A distraught cat finds this great way to get everyone's attention

A distraught cat finds this great way to get everyone's attention

Sigmund's adventure takes place in Australia precisely at Cat Haven. This 3 year old cat was adopted a few months ago. He was brought back to the refuge immediately for his too much harshness during the games. Back home just after a few weeks. What a poise! For months, no one had wanted to adopt Sigmund, this homeless cat. Despite the splendor of this kitty with a slightly sulphurous character and full of energy, no one came knocking on his door. The animal then decided to take its fate in hand.

A distraught cat finds this great way to get everyone's attention

Sigmund sought to attract the glances of potential adopters by lapping his windows when visitors passed by. The shelter workers quickly noticed his strategy and took pictures of him which they posted on Facebook in order to find him a new master. In commentary he praised him by posting:“Sigmund is going into tactics to try to find his new owners. You won't just adopt a cat, but you'll also get a window washer. If you like it a little weird, Sigmund is up for adoption now.

"SigmundThe photos were a resounding success. The calls were coming from all over the world. People of various origins really appreciated this cat and its extravagance.

Ultimately, Sigmund's strategy paid off! A year later, he finally found a foster family.

Currently, Sigmund reigns supreme in his new home. We could not expect as much from him. Sigmund's new owners say that at Cat Haven WA: “He settled in as well as expected considering he was 4 when he moved in. He's as crazy as a hatter.


"Theseowners confirm his eccentricity he wants to manifest when the sheets to fold. He particularly appreciates this moment when he is having fun like crazy. This cat loves to climb on furniture and throw utensils away, then hitting them with a paw. He glided a 6 foot cabinet which obviously failed. He is relatively young to attempt such an experiment. This cat doesn't care about anything like other cats.

This atypical cat loves to have fun. Over the past few months, he's been enjoying running around the house splurging. He is a really fun and funny cat who plays regularly and leaves paw prints on the plates and trays. Too bad he does not know how to wash the dishes to remove his fingerprints, graciously left during his walks.

Thank you CatHaven for this wonderful story.

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