Bengal: 5 things to know about this cat with the look of a fawn

Bengal: 5 things to know about this cat with the look of a fawn


Native to West America, the Bengal is a breed of cat that fascinates both with its tawny appearance and its gentle and affectionate character.

Indeed, born from a cross between a wild cat and a domestic cat, it has the particularity of having a dress similar to that of a leopard, an appearance of a wild cat, while retaining the affectionate and sociable temperament of a domestic cat. A perfect hybrid! Find out below 5 interesting things about the Bengal cat breed.

1. A cat with wild origins


The Bengal is a cat native to California, United States. Following the work of the geneticist Joan Sugden Mills in 1963, he was born following a cross between a female Felis Bengalensis also called the Bengal leopard cat, and a domestic cat, the American Shorthair. At the origin of this atypical cat breed is the desire to create a hybrid cat that would have both the appearance of a leopard and the gentle and affectionate character of a domestic cat.

After several years of development (from generation F1 to F5), the successful work allows the breed to obtain recognition from the International Cat Association (TICA) in 1983, in the “New Breeds and Colors” section.

2. A true hunter at heart

The Bengal is a curious and adventurous feline with a keen predatory instinct, a legacy from its ancestor Felis Bengalensis. He also has the physique that fits with his passion for hunting: an athletic, muscular body, combining agility and power. He will tend to stay outside more than at home. If you want to keep him indoors, you need to set up enough toys for him to express his nature other than hunting.

3. The majestic appearance of a Leopard

Its patterned fur, which looks like 2 drops of water like that of a leopard and which gives it a wild look is undoubtedly what characterizes the Bengal the most. It is therefore a kind of mini leopard, domestic version, with a short, soft and silky coat, lying on its body. Its dress generally marbled or brown stained with black, can be declined in several different tones: spotted tabby (leopard style), brown tabby, blue tabby, seal tabby point, seal mink tabby, seal sepia tabby,…

4. The mild and affectionate of a domestic cat

Behind the fawn-like appearance of the Bengal, you will actually find a cat as gentle and affectionate as the majority of domestic cats. Easy-going, he is also considered the most docile of wild cats. It is a discreet and independent cat, therefore not very intrusive. Endowed with great sensitivity, he knows how to adapt his behavior to the mood of his owner.


His sociability leads him to put up with children with whom he particularly likes to play. He befriends dogs and tolerates the presence of his fellows. His liveliness and intelligence have the advantage of facilitating his education and training. However, it is not excluded that he uses it to play tricks on you and prove a little naughty by having fun opening doors, taps or taking your small items.

5. A cat easy to maintain

The Bengal is finally a cat which requires little maintenance. In addition, he experiences little hair loss. Grooming its fur is therefore quite simple: a weekly brushing is enough to preserve its shine. And since this cat shows a great interest in water, taking a bath is always a real pleasure.

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