A star in the making, this cat interrupts a TV interview

A star in the making, this cat interrupts a TV interview


An adorable kitty living in a stable in Finland wanted to say hello to his master, while the latter was in the middle of a television interview.

This adorable calico kitten is used to helping his master Matias Salo, a horse racing trainer, manage the stable. His job is to make everyone in the team feel good, and he's doing very well.

When TV show host Joanna Kuvaja arrived at the stable for the interview, the friendly kitten saw this visit as the perfect opportunity to make her feel welcome and show her the affection needed. When the host initiates hostilities and while the camera recorded the live, the pet seeing his master ran towards him. He jumped onto his knees and gave her a big hug as he answered a question from the host.


The kitten then decided to climb on her shoulder in order to give her some facial rubbing as well. After cuddling her master with a lot of purring, she then joined Joanna who was totally surprised. It was impossible for the host to remain insensitive to this gesture on the part of the cat. While laughing, she said, "I can't say anything because of the purring… Do I have something on my shoulder?""What

a great time! Kitty knew how to steal the show from her master.

Thanks MTVRavit for this scene.

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