulder straps with additional pocket on the front
  • The short lead prevents the animal from jumping
  • Flaps on the back to pass the seat belt

LEVB cat transport backpack

Cats the Dog Deterrent Spray

  • Protect Furniture and Homes - This anti-scratch spray prevents most cats from scratching furniture and sofas.
  • Cat Repellent Spray-Trains the cat to stay away from the object or the sprayed area - Pleasant citrus scent for you ..... awful smell for your feline friend. Over time, the scent creates a NO GO and NO SCRATCH zone for your cat.
  • Where To Use - Use on furniture, plants, countertops, draperies, holiday decorations. Stop using cat tape that destroys furniture on your valuables.
  • How to use- For best results you should use 4 times a day for each week. If you only apply the trainer once or twice and expect immediate, conclusive results, you may be disappointed.
  • Gentle and Effective Ingredients - Gentle botanical ingredients are effective for most cats, so you can protect your furniture while having the perfect companion for your pet.


Kaka Mall

PetTOM Cat Carrier Backpack, Cat Carrier Bag, Cat and Small Dog Backpack, 12kg Kitten and Puppy Travel Bag, Solid Comfortable Foldable Ventilated - Purple

  • Dimensions of the transport bag: 32.5 x 30 x 42 cm, weight of pets less than 6 kg. Inner Clip: and there is a lick clip in the backpack, can help your pet stay in a stable place, more safety.
  • Two ways to open the backpack: Carrier backpack has two entrances on the top and front, easy to take and put on, very comfortable.
  • Pet Backpack - Material: 600D Oxford cloth with PVC coating - Mesh design. Waterproof and breathable, for optimal comfort.
  • GOOD VISIBILITY FOR YOUR PET: With mesh design on the front of the backpack, PET can enjoy the good sight and you can control it easily.
  • Soft and adjustable shoulder strap: with adjustable shoulder strap, you can adjust the position, chest and waist strap, the weight with your shoulder remains stable.

Cat transport boxes: The selection of the best

  • Model 2 doors for easy entry of animals
  • Plenty of vents on the sides, top and back of the crate
  • Included screws can be used to secure the top and bottom for added security. They also allow quick release locks to be attached for quick installation.
  • Spring-loaded opening system for smooth operation
  • Top door features a handle and locks to open the door from the left or right side, for optimal functionality

Karlie Flamingo Cat Carry Case

Karlie 513771 Nomad - Airplane Box, 62 x 40 x 41 cm (S)

  • The ventilation slots provide the best possible air circulation
  • The metal screen door, which includes a practical locking system, opens quickly and closes securely
  • Includes detachable bowl
  • Perfectly suitable for transport by car, train, ship or plane and can be used as a reliable mobile home

Transportwith plastic door from Kerbl

KERBL - 81348 - Shipping Cage for Small Dogs and Cats - 45 X 30 X 30 cm - Cream / Bordeaux

  • Dimensions: 45x30x30cm
  • With slot for car seat belt
  • Material :plastic
  • high quality PVC
  • with car seat belt device

What to choose between a bag and a cage for transporting your cat?

In order to be able to determine the solution that best suits you (between a cage and a transport bag) to move easily and safely with your cat, you must take into account the morphology of your cat, the means of transport used, the distance to be covered, and also your comfort.

The transport bag for short and medium distances, on foot or by car

Both light, flexible and comfortable (both for you and for kitty), with its generous dimensions and its various discreet openings and vents, the transport bag will help you allows you to move easily with your cat, while ensuring good comfort, please note that this is not a transport basket.

However, since it is not rigid (or at least not as strong as a crate) and is, thebag highly sensitive to shake and shock of the cat transportis not suitable for air travel and children. long journeys. Although there are many bags suitable for all modes of transport, these accessories are generally recommended for transport on foot, by car or by train.

The cage for air travel and very long distances

Stiff and much heavier and cumbersome than the cat carrying bag, the cage is therefore not the best way to carry your furball over short distances, and especially on foot, it is a bit of a closed enclosure not easy to move.

However, its rigidity gives it a stable seat guaranteeing excellent comfort for your cat for very long journeys, especially by plane, in the baggage compartment. Obviously, the cage must comply with IATA standards to be able to be put in the hold.

Cage or transport bag: A choice adapted to your cat and the type of transport

What size for my cat's crate or transport bag?

The ideal crate or carry bag for your cat should be large enough to allow it to easily stand, sit, or lie down (basically the cat should be able to move freely), so interior dimensions are very important. Usually dog ​​carrier bags can also be adapted for cats.

However, the accessory should not also be too large, to the point of becoming really bulky, taking up too much space on a plane, train or car, or simply for travel on foot.

For what type of travel?

Although now many cat carrier bags are compatible with most modes of transport, this type of accessory is particularly recommended for relatively short trips and which you want to have kitty permanently in front of your eyes. Thus, the carrying bag is ideal for hiking, walking, car, bus and train travel.

The transport cage being more rigid, more spacious and heavier than the transport bag, is more suitable for long journeys. Indeed, its rigidity and its relatively large volume make it more comfortable for the cat than the carrying bag. And since it is heavier, it is not at all suitable for walking. Basically, the cage is ideal for long journeys by car, or for travel by plane (in the hold).

Possibility of refusal of air or rail transport?

Most cat carrier bags and cages are compatible with railway company standards and requirements, so you can use these modes of transportation with your little pet without worry.

For air transport, the transport cage is essential and must comply with IATA - International Air Transport Association standards.

However, there are some companies, like EasyJet, which strictly prohibit the transport of live animals by plane, whether in the hold or in the cabin. However, an exception can be made for visually impaired people, who absolutely need their animal to move around.

Transporting the cat: The advantages and disadvantages of the different solutions


Advantages and disadvantages of the transport bag

Both light, flexible and ergonomic, the transport bag is as comfortable for the cat as it is for you. It allows you to move easily and discreetly with your animal, while giving you a great look, especially with its many original designs.

However, this cat accessory is not as spacious as a transport box, thus proving to be less comfortable and not at all suitable for very long journeys. In addition, as the transport bag is less rigid than a cage, it protects your furball less well against shocks and deformations.

Advantages and disadvantages of the transporttransport

cage Thecage has the advantage of being larger, more rigid, more stable and more solid than a conventional transport bag. It therefore offers more space for the cat to relax and stretch while traveling, as well as more comfort. It also offers him more protection. Its rigidity and the texture of its materials even make it much easier to maintain than the carrying bag.

Unfortunately, all of these advantages come at a price: the crate is much heavier and bulkier than the carry bag, which makes it very impractical for walking and / or short trips.


How to maintain your pet carrier bag?

The cat is a demanding animal and does not like dirt and you will also quickly notice the smell if the accessory is not cleaned, you must take the trouble to regularly clean its bag or its transport cage , at the risk of seeing him hate it because of the presence of stress pheromones.

To maintain your cat transport accessory, nothing could be simpler: for the bag, remove the removable cover and wash it in the machine. To eliminate bad odors, wash the bag with hot, soapy water (preferably a mild soap). In the case of the crate, take it apart in order to clean each part separately and more easily.

You can also apply pest control or flea control products when the accessory is not in use.

Finally, note that maintaining a bag or a transport case also means ensuring that the bag or case you have just purchased does not get damaged and lasts a long time. By the way, if you have a dog, these tips also apply to a dog carrier.

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